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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 20 Recap

Du Mingshan and the sisters began to search for the real ten pages. Li Meiqi found out Xu Kaiyu’s pursuit of the truth about herself.

Chen Kunhu was a little dissatisfied with Gao Tianshuo’s explanation on the environmental impact assessment. He asked Luo Yuefang who Gao Tianshuo was. Luo Yuefang said that Gao Tianshuo was the consultant he had invited. Chen Kunhu expressed that he did not want to hear Gao Tianshuo say these messy things. Gao Tianshuo took the information and put it in Chen Kunhu’s In front of him, letting him have time to take a good look, Chen Kunhu grabbed his finger and wanted to warn everyone by hitting him. Luo Yuefang hurriedly stepped forward to complete the battle and said that he would solve related problems.

Returning to the company, Luo Yuefang praised Gao Tianshuo for bringing the seeds, and he did not see the wrong person. The two began to discuss how to deal with Chen Kunhu. Du Mingshan recalled the series of incidents in which he had contact with A Sam, and with the doubt that A Sam was ten pages, she told Liao Qianman and Li Meiqi about the confusion in her heart, and the two also echoed them. If A Sam is not ten pages , Then Gao Tianshuo may also be an accomplice.

Du Mingshan said that he did not rush to startle, so who would the real ten pages be? Li Meiqi analyzed that if A Sam is not ten pages, the real ten pages have not come forward for a long time to correct, then He must have acquiesced to the existence of A Sam. The last three people guessed that the real ten pages might be Gao Tianshuo. Li Meiqi said that Gao Tianshuo and A Sam might have something unspeakable.

Du Mingshan said that this matter will be investigated. Liao Qianman started to worry about Tian Tian again. They had a video call with Tian Tian. Tian Tian said that her video has been watched by more than 40,000 people. Several sisters worried that she would be sad because of A Sam. Said she had forgotten that person. A Sam sneezed at this time, so he called Tian Tian, but Tian Tian was a little bit resistant to him, and put down the phone after a few casual words.

Du Mingshan began to look for clues in the ten-page book, hoping to find something related to his true identity. Luo Danfang was filled with his pet dolls on the seats in the restaurant, and he couldn’t help thinking of Xu Kaiyu in his mind. When he was talking to herself, Luo Yuefang came over. She thought it was Xu Kaiyu. Luo Yuefang thought she was weird, so Luo Danfang looked for it. Reasons to prevaricate. When Li Meiqi came to work early, he met Xu Kaiyu, who was holding a big bag and a small wrapper. He said that these are the top ten must-eat delicacies in Taipei.

They were prepared for Luo Danfang and he brought a bag for Li Meiqi. Li Meiqi specifically asked Xu Kaiyu what he thought of Luo Danfang. Xu Kaiyu said that watching Luo Danfang eat food has a healing feeling. It is not too tiring for her to travel all over Taipei, Luo Danfang is his light of life. He also said that he has not asked Li Meiqi recently, but he will hurry up and work hard, seeming to be deliberately completing the task.

Li Meiqi saw Xu Kaiyu’s affection for Luo Danfang, she deliberately asked Xu Kaiyu to the pantry and asked him why he didn’t like him and chased her. Xu Kaiyu was there immediately, and he hesitated that he wanted to chase her, Li Meiqi Frankly speaking, I have been in love and know what it is like to like someone. Xu Kaiyu explained it palely. Li Meiqi guessed that someone asked him to do this. Under her persecution, Xu Kaiyu had to admit that everything was arranged by Luo Yuefang. Yes, let Li Meiqi cooperate with her to speed up the progress of the pursuit so that he can explain to Luo Yuefang.

Li Meiqi was aggrieved, she came to the izakaya to ask Liao Qianman to complain. Liao Qianman said that although she was angry, she would not be angry for too long, because this person did it for his own good, calling this person a pig head. , I don’t understand the girl’s mind at all. Li Meiqi met Luo Yuefang in the pantry, she directly tentatively asked why Luo Yuefang cared about her. Luo Yuefang talked about her misfortune. Li Meiqi wanted to make sure that he cared for herself like a sister, or a different kind of love. She Said that although she has encountered ups and downs, these are all the nutrients she will learn in her future life and also what she must experience. She will work hard without sympathy and pity.

Zhao Yinze saw Du Mingshan in a daze on her seat and accused her of being openly lazy. Du Mingshan had to show him all the work she had done. Zhao Yinze saw that she was busy with the work at hand, so she placed a lot of tasks for her. Although Du Mingshan was angry, she reluctantly accepted it.

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