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The Long Night 沉默的真相 Episode 3 Recap

The forensic doctor Ma still hesitated about the cause of Jiang Yang’s death, especially the inconspicuous scratch on the TV signal line left at the murder scene, which made him puzzled. Due to the lack of autopsy reports in Hou Guiping’s files, Yan Liang ordered Gu Yiming to go to the archives to retrieve them. At first, Gu Yiming was very reluctant to prevent him from stealing the limelight, but because of Ren Yueting’s face, he could only respond to this matter.

The car drove through the bustling streets and stopped in front of the Pingkang County Public Security Bureau. Compared with the simplicity of seven years ago, this place is not unchanged. At least the police officers are no longer tough, and the file room can be directly broken in, unlike the original Jiang Yang came hard, waited for a long time, and finally had a closed door.

Jiang Yang requested that the case file be retrieved and re-examined. The criminal police captain Li Jianguo refused to hand over Hou Guiping’s case file materials on the grounds that the case was closed and sealed. Jiang Yang repeatedly bumped into the wall and was embarrassed before his hands. He couldn’t help being very annoyed. When he heard that all the autopsy reports of the Pingkang Public Security Bureau were from the forensic doctor Chen Mingzhang, he personally came to the forensic room of the Technical Investigation Center.

Chen Mingzhang and Jiang Yang met for the first time, because he wears glasses and looks gentle, which makes others think that he is very good to talk. As a result, Chen Mingzhang was not like a forensic doctor, but more like a businessman. He was very sophisticated and cunning. He learned that Jiang Yang and Hou Guiping belonged to classmates, so he sold the report to Jiang Yang for a high price of 1,000 yuan. Although Chen Mingzhang’s behavior of asking for money made Jiang Yang fall through the eyes, but thinking of the major hidden information of Hou Guiping’s case, he was in professional compliance and conscience, and finally Jiang Yang and Chen Mingzhang met at the restaurant and handed over the money and the information.

That night, Wu Aike accompanied Jiang Yang to sit in the dining room. Chen Mingzhang came slowly. He turned to the main menu and took out Hou Guiping’s autopsy report. He even broke the news that someone had tampered with the conclusion and caused the illusion of Hou Guiping’s drowning. Absolutely in a high position.

Jiang Yang was shaken by Chen Mingzhang’s words. He knew that this matter would involve a lot of things. As a young prosecutor, he didn’t have a huge network of relationships, and he wanted to deal with him as a dead end. Jiang Yang kept looking at the report file, as if the last straw was in it. If he compromised his future, he would never be able to open it in the future. Hou Guiping’s death became a secret, a regret, a silence at the bottom of the river, and no sky.

Gu Yiming came out of the archives room and found nothing, and then went to the procuratorate again, so it was determined that Jiang Yang had opened an investigation for him, but unfortunately there was no result in the end, even the autopsy report disappeared for no reason.

Jiang Yang saw Li Jianguo’s name on the autopsy report, so he guessed that the Pingtan County Public Security Bureau deliberately concealed the truth, so he went to Hou Guiping’s family to find out the situation and asked them to sign the statement. Uncle Hou Guiping wanted to reverse the case and took the initiative to tell the story of his nephew. No matter what he learned from him, his character was impeccable. No one had expected such a change to happen. After Hou Guiping passed away, Hou’s father passed out on the spot and continued. Without eating or drinking for a few days, Hou Mu was also greatly stimulated and went crazy, wandering around all day.

After signing the authorization, Jiang Yang immediately requested the public security to review the investigation in the name of the Supervision and Investigation Section. Unexpectedly, the decision to open the case was delivered to the Public Security Bureau, but Li Jianguo personally sent the documents back, stating that the corpse had been destroyed at the cremation scene. The case had been concluded two years ago, and he was ordered to withdraw the investigation quickly.

Faced with such an attitude, Jiang Yang went directly to Wu Jian to explain the whole story. As Wu Aike’s father, Wu Jian himself took Jiangyang very seriously, especially after hearing what happened, he couldn’t help but felt a little moved. He simply called Jiangyang’s procuratorate and suggested that Ding Jian should have a meeting to study and discuss again.

Zhang Xiaoqian received the second letter with the background of the photo from Lijing Hotel. According to the information provided by the post office, the police found that anonymous letters were delivered in the mailboxes in Dongluo Alley, Xicheng District. They were all similar to the last time. However, the alleys in Xicheng District were old and already included in the scope of reconstruction and demolition of the old city. Installation monitoring.

Ren Yueting and Gu Yiming could only keep a close watch, but there was no movement for several days. Just as everyone’s patience was almost exhausted, they did not expect the suspected target to suddenly appear and wandering alone beside the mailbox. The man was in tattered clothes and was a little slow in his actions. In the end, he only picked up the cans on the ground and did nothing else.

In Zhang Xiaoqian’s memory, Yan Liang seemed to have a hunch before he learned that Jiang Yang was killed, and every sentence revealed despair and farewell. Zhang Xiaoqian was a little confused at the time, but didn’t delve into it, but now it’s the last time he wants to come. The task force returned without success, but Yan Liang thought that picking up the tattered tramp was extremely suspicious.

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