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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 18 Recap

A Sam’s performance surprised Du Mingshan and Luo Danfang questioned whether he really liked Xu Kaiyu.

Du Mingshan took the opportunity to ask A Sam why he paid attention to the Yaxing case. Du Mingshan’s answer surprised Du Mingshan. He said that he was just to accumulate social reputation and accumulate yin value. This way, readers would think after reading a ten-page book. I have a sense of justice and care about public welfare, so that books like this will sell well.

Gao Tianshuo was afraid that A Sam would reveal his stuff if he drank it like this again, preventing him from continuing to serve the cup and asking him to go out with himself sober. Du Mingshan just wanted to tell Zhao Yinze what A Sam said, and feared that it would affect the reputation of Ten Pages, so he lied and said ten. The page said nothing. Although Zhao Yinze was a little disappointed, he still felt worth it for the beginning of today.

Gao Tianshuo heard that A Sam had said this to Du Mingshan. If he wanted to blame him, he couldn’t save anything. Fortunately, things were within control. He reminded A Sam that he needed to change his strategy after returning, and he could not keep drinking. It’s not good if there is any loophole. When they went back, they found that Liao Qianman had come to the table. She took the initiative to block the wine for Du Mingshan. Zhao Yinze began to wonder why A Sam always went to Gao Tianshuo instead of Gao Tianshuo, who was an assistant. A Sam had to lie about his.

The villa is being renovated, and Gao Tianshuo’s house was also bought by him anyway, which dispelled Zhao Yinze’s doubts. Zhao Yinze turned to start caring about A Sam’s gossip. Liao Qianman said that he and Tian Tian are the best. Gao Tianshuo repeatedly signaled to A Sam that A Sam had to pretend to be incapable of alcohol, and this ended the difficult meal.

Luo Danfang was very attentive to what Li Meiqi said. She looked at Xu Kaiyu, who was heartless, and began to wonder if she really liked him. Xu Kaiyu asked her to draw game cards for herself and accidentally won the prize. Xu Kaiyu was very surprised. Excited, she felt that Luo Danfang was his goddess of luck. He kissed her hand and was seen by Li Meiqi. She was suddenly embarrassed. She had to lie that she had something to go home and refused to let Xu Kaiyu send herself. Li Meiqi noticed it. Quickly let Xu Kaiyu go after Luo Danfang.

Gao Tianshuo and Du Mingshan asked A Sam and Zhao Yinze to take a taxi and leave, and the two of them walked home together. Gao Tianshuo helped Du Mingshan with a heavy book and looked at Du Mingshan who was depressed. I started to chat about some light topics to help her solve it. It turned out that Du Mingshan was sad because of A Sam’s reply. She told Gao Tianshuo that she had been obsessed with the ten-page teacher’s book for several years. Now it seems like a stupid thing. Gao Tianshuo hurriedly denied this idea, saying that the ten-page teacher’s book is trustworthy, because he has always been honest and credible to the books he wrote, but Du Mingshan still couldn’t understand what he wrote and did. Different.

Luo Danfang got up early in the morning to share her breakfast with the sisters. The sisters responded. Suddenly, Luo Danfang’s mind was full of Xu Kaiyu’s shadow. She also imagined that he came to her and started saying this and that, and she began to reflect on what she was. I didn’t really like Xu Kaiyu, and asked Luo Yuefang what it feels like to like someone. Luo Yuefang asked her if she was interested in someone. Luo Danfang hurriedly denied it, and then shared with her brother about her experience of being a Luo family’s daughter in love. It is often the one who is discouraged after being known by the other party.

Gao Tianshuo woke up in the morning and didn’t see the energy soup. He guessed that Du Mingshan was in a bad mood and forgot. He didn’t expect Du Mingshan to give it to him later. He also said that the energy soup had become her daily routine. This moved Gao Tianshuo a little, and Du Mingshan doubted Gao Tianshuo partnered with A Sam to lie to her, and decided to forbear it for the time being, and she would definitely reveal her true colors.

When she came to the company, Du Mingshan was still brooding about what A Sam said, and even suspected that A Sam was not Ten pages herself. The Ten pages she admired were not people who sought fame and reputation. Zhao Yinze was a little weird when she saw her unconsciousness. Quickly sort out the dialogue with ten pages.

Luo Yuefang and Gao Tianshuo went to see Chen Kunhu together. Chen Kunhu gave them a prestige as soon as they met and took out the identity of the elder to suppress Luo Yuefang. Gao Tianshuo’s explanation of the environmental assessment on behalf of Luo Yuefang caused Chen Kunhu’s discomfort.

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