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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 17 Recap

Du Mingshan and Gao Tianshuo began to communicate with each other and Zhao Yinze carefully prepared for a dinner with Ten Page.

Du Mingshan happily prepared the energy soup. Li Meiqi told her that the energy soup is not simply mixed with the ingredients. It must be made according to the recipe to taste, and she has never tasted it and gave it to Gao Tianshuo. Maybe It will affect the taste, and Du Mingshan realized that she was a little rash in doing so. When Du Mingshan saw Li Meiqi snickering, she kept explaining that the reason she made the energy soup was just to thank Gao Tianshuo for her help. She wanted to be a friendly and good neighbor, but Li Meiqi had been teasing her.

Gao Tianshuo was a little frightened when he saw the energy soup, because the taste was really hard to swallow. He hesitated again and again. In order to live up to Du Mingshan’s kindness, he decided to grit his teeth and drink it, but this time it tasted completely different. Then the two started Information, Gao Tianshuo said that the taste of the energy soup this time is indeed very special. Judging from the display of the mobile phone, Du Mingshan has sent a message for a long time, but the final display is still three words, you are welcome.

Zhao Yinze wore the suit he believed to be the best. His colleagues were praising him, but Du Mingshan had different opinions. Zhao Yinze criticized Du Mingshan’s dress, asked her to prepare a lot of ten-page books, and let her sign ten pages at the dinner. Du Mingshan was very dissatisfied with Zhao Yinze’s placing the dinner on the homepage of the publishing house’s website, and protested against him, saying that the dinner with Ten Pages could not be made public, but Zhao Yinze said that he did not violate the principle, and the two began to argue. .

Afterwards, Zhao Yinze arranged the process of dinner for Du Mingshan. Zhao Yinze told Du Mingshan that he had also been touched by the content written in the ten pages and finally decided to divorce. Du Mingshan thought after hearing this.

A Sam ridiculed Gao Tianshuo to drink energy soup. Gao Tianshuo warned A Sam to pay attention to his speech during dinners at night, especially to put away his trash talk skills, and then arrange how A Sam will cope with the dinner at night, if he finds it difficult to answer. , Just signal to yourself, let him come forward to solve the problem, the principle is to fight quickly. On the Internet, Roche’s and Yaxing Group’s collaborating with each other has been violent.

Luo Fanfang was so angry that he couldn’t eat a burger. Li Meiqi comforted her while Xu Kaiyu worried that his father would expel herself from the house. When Luo Yuefang and Gao Tianshuo Cong Yaxing came out, they were surrounded by reporters, but neither of them revealed specific information. After seeing this, Zhao Yinze felt that this incident was worth reporting, so he told Du Mingshan to plan related issues and plan to have dinner at night. Time to ask ten pages.

Luo Yuefang and Gao Tianshuo discussed together how to deal with Chen Kunhu. Chen Kunhu regarded Luo Yuefang as the younger brother who paved the way for him as an elder. Luo Yuefang felt that this was very good. If he was not wary of himself, he could make arrangements more easily. Hit fatal. Luo Danfang talked to Li Meiqi about his brother’s hard work for the transformation of Roche’s enterprise. When talking about the emotions, Li Meiqi comforted her. Xu Kaiyu sent a message to her father. The matter has not yet reached the final conclusion. If Roche’s enterprise really participate After the development of the Yaxing case, he will resign immediately.

Luo Yuefang arranged to send Luo Danfang and Li Meiqi home. Luo Danfang showed a very hard side, which made Gao Tianshuo admire him. Luo Yuefang said that this was a necessary ability to be born in the Luo family. Luo Yuefang cared about Li Meiqi, the two exchanged information, Luo Yuefang began to test Li Meiqi’s mind, the two seemed to have some tacit understanding.

Zhao Yinze and Du Mingshan arrived at the izakaya ahead of schedule. He told Du Mingshan that if he said “I am really a little drunk this time”, that is the time to ask her to ask ten pages alone. Soon after, Gao Tianshuo arrived with A Sam. Du Mingshan introduced Zhao Yinze to Gao Tianshuo and A Sam. Zhao Yinze began to advertise himself and made Du Mingshan feel that he was exaggerating. Gao Tianshuo mentioned that Du Mingshan was very sincere about this dinner in front of Zhao Yinze. Some thanks.

Zhao Yinze and A Sam drank feelings. Zhao Yinze pretended to drink too much and asked Gao Tianshuo to go to the toilet with him, indicating that Du Mingshan could ask A Sam questions. Luo Danfang played games with Xu Kaiyu. Those who lost were punished. Luo Danfang lost. She conceded the bet and asked Li Meiqi to help take pictures. Li Meiqi’s words “Xu Kaiyu seems to like you very much” made Luo Danfang a little embarrassed. .

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