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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 16 Recap

Liu Yang didn’t want to answer the phone calls from his mother and wife, so he decided to go to a place where there is a wood stove to bake potatoes with Wei Yayun. Zhang Zhizhi prepared dinner and called her mother-in-law to eat. As a result, her mother-in-law kept showing her face, and the family was very angry. Liu Yang and Wei Yayun ate potatoes happily.

Liu Yang said that they had been dreaming for many years. Li Siyu arrived at Chen Yiming’s house and said that he had been formally appointed as the sales director. Chen Yiming had decided the day after tomorrow. Li Siyu had just been promoted and couldn’t leave, and the two were about to start a long-distance relationship. Both of them on WeChat are telling each other to eat on time, videos and the like.

In the art appreciation class, Teacher Liu was really boring in class. Gu Xiaoling took advantage of the teacher’s turn and sneaked out, buying drinks and temporary from the vending machine. It was almost the end of get out of class and returned to the door of the classroom. A boy approached her and asked him if he didn’t go in. Gu Xiaoling said he was boring in class. The boy said that Old Liu went to class like this. It was boring to be able to tell interesting things. Gu Xiaoling said that he was not only boring but also very forgetful. he wants.

Gu Xiaoling said that he is very experienced, and if he asks another question after class, he won’t find that no one is there. After class, Gu Xiaoling asked the teacher a question about composing music. At this time, the boy also walked down. When Lao Liu said she came, Gu Xiaoling knew that they knew each other. Xiaoling went out and asked the boy. The boy said that he would not give a short report if he gave WeChat, and he would have to ask her in the future. Gu Xiaoling said it was a threat in disguise, but gave him WeChat anyway.

Li Siyu went to Liu Yang’s company to submit the prequalification documents, and sent a message to Liu Yang that it was handed over to a person named Lao Wu. At this time, Wang Ziru sent her a message to ask her to have a drink at night, but Li Siyu still didn’t call Chen Yiming. Liu Yang gave Wei Yayun a box of stomach medicine, and he cared about her and Wei Yayun was very moved. In the evening, Chen Yiming gave Lei Haowen some things he couldn’t take away for safekeeping. Lei Haowen asked him and Li Siyu what he planned to do. Chen Yiming is now preparing to do that. If he does not leave, Li Siyu will be disappointed even more.

Wang Ziru said that he learned that Li Siyu has become the sales director, and came over to celebrate with her today. Li Siyu was very grateful to Wang Ziru for his continuous encouragement and care. Wang Ziru said that he just made him recognize himself. Li Siyu asked her how Mr. Pan was talking about financing. Wang Ziru said it went well, and asked Li Siyu if he had any representatives from the other two companies. Li Siyu was told that the company was Huaan and Shanghai Bank. Wang Ziru said that it might not have arrived yet. At that time, I got the news I needed. At this time, Wang Ziru asked her how she was like Chen Yiming. After learning that Chen Yiming was unemployed and ready to go home, he told him that his company was missing a sales director. Li Siyu was very happy.

When she went back in the evening, she told Chen Yiming excitedly that she heard Wang Ziru personally called the personnel department to arrange his work, and she could report directly tomorrow. Liu Yang went to Tianyi Company to report the next day. He felt that the office was pretty good and the salary was also very good. After get off work, Li Siyu took Li Siyu to the river and the two set off fireworks together. At this time, a drone flew over with a ring. Chen Yiming took out the OFFER from his clothes and told Li Siyu that her husband had come to take office. Li Siyu very excitedly agreed, and Chen Yiming proposed marriage smoothly. Li Siyu posted a picture of the ring in Moments. Zhang Zhizhi and Gu Xiaoling cried with excitement.

Chen Yiming heard in the bathroom that the former director had been promoted to vice president, but no one notified him of the meeting at the company’s senior management. Chen Yiming felt that there was a problem with Wang Ziru calling him to the company.

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