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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 17 Recap

Zhang Zhizhi picked up Yuwei from school at the door, but a child came out and knocked down another child. The child’s grandmother was so angry that he would take the parents to the hospital, but the parents said that they would go there when they received another child. Zhang Zhizhi tried to persuade him to fight, but was beaten by her grandma. Grandma said that he deserved to be beaten. Zhang Zhizhi was angry but wanted to argue with him, but was pulled aside by other mothers. Miao Miao’s mother even asked him to fight a few more times.

The benefits that the old lady’s son had promised to the kindergarten would be lost if he left. Several parents also echoed repeatedly, not caring about Zhang Zhizhi’s feelings. Zhang Zhizhi stood there crying and wanted to call Liu Yang. At this time, Liu Yang just left Wei Yayun, deleted the record and adjusted the phone to flight mode. Zhang Zhizhi was helpless, wiped away her tears and took Yuwei home.

Chen Yiming was looking for a house. Wang Ziru came to him to explain the meeting today. He deliberately told the administrative department not to notify Chen Yiming of the meeting, because now Tianyi and Lubao are discussing financing. He was originally an executive of the company. It should be, but because Li Siyu is an executive of Lubao. In case Li Siyu asked him about Tianyi’s financing plan, Chen Yiming promised that he would not disclose it. Wang Ziru said that he believed in his professional ethics, but if he did not say it would affect their feelings. Chen Yiming said that he could understand, and Wang Ziru left. Chen Yiming asked the staff to ask for all the open information of Green Treasure, ready to learn about it.

Liu Yang came home and heard Zhang Zhizhi said that she would transfer Yuwei back to the Blue Sky Kindergarten. Zhang Zhizhi said that she was bullied and those people said it was for her good. Liu Yang thinks that the tuition for this semester has just been paid. At this time, the transfer will not only affect the children’s heart, but the tuition is the most. They can only withdraw half of them, but Zhang Zhizhi still insists on transferring Yuwei to another school.

Liu Yang believes that Zhang Zhizhi makes a big fuss, and the adult world will always encounter many difficulties. If he is bullied, he will only escape and leave. Then he doesn’t know how many times he quit his job and how to feed the family. Zhang Zhizhi got angry and said that the kindergarten could not stay in anyway, and angrily threw the pillow and quilt from the bedroom onto the sofa. The mother-in-law saw Liu Yang and said that Liu Yang could not bow to Zhang Zhizhi. This daughter-in-law was lawless.

The next day Chen Yiming took Li Siyu to see the new house. Chen Yiming asked her if she was dissatisfied with anything. Li Siyu said that everything was fine. Chen Yiming said that there was no problem. He would buy a furniture bag and move in to get married when he thought of it. Shocked that he hadn’t accepted the marriage all at once, Chen Yiming felt that Li Siyu didn’t want to marry him yet and was a little angry. At this time, Li Siyu received a call from Liu Yang saying that Lubao is more likely to be seen.

Chen Yiming began to earnestly collect information about the green treasures, including a return visit to the users of the three green treasures, and sorted out several documents and gave them to Wang Ziru. Wang Ziru said that he does not need to participate in this project. Chen Yiming believes that he needs to prove to the company that he is now a member of the Tianyi Group and that he needs to prove his strength to the company. Wang Ziru accepted the document and said that Chen Yiming’s performance had exceeded his expectations. , It really made her admire.

Liu Yang and the team members drank together to celebrate the successful completion of the preliminary work. The team members all said that the end of the bidding was his deputy director. Liu Yang said that he should wait for the notice instead of nonsense. During the dinner, Wei Yayun was very close to Liu Yang. Liu’s mother was worried that Liu Yang hadn’t come back so late at home. Wei Yayun called Liu’s mother in the taxi and asked her specific location. After Liu Yang went home, he became drunk and crazy. Zhang Zhizhi went back to the room without taking care of him. Liu’s mother saw the message on Liu Yang’s phone, and Wei Yayun said that the two kissed at night. Mother Liu deleted the message and settled Liu Yang.

After Zhang Zhizhi left the next day, Liu’s mother told Liu Yang not to be sorry for his wife. Liu Yang also understood that yesterday was drunk and lost heart.

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