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Oh! My Sweet Liar! 偷心画师 Episode 5 Recap

Xiong Xiruo got upearly to clean the room, complaining that the big familygot uptoo early, it was better to be at home. Missing his family, he accidentally fell asleep on the table. Then Li Hongbin came over. Xiong Xiruo was awakened by Li Hongbin. Xiong Xiruo thought it was a parrot and prepared. When scolding the parrot, I found it was Li Hongbin.

Li Hongbin was upset by the marriage, Xiong Xiruo said something to make him feel better, and found a way. Li Hongbin asked Xiong Xiruo to draw him a picture of a beautiful woman , and how to paint it. After finishing the painting, Li Hongbin asked Xiruo to send it to Miss Song’s residence, saying it was sent by the second son Li Hongyu .

Xiong Xiruo came to Li Hongyu’s residence and told Li Hongyu what had happened. Li Hongyu added a lot of pockmarks to the paintings, just like his own face, and asked Xiong Xiruo to send it to Miss Song’s residence according to Li Hongbin’s words. Xiong Xiruo said this was not a painting. It was a small life, Li Hongyu threatened with the identity of Huanxixian, Xiong Xiruo had to agree.

Ruer saw Li Hongyu and Xiong Xiruo from a distance, and the mother next to her told her that if Xiong Xi hadn’t been Xiao Si but a girl, she was taken by her cousin every day, and she suddenly became jealous and angry.

Li Hongyu and Xiong Xiruo went to send paintings to Miss Song’s family. Miss Song’s family angrily drove them away, losing a lot of things, and they ran away gleefully.

Ah Chen found out the identity of Xiong Xiruo and reported to Li Hongbin that Xiong Xiruo was indeed a Huanxixian. She was born in an art museum, but not a happy girl. She often wandered around the Wasi Pub, listened to some folk rumors, and then painted into paintings to make a living. It should have nothing to do with the killer organization Thousand Petal Lotus. Li Hongbin remembered what Li’s father said, that he could discuss entering the barracks when he caught Huanxixian. While he had a subtle affection for Xiong Xiruo, he fell into embarrassment for a while.

Li Hongyu angered the Song family, but it made the Song family ask Li Hongbin to appease the story. Li’s father and mother had no choice but to send Li Hongbin, and Li Hongbin was very angry. Li Hongyu said that he made his own mind and Xiong Xiruo was exposed to Li Hongyu to inform him.

Li Hongbin came to Xiong Xiruo’s place and asked Li Hongyu about changing his painting. Xiong Xiruo pretended not to know. Li Hongbin threatened Xiong Xiruo with a stick. Xiong Xiruo pretended to cry and buy miserable, which moved Li Hongbin’s soft heart and escaped.

Li Hongbin wrote a letter and sent a gift to Miss Song Jia to apologize, but did not go personally. Miss Song Jia was not satisfied and felt perfunctory. Li Hongyu imitated Li Hongbin’s handwriting and asked Miss Song Jia to meet at night. Grandpa Li Hongbin was here to practice martial arts. Miss Song Jia pretended to be a handmaid. Li Hongbin felt confused and was seen by Xiong Xiruo who was about to escape. Li Hongbin instantly discovered that Li Hongyu had caused the ghost, and in his anger, he cut off the jade pendant given by Ms. Song Jia with a sword, but was misunderstood by Ms. Song Jia as a confirmation. Li Hongbin was confused and caused a big misunderstanding.

Xiong Xiruo escaped and was caught by Li Hongbin again. At this time, the assassin appeared. Li Hongbin thought that Xiruo Xiong was the one to respond to them. He was wounded and poisoned. At the time of crisis, Xiruo held a knife in front of Li Hongbin, and faced the assassin. The assassin was stunned, and Li Hongbin’s heart was full of touch. After Li Hongbin rescued Xiong Xiruo, he fell to the ground and couldn’t afford it. Ah Zhang arrived at the moment of crisis and scared the assassin away.

Li Hongbin was injured and Xiong Xiruo stayed to take care of him. After this incident, Li Hongbin saw that Xiong Xiruo ignored his life in front of him. With a small body, he returned to his injured self. Li Hongbin apologized to Xiong Xiruo, and Li Hongbin caught Xiruo Xiong. Let go, the atmosphere of the two is subtle.

Ru’er came to see Li Hongbin with wine and food. Li Hongbin didn’t want to meet. Ah Chun persuaded him to retreat. Xiong Xiruo went out to block Ru’er. Ru’er’s mother came to scold Xiong Xiruo. Li Hongbin immediately went out to protect his shortcomings. Ru’er was able to enter, but Li Hongbin was very I was almost exhausted to see off the guests. Ru’er poured wine for Li Hongbin. Li Hongbin said that he never drank, so he gave off the guests as an excuse.

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