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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 18 Recap

Long Yue entered the Six Arts Square, ridiculing that there were no guests in it, and the owner was not annoyed. At this time, seeing someone sent the gift, Long Yue was very concerned about who wanted to find out who the Six Arts Square was, but the owner kept silent. Yue wanted to negotiate a share with Liuyifang on the ground that the land lease had not been sold. The two bargained and finally the owner agreed to a forty-six share. Long Yue left with satisfaction.

After Long Yue left, the owner felt that time was running out and he wanted to act as soon as possible. He didn’t know what Liuyifang was plotting. Ju Mu’er was about to enter the palace, but was told by Li Fei’s maid that she didn’t need to go. Ju Mu’er wanted to ask Li Fei to leave, but the maid told her to enter the palace and couldn’t help her. Ju Mu’er was helpless.

In the Li Fei Palace, Li Fei looked at the imperial physician with an incredulous expression, and then threatened to put the money into the hands of the imperial physician. Ju Muer happened to come outside Li Fei’s dormitory at this time and wanted to ask Li Fei to leave, but happened to ran into him. Li Fei came out of the room with the imperial physician. Li Fei was guilty, and she confined Ju Muer for unruly, but made Ju Muer more determined to take back the master’s piano.

Feng Wu and Long Fei are discussing each other, but they are told by their subordinates that Ju Sheng is looking for Ju Mu’er. Ju Mu’er is now locked up and not in Long Mansion. Long Fei and Feng Wu lied, but they were seen through by Ju Sheng. When he couldn’t, seeing Long Yue coming in from outside, Long Yue wanted to hide, but was found helpless and had to deceive Jusheng to say that Ju Muer went to the palace to practice piano because of the Queen Mother’s birthday banquet.

Ju Sheng learned that the matter was of great importance and left. Long Yuexian eagerly brought the chicken soup in front of Long Teng, wanting to know about Ju Mu’er’s situation, Kong Teng couldn’t help but tell Long Yue about Ju Mu’er being imprisoned. Long Yue was extremely anxious, worried that Ju Mu’er did not eat or drink. , He took away the chicken soup that Long Teng was about to drink.

Then Long Yue found Hua Yibai and pulled Hua Yibai to save Ju Mu’er. In the confinement room, Ju Mu’er sat on the ground alone and leaning on her knees. At this moment, Ji Yan came to see Ju Mu’er and told Ju Mu’er that she had recommended her to the palace, and she was extremely guilty, but Ju Mu’er I didn’t know Ji Yan’s purpose, she was about to ask, but was hurriedly left by the guards on patrol.

Long Yue and Hua Yibai waited outside the palace until the palace opened at Mao Shi, they hurried in to find Ju Mu’er, and took Ju Mu’er away. The old man was worshipping in front of Ju Mu’er’s mother and saw Ju Mu’er and Long Yue. After arriving, he was extremely surprised, and then Long Yue swore at the tomb of Ju Mu’er’s mother that he would take good care of Ju Mu’er. Ju Sheng thought there was a conflict between the two of them, and Ju Mu’er smiled and said it was okay. After the three returned to their home, the father dug out the deeply buried daughter Hong and drank with them extremely happily. Ju Muer was trying to clarify the truth, but was interrupted by Long Yue.

At night, Long Yue reported the drunk Ju Mu’er to the new house arranged by her father. Ju Mu’er murmured. Ju Mu’er woke up and confided to Long Yue while he was drunk. Ju Mu’er did not want to be involved in the investigation of the master. Let the Long Family and the others be implicated, but Long Yue was not at all afraid. The two looked at each other, and sparks of love popped out. Long Yue slowly approached Ju Mu’er, but Ju Mu’er fell asleep.

Early in the morning, Long Yue looked at Ju Muer’s charming appearance very fondly, and was about to live in Muer, but was kicked out of bed by Ju Muer who suddenly woke up, and hurriedly checked himself and found that he was intact and saw Long Yue, who was kicked out of the bed, called Lianlian in pain, and then lay on the bed for her to massage. Ju Muer’s heart was full of guilt, but she helped Long Yue to press it lightly and lightly, pressing her ass, Ju Muer was shy He ran out of the room, but Long Yue looked at Ju Mu’er who was leaving with affectionate smile.

In Shu Mansion, Wu Jinwei surrounded Shu Mansion densely. Shu Ruochen wanted to go out but was full of difficulties, and then looked at Su Qing strangely. Su Qing knew what Shu Ruochen was thinking. When Long Teng found out, Shu Ruochen looked at Long Teng extremely happily and said that he did not want to enter the palace, and then Long Teng pulled Shu Ruochen to take her to a place.

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