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Sparkle Love 心动的瞬间 Episode 4 Recap

Mai Sichong was shocked by Mei Weiwei’s abnormal behavior. Mei Wei pushed away Mai Sichong and prepared to leave, and the lights went out again. Mai Sichong came and asked him what was going on. Mei Weiwei didn’t want to say that Mai Sichong threatened him to tell the school. Mei Weiwei couldn’t hug him to avoid his eyes, and Mai Sichong felt a current stimulus. Holding the body. Mei Weiwei let go of him and explained that she actually generates electricity.

It is because he was electrocuted and staring at herself, so she had the illusion of liking him, but this time was only twenty-four hours, so he would be fine after sleeping. Up. Max Chong was shocked when he heard that, this feeling was too real. Maxicong said that he would have a faster heartbeat when looking at him now. Mei Weiwei said that it was all an illusion and apologized and left.

Mai Sichong ran to the swimming pool for training. Today’s result was only 0.4 seconds worse than his high school peak period. Mai Sichong said that this can only show that his anger value has been subverted. He must be ashamed tomorrow. Ding Yi thinks that Max Chong is very strange. Whether he is happy, sad or angry, he can always lead to training. He suspects that he is a swimming robot. Mai Sichong said it might be. If there was a Flash in reality, would he believe it? Ding Yi said he couldn’t hear it. Mai Sichong was browsing news about the electrified human body at night, and his roommate asked him and did not reply to the news. Mai Sichong felt that he was ashamed. Mai Sichong asked Mei Weiwei to be her 24 hour attendant. Mei Weiwei said, don’t even think about it. They are not familiar.

The next day I ordered a lot of food in the cafeteria Maisi, and then asked Mei Weiwei to pay, saying that she was hungry and needed to recharge, so Mei Weiwei had to admit it. Mai Sichong also said about the shortcomings of breakfast. The electric light gave him a dry mouth and needed a cup of milk tea. Mei Weiwei obediently went to buy it. Mai Sichong asked Mei Weiwei to strip her shrimp, or else the Pikachu theme song, Mei Weiwei had to obedient. Mei Weiwei also wanted to help Mai Si Chong to do a hearing test for college students, but the system could not recognize his voice.

Mai Si Chong said that he was sleepy at noon, and when he was sleepy, it was easy to miss her mouth. Mei Weiwei had to find a way by herself. Li Daixi found it strange to understand that Mei Weiwei had been following Max Chong. She accidentally ran into Ding Yi. Ding Yi called him “Stupid”, saying that she was stupefied, and Li Daixi didn’t want to ignore him and left.

In the evening, Mei Weiwei went back to the dormitory and was revising the PPT to be used in class tomorrow. Yuxin asked him if he did it alone. Weiwei said that she just happened to help with it when she had nothing to do. Yuxin said that she could call him for group work next time. At this time, Wei Wei’s stomach rang. Yuxin said that there was instant noodles on the table to eat. Wei Wei thanked him and mumbled that he blamed Mai Sichong. When Jun Jun heard it, he said a line of Mai Sichong, Yuxin said that you can talk.

The next day in class, Mai Si Chong came and sat behind Wei Wei again. The teacher did not hear the call. Mai Si rushed to nod her, but turned back slightly and said: What are you going to do? Teacher Mei Ling asked him if he wanted this point. Yes, Weiwei and the monitor took the stage to give a speech. Mai Sichong asked about the application of electrotherapy, but Weiwei did not want to answer. Teacher Meiling ended the class. After class, I went to submit the club application form, and the result was that the person in charge was the senior from last time.

The senior said that there was only one place left, so check it out then. Weiwei heard them publicizing that there was a shortage of manpower and offered to help, but everyone directed Weiwei to do things. At this time, the senior came over and ordered Weiwei to do something. Weiwei didn’t want to do it, so the senior threw away his club application. At this time, Max rushed over to help out.

Weiwei told Mai Sichong that he couldn’t work in the rehabilitation department because of his special physique and had lost many friends. In the evening, Mai Sichong asked Mei Wei to power herself, but Mei Weiwei refused.

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