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The Long Night 沉默的真相 Episode 2 Recap

On the day of the incident, Zhang Chaoren was in a different place, but his confession was extremely consistent with the case. In particular, he first admitted to the murder and then overthrew it. Yan Liang could not find the related motive, and the others had no clue. Just as the task force was in a state of confusion, Zhang Xiaoqian suddenly received an anonymous letter with a partial photo and a few crosses, signed “HGP”.

According to the content, the sender intends to launch the nine-square grid game. From now on, he will post a picture every three days, and collect nine pictures for 24 consecutive days to publicly kill Jiangyang’s murderer, and ask the “Jiangtan Evening News” to include the pictures. Publish on the front page, otherwise it will detonate a bomb installed somewhere in the city.

When the editor-in-chief Chen Mingsheng heard about the incident, he was pleasantly surprised and immediately ordered Zhang Xiaoqian to let the editorial office prepare the short message and report to the Jiangtan Municipal Bureau by the way. As Zhang Xiaoqian wrote a report on Liu Mingyang, the undercover criminal policeman, it sparked heated discussion, which led to her rise in fame and appeal.

Perhaps publishing photos will cause social panic, but Yan Liang keenly discovered that the sender also mentioned twenty-four days, which coincides with what Zhang Chao said. After detailed discussions, the task force decided to take all the measures and adopt the method of limited sale and fixed-point placement of newspapers to attract snakes.

Although Zhang Chao denied that the Jiugongge photo was related to him, he revealed an important detail. As a patient with high myopia, he had never taken Metro Line 3, but did not wear glasses on the day the body was thrown. He accurately found the South Gate exit unless he had already been in advance. Step on it.

The subordinates drove Yan Liang to the scene of the crime for review. It was almost midnight when they arrived. The house was not large in size, and the living room was connected to the balcony. It was illuminated by moonlight and stood at the door to get a clear overview. The two inspected the location of the corpse. Unexpectedly, a woman came out from behind the curtains. This person was Li Jing. With the light on, she gradually revealed her beautiful face.

Li Jing is not only beautiful but also has a temperament. Facing Yan Liang’s cross-examination, Li Jing is not afraid to answer related questions, including her unbearable impression of Jiang Yang. Even though Jiang Yang was once a protégé of Zhang Chao, he is notorious for not only accepting bribes during the prosecutor’s period, but also borrowing 300,000 yuan from Zhang Chao for gambling, and maintaining an improper relationship between men and women, causing his ex-wife to choose to divorce.

The task force retrieved the results of the physical evidence identification department, combined with the information collected by the criminal police officer Liu in the Jiangtan Evening News, so it was determined that the photos only contained the fingerprints of Zhang Xiaoqian and Chen Mingsheng, and the fingerprints on the envelope were the old Zhou of the mail room and the staff of the post office. Fingerprints failed to provide useful clues, and the sender also had anti-reconnaissance capabilities. The task force had to compare the background of the photos and confirm that the background came from Fengshan Road in Pingkang County.

Yan Liang and Liu Mingyang are both colleagues and classmates. They have a very good relationship. Unfortunately, during that mission, Yan Liang was unable to participate in the appendicitis operation and was eventually replaced by Liu Mingyang, which caused his accident. Now he can only stay in a mental hospital. Zhang Xiaoqian knew Liu Mingyang very well, and also followed and interviewed Jiang Yang. The two had the same tragedy, but Liu Mingyang became a hero and was respected by everyone. Jiang Yang lived by repairing his mobile phone after his expiration and release. Killed.

There is no progress in the investigation. Yan Liang intends to start from Jiangyang. He found a copy of Hou Guiping’s ID card in his relics, keenly aware that the first letter of Hou Guiping’s pinyin is the same as the signature of the anonymous letter. Ren Yueting saw the name Jiang Yang left in the prosecutor’s handbook and immediately retrieved Hou Guiping’s files. As expected, the address was Pingkang County, but the person had passed away as early as 2000.

Zhang Xiaoqian suggested that Yan Liang go to Wu Aike to understand the situation. She is Jiangyang’s ex-girlfriend and the person who influenced Jiang Yang’s life. Yan Liang and Ren Yueting came to Wu Aike’s house according to their address. Wu Aike was already a married woman at this time, but when she mentioned Jiang Yang, she was still full of love.

Seven years ago, Jiang Yang was in high spirits. In the eyes of outsiders, he was outstanding and proud. He was not only admitted to the postgraduate school with excellent results, but also entered the procuratorate. He was even listed as a key training object by the unit and was directly promoted to investigation. Chief of Supervision Section. At that time, Wu Aike’s father was the deputy chief prosecutor of the Municipal Procuratorate, and he was very supportive of his daughter’s relationship with Jiang Yang. The two were so sweet and even approached to talk about marriage. However, because of Li Jing’s appearance, this stable life was completely broken.

Li Jing and Jiang Yang are classmates. They become classmates because of their outstanding looks. Although there are countless pursuers, she only falls in love with the poor boy Hou Guiping. However, Hou Guiping died suddenly while serving as a teacher. The school claimed that he was drowning in the river when he was out swimming. However, the police’s closing materials stated that Hou Guiping raped a woman because he refused to arrest and fled and accidentally fell into the river.

Jiangyang trusted Hou Guiping’s character, and Li Jing found many suspicious clues within two years. Among them, a girl in Hou Guiping’s supporting education class committed suicide by drinking pesticide and was sexually assaulted before her death. Later, Hou Guiping repeatedly reported to her superiors for investigation and application. The results all fell to nothing.

Li Jing thinks Hou Guiping died of murder, so she wants Jiang Yang to help reverse the case and find out the truth. Jiang Yang has been working as a prosecutor for a long time, and he has been used to many difficult and unsolved cases for a long time, and he knows that the difficulties in handling cases have led to the final compromise. Compromise is a sign of a person’s maturity. Unfortunately, Wu Aike didn’t think deeply about it. She lashed out at this case and asked Jiang Yang to uphold justice and thoroughly investigate it. It was precisely because of his youthful impulse that Wu Aike pushed Jiang Yang to a lonely road, and went further and further.

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