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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 17 Recap

Ju Mu’er is an eccentric spirit, and Hua Yibai was speechless, and then said that after the incident, he would ask the Queen Mother for instructions to give the piano to Ju Mu’er. Ju Mu’er was extremely happy after hearing this. Hua Yibai would Shi Boyin was regarded as the only opponent in his life, but Shi Boyin never told Ju Muer about him. After learning the news from Ju Muer, Hua Yibai walked outside in despair. This was for him. This extremely conceited man was a huge blow.

In the Long Mansion, Long Yue felt Li Ke’s massage with a painful expression, while complaining about the woman in Liuyifang who was like a tigress, spanking his butt in pain. At this time, a voice came, but Long Fei was holding a wooden Bucket knelt on the ground. Long Fei felt wronged. He didn’t know why he was punished by Long Yue. Long Teng came in from the outside and saw Long Fei looking at him pitifully. It was Long Yue who thought it was Long Fei who told Hua Yibai about things.

Ju Muer made Ju Muer angry with him. Long Teng then asked Long Fei to leave. Long Yue couldn’t. He had to listen to Long Teng’s words. Long Teng taught Long Yue a few words, but he was returned back by Long Yue on the grounds that he did not have his wife. Long Teng was speechless, and then said Long Yueji. Sentence, Long Yue still disagrees. Long Yue sat by the window alone, reminiscing about the moments with Ju Mu’er. He couldn’t help but be stunned, with a smile on his mouth.

The next day, Shu Ruochen met Long Teng in the palace. He was full of joy and wanted to say hello to Long Teng. Long Teng looked cold and ignored Shu Ruochen. Shu Ruochen was very wronged. The Xiao Liu on the side also felt extremely abnormal. After he left, Xiao Liu Knowing that Long Teng was doing this deliberately, and asking about the reason, Long Teng kept silent.

In the palace, the emperor is playing chess with the king of Germany. The king of Germany believes that he is not as good as the king of chess, and wants to admit defeat, but he is stopped by the emperor before the end. Suddenly, the elder son refused to accept it, so he wrote a word casually, and the emperor laughed. The King of Germany scolded his son for not being able to live up to his temper. Then the emperor asked how the Long Teng Shou Banquet was going to be held.

Long Yue was chatting with Ding Yanshan. Ding Yanshan learned that Long Yue was receiving the birthday banquet for Ju Muer, and Long Yue never took this thankless thing. Ding Yanshan stomped jealously and looked at the dragon. Leaping away to pick up Ju Muer. After arriving at home, Ju Muer was about to go to the palace, but was stopped by Long Yue and persuaded Ju Muer, but Ju Muer insisted on going there for the master’s qin. In the palace, Shu Ruochen took the opportunity to ask why Long Teng treated her this way, but Long Teng was scrupulous about their identity and did not dare to approach Shu Ruochen.

After Long Teng left, Shu Ruochen was angry at Long Teng’s inaction. The conversation between the two was just overheard by Ju Muer. Shu Ruochen asked Ju Mu’er, and Ju Muer hurriedly said that she hadn’t heard anything. Li Fei was coming out of the palace. , Seeing the two of Ju Mu’er, they were very polite to Ju Mu’er, and seeing Shu Ruochen there, they wanted to show off, but Shu Ruochen ignored them.

Concubine Shu Gui was very satisfied with Shu Ruochen’s embroidery work. Seeing that Shu Ruochen was uneasy, the maid next to him talked about Li Fei, and then she said that she was teaching Li Fei to play the piano in her life. Shu Gui concubine heard Ju Muer’s name, and her face suddenly became rainy . Ju Mu’er taught Li Fei in accordance with her aptitude and used a completely different method to teach Li Fei, so that Li Fei is no longer as ignorant as usual, and Li Fei is extremely happy. Shu Ruochen wanted to see Ju Mu’er through Li Fei, but was blocked by Li Fei, and then Ju Mu’er took the initiative to find Shu Ruochen, and the two were extremely enthusiastic because of the relationship between the Long family.

Long Teng was thinking lonely by the river, Long Yue comforted Long Teng, let Long Teng pluck up the courage, Long Teng had misery. At night, Haigui was almost assassinated by the assassin because the emperor pardoned the world from the death penalty. Yun Qingxian rescued him in time. Haigui immediately said that he would sell his life for Yun Qingxian. After Haigui left, the king of Germany came out from behind. It turned out to be the conspiracy of the two, and the two were embarrassed and wanted to get rid of Ding Sheng. Ding Yanxiang, who was physically and mentally on Yun Qingxian, didn’t know it at all.

In the early morning, Liuyifang announced the opening, so it was so lively, Long Yue came to Longteng and wanted to borrow someone to investigate Liuyifang, but Longteng could not but agree. Wu Jinwei came to the entrance of Liuyifang with great momentum. When everyone saw Wu Jinwei’s arrival, they hurriedly left, and then Longyue came over and wanted to enter Liuyifang, and the owner of Liuyifang readily invited him.

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