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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 17 Recap

Luo Tianran found that Yun Shu’s arm was red and did not feel it. Yun Shu told her that he was born without pain. Because of this, his parents divorced and his father abandoned his mother. Later, although Yun Shu tried his best to imitate others and pretended to be ordinary people, he was still discovered that those children bullied and isolated Yun Shu, and even Yun Shu began to doubt herself. Fortunately, a little girl appeared at this time and told him that everyone is independent. At that time, she lit up the dark inner world of Yunshu.

Luo Tianran learned that the little girl had said exactly the same thing to Yun Shu, and suddenly had a very familiar feeling. She had been thinking about it all the time, and when she returned to the milk tea shop, she told Jin Xiaoqin that she seemed to have amnesia again.

Yun Shu learned that Jin Zeyi and his marriage were not only not a hype, but also lost a lot of fans. At this time, Jin Zeyi at home was already drunk, and even kissed Luo Tianran in the wedding photo. After Luo Tianran returned home, he suggested that if Jin Zeyi reflected on the divorce, he could continue to live here if he treats himself better. For one thing, it is not necessary to divorce. Jin Zeyi asked if Luo Tianran wanted to get a divorce because Yunshu Luo Tianran, Luo Tianran swore to Yunshu that he didn’t want to divorce because of Yunshu. Jin Zeyi guessed a lot of reasons and picked many of his faults. But Luo Tianran said no.

Tiffany met with Yun Shu at the bar, showed him the photo, and proposed to split Luo Tianran and Jin Zeyi in partnership.

Jin Zeyi poured juice for Luo Tianran, but Luo Tianran suspected that something was added, making Jin Zeyi and Lin Che very speechless.

Luo Tianran brought the diamond ring back to his hand. Yun Shu told the phone to tell Luo Tianran that she found the record she wanted. Luo Tianran was very excited when she saw the record, and the two were filmed by a girl.

Jin Zeyi was in a great mood when he came to the company, and he even talked a lot more. Jin Zeyi talked about Luo Tianran to his colleagues in the company and praised her as if there is nothing in the sky. As he was talking, Jin Zeyi finally saw the scandal of Luo Tian’s derailment on the Internet.

When Luo Tianran returned home, Jin Zeyi sat on the sofa and looked upset. Luo Tianran asked. Jin Zeyi showed her the scandal on the phone. Jin Zeyi asked Luo Tianran: Are she and Yunshu together? Luo Tianran denied it, but Jin Zeyi didn’t believe it. Jin Ze said that she didn’t want to divorce herself a few days ago, so she should cherish the days when the two were together and date someone else today.

Jin Zeyi felt that Luo Tianran’s remarks that it was not because Yun Shu had raised his divorce with him, but that it was just a lie. Luo Tianran wanted to explain, but Jin Zeyi said that when he saw the two people meet in a private meeting with his own eyes, Luo Tianran pretended to be wronged in front of his mother. Luo Tianran was about to cry because of his slander and blame. He was angrily said that he and he were a contracted husband and wife, and he was not qualified to control him, but Jin Zeyi kissed her and said that he was her husband.

Luo Tianran broke away from Jin Ze’s embrace, slapped him, then dropped the diamond ring and ran away.

Jin Xiaoqin received a call from Jin Ze, saying that Luo Tianran had disappeared, and then found that no one could contact her. Jin Zeyi and Yun Shu drove the car to find Luo Tianran separately.

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