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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 15 Recap

Luo Tianran and Jin Ze had a cold war, and they had a foot while walking the dog. As soon as Jin Ze appeared in her imagination, there was no one in reality.

Tiffany vomited blood at a company meeting, and everyone knew that she had been suffering from an upset stomach but did not seek medical attention.

Jin Zeyi and Artai sent Tiffany to the hospital for surgery, and learned that she was too tired to cause acute stomach bleeding. Jin Ze didn’t know until today that Tiffany had been suffering from stomach ulcers, and it was the first time she heard from Artai that she was so seriously ill. Artest told Jin Zeyi that Tiffany had put a lot of hard work on him over the years. For example, this time the big director’s movie was only recommended by Tiffany to let him receive the lead role.

Jin Ze didn’t return all night, and Luo Tianran came together the next morning and found that Jin Zeyi was helping Tiffany porridge. She was a little jealous. Luo Tianran asked about the relationship between Jin Zeyi and Tiffany. Jin Zeyi told Luo Tianran that when the quarrel with his father was the fiercest, when he was most confused, it was Tiffany who gave her confidence, and it was she who allowed herself to persist. Dream of entering the entertainment circle.

Luo Tianran and Jin Zeyi came to the hospital together. Seeing Jin Ze taking care of Tiffany, she couldn’t help feeling a little lonely.

Jin Zeyi found that Luo Tianran was jealous and told her that the relationship between the artist and the agent was more than friends and the lover was not satisfied. He also said that Luo Tianran, an outsider, did not understand. Luo Tianran asked why he went home with an outsider, Jin Zeyi Explain that I mean someone outside of work.

Because he was said to be an outsider, Luo Tianran left Jin Ze alone and left. Yun Shu found her and helped her deal with the sprained ankle. As soon as Jin Ze went back to take care of Tiffany, Tiffany asked about Luo Tianran and saw that Jin Ze didn’t want to say more, so he just reminded him to be nice to Luo Tianran.

Yun Shu brought Luo naturally to a lawn full of luminous “planets”. The two sat on the lawn, drinking beer and chatting under the beautiful night sky. Luo Tianran told Yun Shu that he had always wanted to have a drink and chat in a place like this. Yun Shu pointed to the fireflies in the distance and asked Luo Tianran if he had heard the story of fireflies: There was a little bug, it was neither brilliant nor bright, it was the most ordinary supporting role among thousands of bugs, but one day it Fall in love with a star, that star is bright and unreachable, and they are separated by a distance of 100,000 light-years, but it recognizes this star, because this star illuminates in its childhood For its entire life, it stares at this star almost feverishly every day. In order to be able to stand next to this star, it even learns to shine by itself. It just guards this star quietly, hopefully one day, Get a response from this star.

Luo Tianran said that this little bug would definitely find the star that belonged to it. She pointed at the fireflies, they were flying towards the stars. Jin Xiaoqin heard the gossip between Tiffany and Jin Zeyi at the company, and everyone thought that there must be something between them, so she called and told Luo Tianran.

Luo Tianran went home very late and was still full of alcohol. Jin Ze was very angry when he saw that it was Yun Shuhou who had sent her back. Jin Zeyi accused her of not having a drink with other men at night, but Luo Tianran asked if Jin Zeyi stayed with Tiffany all night, Luo Tianran said that she wanted to go to the sky with Jin Ze and go to each other. Both of them had their own grievances, but neither opened up to explain the misunderstanding.

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