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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 21 Recap

Gao Tianshuo remembered how to deal with Chen Kunhu Gao Tianshuo confessed to Du Mingshan but did not receive a response.

Gao Tianshuo tried to find where the female fans found the home address. It must be in his own book, but he flipped through a lot of books and couldn’t find any loopholes. At this time, Du Mingshan found them and took out himself and Wu Bihuazhi Gao Tianshuo surprised Gao Tianshuo at the moment, and hurriedly asked A Sam to come forward to deal with it. Du Mingshan confirmed that A Sam was ten pages. Although it was not what she wanted, she decided not to struggle anymore. She and Li Meiqi invited Tian Tian over, and then Ask Gao Tianshuo to arrange for her to meet with A Sam. After they met, they quarreled a few words and reconciled as before. Tian Tian ran into the house happily and told everyone the good news. The sisters were all happy for her.

Gao Tianshuo and A Sam analyzed Du Mingshan’s true intentions. He guessed that Du Mingshan suspected that A Sam was not ten pages. Gao Tianshuo hesitated whether to tell Du Mingshan about the ten pages. He finally picked up the phone. It was given to Du Mingshan, saying that she had an important thing to tell her. Du Mingshan listened nervously, but in the end Gao Tianshuo still did not say it, because at this time his mother called in.

The next morning, Du Mingshan was setting the curtain alone. Li Meiqi reminded her to go to Gao Tianshuo to borrow a safety ladder, but Du Mingshan tried her best to get it by herself. At this time, Wu Bihua knocked on the door and walked in, grabbing her and almost fell. It turns out that she found the wrong door for Du Mingshan, but she found out that Du Mingshan lived in a neighbor with her son. This was really fate. Gao Tianshuo’s sudden arrival made Gao Tianshuo very surprised. He winked at his mother to avoid being pierced. Wu Bihua told Gao Tianshuo that she ran over after watching the news on the Internet and worried about her son’s safety.

Gao Tianshuo remembered the tactics used to deal with Chen Kunhu, so he immediately ran to tell Luo Yuefang that Luo Yuefang understood Gao Tianshuo’s idea. He wanted Chen Kunhu to win the bid, and they would control the EIA. In the end, because the EIA did not meet the standard, Chen Kunhu could not reach it. Purpose, so as to successfully prevent the development of the Yaxing case.

At the subsequent meeting, Luo Yue expressed to Chen Kunhu his determination to participate in the bidding. After hearing this, Chen Kunhu triumphed and began to point fingers at Gao Tianshuo. Gao Tianshuo stated that he must follow his integrity and conscience to participate in this project, but Chen Kunhu does not approve it. He said that he does business for money, and everything else can be left behind.

After returning, Gao Tianshuo told Luo Yuefang that he was going to take some actions, first poke a few holes for Chen Kunhu, so as not to expand too much, and then it would blow up completely. When Gao Tianshuo returned home, he found that his mother and Du Mingshan had a very happy chat together. He asked A Sam what they were talking about, but A Sam didn’t know. When Wu Bihua saw Gao Tianshuo come out, she casually called her son, which made Du Mingshan suspicious, Gao Tianshuo had to let A Sam act as herself, and temporarily got rid of the predicament.

Wu Bihua told Gao Tianshuo that he and Du Mingshan are very close to each other, so Gao Tianshuo should hurry up and confess to Du Mingshan, and the first thing is to confess, but there are two things that need to be confessed, one is to like Du Mingshan, and the other is that he is ten pages. Conceal the ten pages first.

Early the next morning, Du Mingshan was about to go to work. Wu Bihua called and asked her to wait a while, then pulled Gao Tianshuo down to confess. Gao Tianshuo hesitated again and again, and said what he liked about Du Mingshan. Although Du Mingshan was a little shy, he still acquiesced. When Luo Yuefang saw that Li Meiqi did not go to lunch alone, he asked why. Li Meiqi wanted to use the noon time to prepare the work in detail. Luo Yuefang therefore thought of formulating a rule to allow employees to fully enjoy the lunch time. In fact, this rule It was made for Li Meiqi.

Li Meiqi made up his mind to ask Luo Yuefang why he wanted Xu Kaiyu to chase herself. Luo Yuefang said that he mainly cared about Li Meiqi and wanted her to transfer a relationship, but she had no other ideas. The conversation between the two should be heard by Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu. At the same time, Luo Danfang suspects that his brother’s purpose is not simple, while Xu Kaiyu’s mind is open. He suspects that Li Meiqi is Luo Danfang’s half-sister, making Luo Danfang very speechless.

Du Mingshan was very entangled in her heart and kept thinking about Gao Tianshuo’s confession to herself. She showed the editor-in-chief of the ten-page article criticizing the Yaxing Group. At the time of the narration, Ten Page’s attitude was completely different. Du Mingshan proposed to post a comment to Ten Page. The editor-in-chief was busy making friends online, so that Du Mingshan could echo the fans’ ideas. Du Mingshan returned home, still worrying about what happened with Gao Tianshuo. Gao Tianshuo told her mother that Du Mingshan did not agree to her. Wu Bihua told him not to be discouraged. Du Mingshan did not refuse. At least she did not hate Gao Tianshuo, but still Did not consider it well.

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