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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 16 Recap

Gao Tianshuo persuaded Luo Yuefang to abandon the Yaxing case and Du Mingshan began to suspect that A Sam was not ten pages.

At the strong request of Du Mingshan, the editor-in-chief Zhao Yinze cancelled a series of publicity plans on the live broadcast and media reports during the dinner with Shiye, otherwise she would cancel the dinner with Shiye. Gao Tianshuo gave Luo Yuefang a suggestion that the case that Roche is involved in this time may be applied for as a World Natural Heritage.

If he actively participates, it will go against his original intention to transform Roche. Luo Yuefang said that Chen Kunhu was an old friend of his father. He had already settled the local government and the people. Only a few private organizations were voting against it. The Roche company only needed to help lift the sedan chair, and could share the benefits without paying a penny. He really couldn’t find a reason to oppose.

Gao Tianshuo accused him of helping others to abuse him. He kept saying that it was a corporate transformation, but in essence, he still did not get rid of the black-hearted enterprise that is desperate for profit. Especially this cooperation is more than a knife and a gun. It’s terrible, because what they want to destroy is the natural beauty that can only be formed in thousands of years, which is not comparable to money, and does not belong to him or Chen Kunhu.

Luo Yuefang told him that the first priority of interest is the most important for every company. Even if Roche does not participate, other companies will go to bid, so he wants to win this cooperation. Taking the initiative, sometimes the biggest ally may also be the biggest enemy, Gao Tianshuo thought about it. Xu Kaiyu asked Li Meiqi to fill in the 100 questions, but she and Luo Danfang felt that these questions seemed very small. Li Meiqi asked Luo Danfang to answer for herself.

Xu Kaiyu saw that the company’s case was in the news. Li Meiqi had followed This matter was shelved a few years ago because the EIA failed to pass. This time it was brought up again. Li Meiqi worried that Luo Yuefeng would be affected by the incident, while Xu Kaiyu worried that his father would oppose this matter and prevent him from working in the company.

Du Mingshan also began to worry about Li Meiqi and Luo Danfang, especially her concern for Gao Tianshuo. This made her a little surprised. When she came home, she ran into A Sam. He bought a lot of beer and wanted to use alcohol to pour his sorrows, but he was not careful. Falling to the ground, Du Mingshan helped him pick it up. By the way, he mentioned the dinner with the editor-in-chief. A Sam didn’t seem to know. A Sam asked about Tian Tian. Du Mingshan told him that Tian Tian was open at ten in the evening. Live broadcast, celebrating more than five thousand fans. Du Mingshan returned home and told Li Meiqi that Gao Tianshuo had said that he had eaten with Shiye but he did not seem to know.

Luo Yuefang asked Gao Tianshuo to come to the house to discuss matters. Gao Tianshuo seemed to understand the purpose of Luo Yuefang’s active participation in this matter, which was to gain the leading power of the incident and prevent Yaxing from developing natural forests. Entrusted by Xu Kaiyu, Luo Danfang wanted to eavesdrop on whether Luo Yuefang would participate in the Yaxing case, but Luo Yuefang saw that she had to go back upstairs obediently.

Tian Tian’s popularity skyrocketed, and many netizens left A Sam very angry. He drank all night and was bored. He came to Gao Tianshuo’s house early the next morning to help him collect relevant information, because he knew that blocking Gao Tianshuo was useless, so he had to help. Let’s improve together. Du Mingshan brought the nutritious soup again, and A Sam suggested that he dump it, but Gao Tianshuo didn’t want to live up to Du Mingshan’s painstaking efforts, so he gritted his teeth and drank it.

Du Mingshan, Tian Tian, Luo Danfang and Li Meiqi had lunch together to celebrate Tian Tian’s fans breaking through five thousand. Tian Tian was very optimistic about the future and planned to resign to become an online celebrity. However, Du Mingshan had different opinions. The two quarreled and Li Meiqi resolved them in time Disputes. Du Mingshan sent a message to thank Li Meiqi for showing up in time. Luo Yuefang came to the pantry. Li Meiqi suggested that he drink a latte, because he is busy with work these days and drinking too much coffee is irritating to the stomach.

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