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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 14 Recap

Although his career was not going well, Jin Zeyi was still very happy to feel that Luo Tianran cared about him.

Colleagues in the hospital have found that Yun Shu is often absent-minded recently.

Tiffany had a perfunctory attitude towards cooperation with Ling Xiquan, and asked Ling Xiquan’s former agent if he knew about it. Ling Xiquan didn’t care and said he didn’t need to know.

Everyone in the company rumored that Ling Xiquan would replace Jin Zeyi, and Artest persuaded Jin Zeyi to take the meeting with the director seriously.

Tiffany called Artest. It turned out that she asked Artest to persuade Jin Zeyi. Hearing that Jin Zeyi had no response, Tiffany was disappointed again and asked Artest to bring Jin Zeyi to see him.

Jin Zeyi accused Tiffany of acting with personal feelings. Tiffany said he was not qualified to say that, because he was the one who really delayed work with personal feelings. Tiffany believes that Jin Zeyi, as a mature artist, should treat his work team and himself as an agent reasonably and responsibly. Luo is naturally a huge variable, so Tiffany does not want this variable to continue to exist.

The director finally designated Ling Xiquan as the third male, but the position of male first was still reserved for Jin Zeyi. After hearing the news, Ling Xiquan said angrily: How dare you play me.

It turned out that Jin Zeyi gave Jin Zeyi a holiday to make the director think that he was calming down to study the script, and the suspension of the activity was also to complete the filming first.

Mr. Yang, the former manager of Ling Xiquan, had inquired about his private cooperation with Tiffany and thought he had betrayed the company. Jin Zeyi explained that Tiffany took the initiative to find him, but he has already rejected her.

Luo Tianran learned that Jin Zeyi had been unemployed because he had broken the director’s appointment, and now he blamed himself for being unemployed, but Jin Zeyi scared her by joking.

Jin Zeyi suggested that the two go skiing together. Luo Tianran called to ask Jin Xiaoqin if she wanted to go, but Tiffany heard him.

Jin Ze wrapped up the entire ski resort. Because Luo Tianran didn’t know how to ski, she tried but fell. Luo Tianran directly hugged Jin Zeyi’s leg. Jin Ze finally pulled her up. Started a snowball fight. After that, Jin Zeyi pulled Luo Tianran, who was sitting on the sliding mat, to the highest point of the slide. Luo Tianran slid down the slope, but when Luo Tianran pulled Jin Zeyi, he couldn’t move it. Artest laughed. The two were squatting and having fun this day.

Luo Tianran told Jin Zeyi that he didn’t think he was that annoying anymore recently. Luo Tianran asked about Jin Zeyi’s college days and why he and Yun Shu had such a bad relationship, but Jin Zeyi didn’t want to talk about it at that time. . Luo Tianran guessed: Jin Zeyi had very poor grades at that time, and may often skip classes.

At this time, there appeared a boy who was excellent in character and academics and was as popular with girls as him, and was still his father’s proud pupil, so he secretly agreed with him. Sparsely competed, but every time I was at a disadvantage, I finally got angry and changed my major to sing. Jin Zeyi was very speechless, lamenting that it was a pity that Luo Tianran did not talk about cross talk. Jin Zeyi told Luo Tianran that the truth was that his father had changed his choice. After being forced to study medicine for a year, he dropped out of school and became a trainee. Luo Tianran encouraged him to do the harder things, and to have a more sense of accomplishment when they are really done. Life is to constantly overcome difficulties.

Jin Zeyi took the timid Luo Tianran to go skiing together, and Luo Tianran found that when he learned it, he was extremely happy.

Artest photographed the interaction between the two at the ski resort and sent it to Tiffany. He did not expect that Tiffany would directly take these photos out as Jin Zeyi’s promotion for the ski resort. Luo Tianran misunderstood Jin Zeyi’s hype about the relationship between the two. Jin Ze came to Tiffany, only to find that she was ridiculed by Mr. Shi. Tiffany apologized to Jin Ze and told him that he did not intend to cooperate with Ling Xiquan, and Jin Zeyi chose to believe her.

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