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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 19 Recap

Long Yue pointed at his waist, but was scolded shamelessly by Ju Mu’er. Long Yue wanted to let Ju Muer calm down and said that he could agree to anything, but Ju Muer only asked Long Yue to agree to enter the palace, Long Yue Helpless, had to agree.

Long Teng pleaded with the emperor for the fact that Long Yue entered the palace without authorization to ask the emperor for help. The emperor said that he could understand that Long Yue’s newly married Yaner was reluctant to separate from his wife, but this time Long Yue was able to carry the Queen Mother’s birthday banquet. Next, the emperor did not expect it. . After the emperor left, Long Teng called out Shu Ruochen, who was dressed as a court lady, originally wanting Shu Ruochen to see the emperor’s original appearance.

After Shu Ruochen learned of Long Teng’s thoughts, she returned to Shu’s house in despair. Su Qing, who pretended to be Shu Ruochen on the bed, heard the voice coming back and was overjoyed. Shu Ruochen told her about seeing the emperor when she entered the palace, and then suddenly picked up Long Teng’s clothes, tearfully expressing to Su Qing that she liked Long Teng, Su Qing Can only comfort.

Long Yue and Ju Muer went outside the palace together and helped Ju Muer down from the carriage. Ju Muer was about to go in, but was pulled by Long Yue, and repeatedly asked her to be safe. Ju Muer was extremely moved. Reluctantly bid farewell. Ju Muer knelt outside Li Fei’s palace and apologized to Li Fei. Li Fei personally helped Ju Mu’er up. It turned out that she had been praised by the emperor by playing the piano before, so she was in a very good mood and would not be held accountable.

Long Teng returned to the town office lonely, but was told by his subordinates that someone was looking for him. After entering the room, he found that it was Su Qing. Su Qing held Long Teng’s clothes to inform Shu Ruochen of her disappearance, because she was afraid that Shu Ruochen would seek a short sight, so she came to Long Teng. Hearing this, Long Teng rushed out immediately. He came to the place where the two met for the first time, and found that Shu Ruochen was squatting beside Xiaobai’s grave, heartbroken. Long Teng came up and accused Shu Ruochen, but Shu Ruochen didn’t want to enter the palace. She told Long Teng about her mind completely, which made Long Teng’s mind shaken.

At this time Shu Ruochen rushed over to hug Long Teng, wanting Long Teng to take her to elope, Long Teng hesitated again and again, and cruelly pulled Shu Ruochen away, saying that he could not give Shu Ruochen the future. Heartbroken, Shu Ruochen stepped back towards the lake, looking at Long Teng’s back, slowly falling into the lake, Long Teng heard the sound and hurriedly jumped into the water. Facing Shu Ruochen who wanted to die, Long Teng immediately hugged her, confessed, and the two hugged tightly by the lake.

At the same time, several concubines were talking in the palace. Everyone wanted to see Li Fei’s piano skills and asked her to play a piece in person. Ju Mu’er felt wrong, but saw Li Fei respond with a positive look. Li Fei wanted to behave in front of everyone, but at first she was ridiculed. Ju Muer checked the piano and found that the piano had been manipulated.

Concubine Shu Gui wanted to punish Ju Mu’er for taking this matter. When Li Fei learned that she wanted to stand for Ju Mu’er, she was stopped by Ju Mu’er. Ju Mu’er confidently stated that she could use the piano, and then she stood in front of the concubines. After the song was played, the blood flowed from both hands.

After Ju Mu’er entered the palace, Long Yue waited outside the palace gate, holding a cloak in his hand, so ostentatious that Li Ke broke his eyes. However, Long Yue couldn’t wait for Yun Qingxian to appear suddenly, looking at him and Ju Muer’s affectionate appearance. Just as the two were chatting, Ju Mu’er was unexpectedly walking from the opposite side extremely weakly, Long Yue was shocked in his heart, and directly hugged her back home.

Afterwards, Ju Muer explained the source of the injury, saying that because of the internal force, he rashly used the forbidden technique to correct the disordered piano sound. Although the performance was completed, it was backlashed and eventually damaged the meridians. Long Yue was distressed when he heard that, so angry that he blamed Ju Muer for being stubborn and self-conscious. Ju Muer saw that he was caring about himself, so he didn’t care too much.

Long Teng was going to let Long Fei and Feng Wu help investigate the murder of Hai Gui. Long Fei refused on the grounds that he had Xiao Bao, while Feng Wu said he wanted to listen to Long Fei. Long Fei didn’t understand why Long Teng didn’t send Jin Wu Wei. Long Teng said that Jin Wu Wei was all used to ensure the safety of the Queen Mother’s birthday feast, so he had to ask them for help. Feng Wu heard the voice of a woman in Long Teng’s room, and Long Teng hurriedly moved the two away. It turned out that Shu Ruochen was here.

Shu Ruochen asked Longteng to give himself a time limit and when to take him away. Longteng said that as a courtier and eldest brother, he could not help himself. Shu Ruochen expressed his understanding. Long Teng informs Shu Bo to pick Shu Ruochen home. Shu Bo asks how Long Teng found Shu Ruochen. Shu Ruochen said that the two met only by chance. Long Teng also said that Shu Ruochen might be entering the palace soon, so he was not willing to be free outside the palace and went out to relax.

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