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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 15 Recap

Don’t get rid of the name Yuan Huizhong eats the ribs , Zhang Zhizhi and her mother-in-law quarrel

Li Siyu returned to the company the next day to encourage the team members to continue their efforts and don’t give up until the last moment. At this time, Zhang Zhizhi came to him and told him that Yuan Huizhong and an outsourcing company conspired to defraud the company of 4 million. Li Siyu went to understand the situation and decided to tell President Pan that it was the reason. Yuan Huizhong and Director Luo didn’t know each other before, but Zhang Zhizhi stopped her and thought it was not worth it. Yuan Huizhong had framed him many times before and wanted to drive him out of Green Treasure. Now if Yuan Huizhong stays, the government bidding must be hers, and the sales director is also hers.

Li Siyu called Lin Ling to the office, and Lin Ling said that Yuan Huizhong had robbed a big trouble in the past. Li Siyu asked her if she found any problems with Director Luo at the time. Lin Ling said that he often disappeared and there was a problem with the request. Director Luo asked to send all the goods after paying the deposit. In fact, Yuan Huizhong hesitated when he heard it.

Director Luo took out Li Siyu’s business card and pretended to talk to her. Yuan Huizhong was competitive and agreed. Li Siyu Said Yuan Huizhong must have made concessions in the way of delivery. Li Siyu asked Lin Ling if she would like to go with her to clarify for Sister Yuan that she and Director Luo did not know each other. Lin Ling said that she would not go. Yuan Huizhong had to leave Li Siyu to take the position of sales director.

Yuan Huizhong received the news from Mr. Fang that the company would execute her at ten o’clock tomorrow. The testimony of Li Siyu and Lin Ling was very important. Yuan Huizhong bit his head to find Li Siyu, but she was not there. Li Siyu approached Chen Yiming and asked what he should do about it. Chen Yiming decisively said that he should clarify for Yuan Huizhong, but Li Siyu told him that he would lose in this way, and clarifying the facts would not do him any good.

Chen Yiming felt that she was very disgraceful in winning this way. Li Siyu thought Chen Yiming wanted him to leave Green Treasure and return to his hometown. At this time, Yuan Huizhong called and Chen Yiming told him that he should be ashamed. When the two met in the evening, Yuan Huizhong asked him to help him with so many years of affection. Li Siyu agreed, but wanted Yuan Huizhong to return the government project to him. Yuan Huizhong said that he relied on this project to become the sales director. Happy and scattered.

Li Siyu was also very anxious in the office the next day, checking her phone time frequently. Xiaojia came to ask her when she would see the client. She said it was postponed to eleven o’clock at 9:55. Li Siyu still decided to tell the company the truth. When she went out, she saw Lin Ling crying and writing her resignation letter. He, Lin Ling didn’t want to speak for Yuan Huizhong, Li Siyu was so cruel that he thought Yuan Huizhong was not worthy of his own clarification, and left with Xiaojia.

In the evening, Li Siyu arrived at Chen Yiming’s house. Seeing Chen Yiming was packing her things, she decided to leave. Sister Yuan’s affairs, Li Siyu finally chose to remain silent. Li Siyu believed that she was frank and frank, but in exchange for suspicion and frame-up. She felt that she could win is the greatest success. She said that Chen Yiming was a failure and didn’t want to stay in Shanghai and hurt. Chen Yiming. Li Siyu returned to the company the next day and saw Yuan Huizhong had been removed from the company. Yuan Huizhong said that the higher she climbed, the worse she would fall.

Zhang Zhizhi took Liu Yang to the party and fabricated him a halo of the director of an American study abroad company. Liu Yang felt so false and angrily left. In the evening, Zhang Zhizhi found at home that Yuwei had been disobedient recently. Her mother-in-law said that she had retired the early education class, and in front of the children said that Yuwei had spent nothing. Zhang Zhizhi cried and ran to the balcony to call Liu Yang.

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