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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 18 Recap

Zhang Zhizhi was shoppingwith Gu Xiaoling andLi Siyu. Zhang Zhizhi was not very interested, and when he asked, he knew that he was arguing with Liu Yang. Fortunately, Li Siyu said that she was not in a hurry to get married. Gu Xiaoling asked if she had committed marriage fear again. Li Siyu said that because of her father and mother, her father married her aunt within a few months after her mother passed away. Gu Xiaoling said that Not happy, but Li Siyu’s father and Gu Xiaoling’s mother are living happily. Zhang Zhizhi also advised his aunt to leave and not let his uncle be trapped in painful memories, but Li Sisi was very afraid that all this was fake.

Here Liu Yang and Chen Yiming are playing basketball. Liu Yang said that he is very busy in the office every day. Now he is going home and facing the quarrel between his wife and mother, which is really exhausting. Chen Yiming persuaded her to be considerate of his wife and think about what his wife thinks, but Lei Haowen said that this is a critical moment for promotion and that the backyard cannot catch fire. Liu Yang said that he envied Li Siyu and Chen Yiming for having a common topic. In fact, every family has hard-to-read scriptures.

After being enlightened by his sisters, Li Siyu called Chen Yiming and explained that he would call the real estate agent to buy the house. Chen Yiming was very happy when he heard that. But when the two arrived at the real estate agency the next day, the agency said that they had misremembered the address and the set they valued had been bought, and the two looked at each other and were very disappointed.

Liu Yang saw a thermos mug on the way home, so he bought one for Zhang Zhizhi. Yuwei’s homework pen ran out of water. When she went to look for it in her father’s bag, she saw a thermos and asked her mother happily what it was. Liu Yang said it was bought for Zhang Zhizhi, and Zhang Zhizhi accepted Liu Yang’s anger. But in the evening Liu Yang found out that Zhang Zhizhi was still drinking from the previous cup, because it was too expensive to discard the thermos and wanted to return it.

Zhang Zhizhi asked Li Siyu to let him go to the sales department, but Liu Yang felt that he should be promoted. It would be bad for Yuwei to go out early and return late, so Zhang Zhizhi had to give up. Liu Yang bought a cup to Wei Yayun the next day. Wei Yayun also sent a message to Moments to express his gratitude. Zhang Zhizhi said that he had returned the cup tonight. Liu Yang felt very uneasy.

Chen Yiming privately investigated Green Treasures and did a very detailed market research. This report gave Wang Ziru and Mr. Pan to negotiate, and Mr. Pan was at a significant disadvantage. Mr. Pan scolded the company’s senior executives and made Li Siyu’s one month’s efforts vanish. Li Siyu saw that this was Chen Yiming’s handwriting, and ran to ask her why she was like this. Chen Yiming and Li Siyu each perform their duties, not counting each other, at most it can only be a tug of war between the two companies.

Li Siyu returned to the company and received an e-mail from the bid evaluation team’s expert information. Li Siyu thought Liu Yang had sent it to her, and was about to call Liu Yang. Thinking of it, he said that he would not contact him recently, but Mr. Pan said The bid must be won this time. If the use of this information can indeed increase the success rate, doing so will violate morals and may harm Liu Yang.

Chen Yiming drove over to pick up Li Siyu and prepared food for him. Chen Yiming reflected that he did have a problem and gave Li Siyu a new green treasure three publicity situation. Li Siyu was very moved and understood that he was dereliction of duty. In the evening, Mother Liu gave Yuwei expired potato chips. Zhang Zhizhi couldn’t bear to argue with her mother-in-law, but her mother-in-law myocarditis fell to the ground and was taken to the hospital. Liu Yang went to the hospital to scold Zhang Zhizhi, but after Zhang Zhizhi told him what had happened, Liu Yang apologized to Zhang Zhizhi.

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