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The Long Night 沉默的真相 Episode 1 Recap

In 2010, the sky over Jiangtan City was gloomy, and it seemed to be attracted to gather together, and then shrouded in the subway line 3 leading to the suburbs, until a middle-aged man walked outside the station, even though he was in torn clothes. After drinking the canned beer, he left it everywhere, but because of the hustle and bustle around, no one cast doubtful eyes.

The man dragged a huge and heavy suitcase, full of strong alcohol and sweat, and walked forward without raising his head. When he passed the security check, he slowed down and began to look around, as if he wanted to squeeze. Enter the crowd and get through. Fortunately, the security inspector was quick-sighted and stopped him in time, especially seeing the man with a flustered look, obvious scratches on his neck, and fierce and hesitant eyes. An alarm bell rang in his heart and he instinctively clenched the walkie-talkie.

After the two looked at each other for less than a few seconds, the man pushed away from the security inspector and ran wildly. Seeing that there was no road ahead and both sides were outflanked, he took out a remote control bomb on the spot to force the security to evacuate all the people and block the road.

Ten minutes later, seven or eight police cars rushed to the scene. Dozens of riot police officers armed with shields quickly formed a meniscus to surround the exit. Seeing that the man’s emotions were gradually out of control, Ren Yueting, the captain of the city bureau’s criminal police, immediately went over to deal with him, taking advantage of the precautions, and subduing the opponent.

As the suitcase moved to an open place, the EOD started to detect it, and under the gaze of dozens of pairs of eyes, he walked to the suitcase nervously, and slowly opened the chain. As a result, it was not the bomb that caught your eye. It was a corpse, a thin and clean male corpse. He was the youngest and outstanding prosecutor in Pingkang County before his death, but he was called “the dead Jiangyang” after his death, and he was left behind in prison. Years of dark experience.

The man’s name is Zhang Chao. He is Jiangyang’s teacher and a well-known criminal defense lawyer in Jiangtan. Not to mention how brilliant his previous resume is, he became the deputy dean of the School of Political Science and Law at the age of thirty-four, which is astounding enough Dumbfounded. It is a pity that Zhang Chao has a promising future. He wanted to fall in love with the female student Li Jing, and even gave up everything for her and went out of the house. He started from scratch at the age of 36 and founded Jiangdong Law Firm alone. He has taken over thousands of cases in the past ten years. , Almost never missed.

No one thought that it was such a legendary figure in the municipal legal circle who would use extremely despicable means to kill people and throw their bodies. Facing the police interrogation, he chose to cooperate with him, confessed, and truthfully confessed that he and Jiang Yang had a debt dispute. The dispute and the crime, including why he chose to take the subway to the suburbs to destroy the corpses.

At the same time, the science champion lost contact for no reason, and was later killed by the murderer and buried on the riverside. As a result, the murderer was killed in a car accident in the past few days, and it was impossible to accurately find out where he was buried. The master of the crime, Yan Liang, assisted the police with peculiar methods, and he found the body that night.

According to Zhang Chao’s personal confession and on-site identification, coupled with forensic later identification, Zuoshi Jiangyang was strangled by the wire, causing mechanical suffocation. However, the cracking process was too smooth and the evidence chain was complete, which made this case look very strange. The media did not care about the true and false, and only followed up on this case, earning enough public opinion in just a few hours, waiting for the public The freshness is exhausted, and I will write another article.

Ren Yueting still had doubts in her heart, and took the initiative to see Zhang Chao to ask the truth, because she learned that Zhang Chao was the only one who failed in Jiangyang’s defense of innocence in thousands of criminal cases, especially after the fact that he did not continue to appeal, which led to Jiang. Yang went to jail and lost his job. However, Zhang Chao didn’t respond positively. He chose to avoid talking and conceal the truth with silence, but he couldn’t conceal his grief over Jiang Yang’s death.

After the court announced the court date, the 3.12 subway corpse throwing case was once again fermented, and reporters from major media have applied for observation, including Zhang Xiaoqian, a female reporter in the legal section of the “Jiangtan Evening News”. At the scene of the trial, Zhang Chao suddenly retracted his confession, refused to admit the murder charge, and then produced a perfect alibi, making the originally clear case instantly convoluted, and only a sigh of sorrow came from the auditorium.

This matter has a great impact, and it has now developed to the point where it is difficult to end. The Provincial Public Security Department, in accordance with the principle of never suspected crime, requires the Municipal Bureau to re-investigate it within 24 days. Director Zhao Weimin urgently set up a 3.12 task force, and Yan Liang was ordered to arraign Zhang Chao.

Because of his integrity and unique handling style, Yan Liang solved the snowman murder case that shocked the whole country in the Northeast. Even though he made great contributions, he lost his son and his wife left home. Zhang Chao greatly appreciates and respects him, and he also sees hope, hoping that he can find out the truth on the twenty-fourth day.

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