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Sparkle Love 心动的瞬间 Episode 9 Recap

Weiwei boarded the QQ that she didn’t use, and found that Peng Pai really insisted on sending herself news for four years. Li Daixi said that a boy who persisted for four years should also explain it, which shows that he really cares about Weiwei, but Weiwei thinks Li Daixi too exaggerated.

On the second day of the body massage exam, Wei Wei’s partner was Max Chong, but Max Chong was delayed by something. When Junjun finished the exam and said that she would lend her partner to Weiwei, Weiwei said no, and went first to ask the teacher for more time. At this time, Max rushed in, and the teacher asked them to hurry up and take the exam.

The first project was to relax the facial muscles, slightly close to Mai Si Chong and began to massage her, Mai Si Chong said that itching Wei Wei let her endure, this project has passed. The next item is the waist and abdomen. I was stopped by Max Chong during the micro massage, but the teacher still ignored it. During the back massage, Wei Wei was very professional and very Ms. Chong massaged his hands. The two hands clasped ten fingers. Ms. Chong felt that he had been electrified again, and his heartbeat accelerated and stared at him slightly, finally ending the massage test.

Yuxin walked around the campus with his luggage, and Lin Baihui came to help and asked him if he was moving. Yuxin said that she did move out of the house by herself, and she didn’t need the consent of her parents as long as she agreed. Yuxin asked her how things were going on in the club, and Lin Baihui said that their Yangshengdi has become popular throughout the school. Lin Baihui asked him if he would be free soon, so that she and herself could witness the holy moment when the society became righteous. Yuxin said yes, and Lin Baihui hurried happily with his luggage.

In order to express her gratitude, Mei Weiwei asked Mai Sichong to eat, but Mai Sichong kept staring at Wei Wei, saying what Weiwei wanted to eat and choosing to treat herself. Wei Wei said that she was very sorry. I ran into Peng Pai on the road, and Peng Pai said that he also bought some food for Weiwei, but Mai Sichong was jealous and threw the snacks to Weiwei. When eating at noon, Ding Yi asked him why he was upset, whether he was broken in love. Mai Si Chong refused to admit it, didn’t even eat lunch, went back to the dormitory and said that he had been recruited again.

Mai Sichong called Weiwei and told Mei Weiwei to call him and was hung up. He called again and asked her to invite herself to dinner, but was hung up every time. Lin Baihui brought the planning book to Teacher Meiling, saying that the planning book was the result of the joint efforts of classmates, especially Mei Weiwei. As a result, Teacher Meiling said that Mei Weiwei didn’t want to change his major. Why is she so concerned about this matter? Maybe she started a club to earn GPA.

In the coffee shop, Lin Baihui asked Mei Weiwei if she really wanted to change his major. Mei Weiwei said she was sorry because she was really not suitable for this major, but Lin Baihui felt that he was really suitable for this major. Yuxin also said that she at least told them what difficulties she had, so that Lin Baihui could understand him. Mei Weiwei felt that this matter was not clear, so it happened that Max rushed to call him, and he left first. Mai Sichong smiled happily when he heard that Mei Weiwei was with Lin Baihui instead of Peng Pai. Weiwei said she hurriedly finished the call and went back, but Maxicong said that she had just finished the exam today and took her out to play.

Mai Si Chong took Mei Wei Wei to go shopping. When Mei Wei Wei tried on clothes, Mai Si Chong said that this style was not suitable for her, and took him to another store. Let Mei Weiwei try the BF wind, Mei Weiwei said it was strange. Static electricity was generated when the two of them were in contact. Mei Weiwei said that there was no power to him today, and Mai Sichong felt very strange.

At night Junjun walked the night and was followed by Xia Rui. When Weiwei came out to look for him, she encountered a real pervert. Weiwei accidentally electrocuted her and ran away in a hurry.

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