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Sparkle Love 心动的瞬间 Episode 10 Recap

Recently, campus is not very safe. There is a pervert who likes to follow a girl. Mai Sichong said that he will protect her. Ding Yi said that if Li Daixi needs protection, she can give her a 20% discount. Mai Sichong told Weiwei to protect her by herself recently. Weiwei said that her physique shouldn’t need protection, but Mai Sichong decided to find him after class and handed him a lollipop, saying that Ding Yi was scolded by the coach every time I can eat sweets, so I will be very happy, Maxichong hopes Wei Wei is also happy.

Junjun received news from a friend and asked him to make an appointment for Mai Sichong this week. Junjun decided to write a letter to Mai Sichong. Just finished writing the dormitory number, Weiwei came over to find Junjun and wanted to ask her if she wanted to go together To see if there was any surveillance on the road yesterday, Junjun put away the envelope and went to the location of yesterday’s incident with Mei Weiwei, and finally found that there was a surveillance on the road. Knock on the door of the security room, they want to check the monitoring of Zhixinglu. The security said that the monitoring of Zhixinglu had gone bad in the past two days. Junjun wanted to say something.

The security had already driven them away impatiently. When she limped back to her position, Wei Wei felt that her back and legs were very similar to the pervert yesterday. At this time, Max Chong took a picture of him from behind and surprised him slightly. After learning about the situation, Max Chong reprimanded them for being so bold, even in the daytime. Weiwei said that she didn’t want to find Maxichong every time. Maxichong took Weiwei’s mobile phone and set herself as an emergency contact person.

In the evening, Mai Si Chong Yue Mei arrived at the swimming pool slightly. Mei Wei Wei raised her leg in an attempt to increase her heartbeat. The current was very weak. Mai Si Chong asked Mei to be more serious. A few days after the most recent training, the competition will be accepted. There was no response after Maxicong once, and Maxichong pulled Mei Weiwei into his arms, and Mei Weiwei’s heartbeat instantly accelerated to reach Maxichong. Maxicong asked Mei Weiwei to watch his game in a few days.

As a result, Peng Pai also made an appointment with Mei Weiwei at the coffee shop. Weiwei finally agreed to Peng Pai’s birthday party invitation. Weiwei and the others decided to lead the snake out of the cave, and Ding Yilai pretended to be a girl and hid in the women’s toilet. Everyone waited outside until late at night. Finally the pervert caught and twisted to the police.

On the day of the game, Mai Sichong saw Li Daixi and Junjun coming over and asked Mei Weiwei where he had gone. Li Daixi said that Mei Weiwei had left early in the morning, probably to celebrate the birthday of Peng Pai’s senior, and Mai Si Chong was very disappointed after hearing this. The game was ready to start, Max Chong stood on the stage and looked at Li Daixi and the others frequently, hoping that his waiting people would appear, but there was no such thing. The gunshots sounded, and Maxic reacted slowly and took off. The whole process of the game was broadcast live. While waiting for the bus, Mei Weiwei saw the people around him and then watched the live broadcast.

Hearing that Maxic had a problem with the game, he ran back quickly. I met Senior Sister Qiao Qiao at the school gate. Senior Sister asked him if he hadn’t gone to Peng Pai’s birthday party. Wei Wei said that she had a friend who had to come back because of an accident. Senior Qiao Qiao told him that Peng Pai was actually going to confess to Mei Wei Wei today. Max Chong finally won the third place, the worst result ever. Mai Si Chong left in a loss, Xia Ruiding all followed to comfort her. The game was over when Mei Weiwei arrived. Senior Peng Pai received a call from the same city and told him that the gift from Miss Mei Weiwei was delivered immediately.

Mei Weiwei told Peng Pai on WeChat that she had important things to solve, and she was sorry that she couldn’t come over. Mei Weiwei and Maxichong pass by, Weiwei calls her Maxichong but ignores

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