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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 16 Recap

Luo Tianran’s milk tea shop was photographed by a fan of Jin Ze. Later, he overheard Luo Tianran and Jin Xiaoqin talking and learned that the two had separated. It exploded online that Luo Tianran and Jin Zeyi broke up. Lin Che came to the hospital to visit Tiffany, but learned that she had been discharged.

Tiffany asked Luo Tianran to bring ten lunches to the crew, and then told the crew that Luo Tianran was here to visit the crew, and asked them to take these photos. Tiffany told Luo Tianran that he didn’t tell her that she was doing public relations this time, just because she was afraid that she would want to not cooperate. He also said that Luo Tianran didn’t understand that work was very important to Jin Zeyi.

Jin Zeyi wanted Luo Tianran to go home, but she did not agree.

Jin Zeyi arranged the house very romantically, and finally brought Luo Tianran back home. Jin Ze always proposed to Luo Tianran to extend the marriage period, but Luo Tianran directly asked him for a divorce, saying that two people who had no feelings were tied up. Two people will be unhappy after being together for a long time, so it is better to let go and find true love. Jin Zeyi firmly opposed it, but Luo Tianran thought he was playing a childish temper.

Luo Tianran thought of Tiffany hinting to herself that she and Jin Zeyi were a couple, and remembered that Jin Zeyi said that she did not like him. Luo Tianran felt that only by leaving Jin Zeyi, he could find someone he really liked.

Luo Tianran cooked breakfast the next day, but Jin Ze went out without eating. Luo Tianran carefully chooses the ingredients that she can eat for her grandma’s cooking.

Luo Tianran found that the taste of the record store had suddenly risen. It turned out that it was because of a change of boss, and the new boss was Yun Shu. Luo Tianran is happy because he can come here to listen to music for free in the future. Yun Shu sent Luo Tianran home and told her that the producer Xiaosha was back, so she took the time to meet. When Jin Ze, who was sitting in the car waiting for Luo Tianran, saw this scene, he thought that the true love Luo Tianran said before was Yunshu.

As soon as Jin Ze went home, he took the initiative to file for divorce with Luo Tianran. He also said that he didn’t need to continue preparing dishes for his grandma because it was unnecessary. Luo Tianran asked how Jin Zeyi suddenly agreed to a divorce, and Jin Ze said that he felt very boring to go on like this. He said that the house would still be returned to Luo Tianran, and Luo Tianran couldn’t help being surprised.
Luo Tianran brought the moon cakes he made to the Jin Ze family, and they were all very virtuous.

Luo Tianran wanted to pass a piece of moon cake to Jin Zeyi, but he could avoid it. Luo Tianran said that it was the first time he was enjoying the moon with his family. Luo Tianran’s mother told her that they would be a family in the future and would never be separated for the rest of their lives. Everyone would be his strong backing.

Jin Zeyi’s mother put an ancestral bracelet on Luo Tianran’s wrist to show her that she had completely accepted her daughter-in-law, and Luo Tianran ran away crying. Jin Ze went to find Luo Tianran, but found that she was hiding in the bathroom crying.

The next day Luo Tianran found Jin Zeyi’s porridge on the table. Jin Zeyi’s mother envied that she had never drunk his porridge.

Luo Tianran came to the billiards hall to meet with Yun Shu, Xiao Shao said that although he hadn’t seen each other for two months, Yun Shu had been telling himself about Luo Tianran. Luo Tianran said that his style of music is not very mature. Propose that you can teach her. It is the first time for Luo Tianran to formally learn music. Under the guidance of Brother Xiaosha, she has mastered a lot of music knowledge and skills. In this process, Yun Shu has been with her.

Brother Xiaosa is also the producer of Jin Zeyi. Jin Ze has always recommended Luo Tianran’s songs to him, and then she knows that Yunshu has introduced her to Brother Xiaosa. When Luo Tianran and Yun Shu went to the restaurant, Jin Zeyi was at home with a drink to ease his troubles. Tiffany sent Jin Zeyi a photo of the two men’s intimate attitude.

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