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The Long Night 沉默的真相 Episode 4 Recap

After a collegial discussion by the leaders of the Procuratorate, Ding Jian believed that there was insufficient evidence to overturn the original case, so he notified Jiang Yang to stop the investigation. However, Jiang Yang had already made up his mind to avenge Hou Guiping’s grievances, even if he couldn’t observe it, he would make unannounced visits, and he was bound to uphold justice to the end and prevent the truth from being buried.

Yan Liang and Ren Yueting went to Li Jing to find out about the situation. They learned from her that Hou Guiping had signed up for public welfare projects during the first research period and took the initiative to go to Miaogao Township to participate in teaching support. That year was the millennium, but it became his funeral year.

Hou Guiping first arrived in Miaogao Township. Because of his gentle personality, he was especially popular with other teachers. Because Miaogao Township belongs to a remote and impoverished area, there are basically no teachers willing to live here for a long time. Even this middle school was built with donations from Kahn Group. The age and residuals of the students are uneven. The school has only two teachers to share classes. Fortunately, Hou Guiping The addition of can enhance the knowledge of liberal arts.

The Kahn Group funded the school to renovate the new classrooms and presented extracurricular reading materials and school supplies. The District Education Bureau Chief Qin came to thank him and personally awarded him the title of honorary principal. All the teachers and students of the school gathered in the square. Hou Guiping met Sun Chuanfu, the chairman of the group for the first time. He only felt that he was kind and he should be able to bear the title of “philanthropist”.

After various enquiries, Jiangyang finally obtained a police record from November 2, 2000 at the Miaogao Township Police Station. The caller was Ding Chunmei, a villager from Miaogao Village, and the police officers who accepted that night were Gao Zhiyuan and Yang Dexin. Since the two had been transferred before the Spring Festival in 2001, Jiang Yang asked for Hou Guiping’s death file, but he saw that the policemen were Gao Zhiyuan and Yang Dexin.

According to the contents of the police file, Jiang Yang found the policeman Sun Yuze. When he and his wife were out, they accidentally witnessed Hou Guiping’s dead body reservoir. The body was in a state of back-up. When Sun Yuze was salvaged with an iron hook, he found a lot of water weeds wrapped around his back. After Jiang Yang left the reservoir, he went to Miao High School to look for people. The teachers and students of the school were changed. Only Teacher Ma settled here, so he never left.

In Teacher Ma’s impression, Hou Guiping was very enthusiastic and paid special attention to the students. He also learned that many children were limited in learning and eventually missed the opportunity for the college entrance examination. Weng Meixiang and Ge Li are the best girls in the class. However, they lack liberal arts knowledge and cannot pass the university entrance exam. They can only work in a nearby textile factory.

Hou Guiping felt sorry for the two girls, so he proposed to open a repetition class to help them take the exam. Weng Meixiang was sincerely moved by Hou Guiping and hoped to change her destiny through knowledge. She called on more than a dozen young men and women who had dropped out of school to work during the day and review their homework at night under the supervision of Hou Guiping. The countdown to the college entrance examination is lost every second, and the students are busy but happy. Hou Guiping is like a ray of sunshine shining into everyone’s hearts. Because of his arrival, Weng Meixiang gradually forgets the crisis hidden in the darkness. When he really recovers, he knows that the night is Infinitely long.

Huang Mao is a hooligan in the town. Recently, she has often harassed female workers near the textile factory, even focusing on Ge Li and Weng Meixiang. Ge Li was unbearable and hid directly home. Weng Meixiang stayed alone and did not dare to go out. Originally wanted to ask Hou Guiping to help Hou Guiping, Huang Mao was stuck in his car halfway, claiming to be Weng Meixiang’s cousin, and took her away.

Afterwards, Weng Meixiang committed suicide by taking pesticides and was rescued by the county hospital, but the doctor finally declared her dead. Hou Guiping heard the truth from the mouths of two other students, and then saw her accusation against Huang Mao in Weng Meixiang’s diary, as well as her fear, and he fell into extreme regret. He could never forget the look in Weng Meixiang’s eyes after getting in the car, even in the car. Drive away.

Hou Guiping took his diary and took a truck to Pingkang County Public Security Bureau to report the case, requesting an autopsy of Weng Meixiang and reporting the sexual assault of the female worker. After the police accepted the case, they filed the case and arrested them. Just as everyone was preparing to wait for the conviction, Huang Mao suddenly rushed into Hou Guiping’s dormitory and injured him. He even wanted to insult Li Jing. Fortunately, Teacher Ma appeared in time. After these changes, Hou Guiping decided to investigate privately and circled “October 25” on the calendar.

Whenever Li Jing thinks about this place, it seems that the scars are uncovered again, revealing bloody facts, including the fool film camera left to Hou Guiping. When Yan Liang asked about the camera content, Li Jing was particularly nervous, and simply changed the subject, saying that Hou Guiping sent her a letter before her death, but she gave the letter to Jiang Yang, which should still be in her relic.

The crime team found that the third letter was sent from Dongcheng, and found a photo studio receipt from the Jiangyang relics, marked October 26, 2000. Yan Liang remembered that the retractable hanger at the crime scene might provide clues, so he ordered police officer Xiaoma to buy the same money in major shopping malls and stores, and then found Jinshan Photo Gallery according to the receipt address. Unfortunately, the photo gallery was burned down many years ago. .

Yan Liang checked the record of the fire and the police officers transferred the files of Li Dabei, the owner of the photo studio. This person died on September 20, 2003, the day the photo studio fired. Li Dabei failed in gambling, so he went to borrow money from Brother Dao. Because the old account had not been repaid, Brother Dao became angry and threatened him to make up the principal in seven days.

The night was getting dark, and the windows of Jiangyang’s dormitory were smashed. When he seized the door and chased him, there was no trace. An unfamiliar call rang, and a mysterious man’s voice came from the phone. He threatened Jiang Yang to stop investigating the case, otherwise his life would be lost. Hou Guiping in 2000; Yan Liang in 2010. They fought for justice with Jiang Yang and did not hesitate to fight the evil forces. At this time, the evil forces standing in the dark are being told by his men to track down the retractable hanger.

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