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Sparkle Love 心动的瞬间 Episode 3 Recap

Li Daixi stayed in the water and pretended to be drowning, Mei Weiwei took the opportunity to call Mai Sichong. As a result, Mai Sichong’s conditioned reflex dragged Mei Weiwei into the water together. The entire pool was charged with a slight electric current, and Mei Weiwei accidentally kissed Mai Sichong. Ding Yi saw someone drowning and quickly came to rescue Li Daixi, but Li Daixi was also electrocuted to fall in love with Ding Yi. Mai Sichong and Mei Weiwei got up from the water. Mai Sichong asked Mei Weiwei what he was going to do, but it was a girl’s voice. The screaming of the girl echoed in the swimming pool.

The next day Mai Sichong hid in the dormitory, and Ding bought all the medicines for throat treatment on the market, but Mai Sichong still did not return to normal. Mai Sichong is going to find Mei Weiwei to solve the problem. Mei Weiwei wants to laugh as soon as she hears Mai Sichong’s voice. In order to compensate for Mai Sichong, Mei Weiwei promised to take care of Maxicong for a day, but she can’t talk to herself. Going back to class with a smile.

In the canteen, Mei slightly prepared the food for Maxichong and sat down, and Li Daixi came over with the plate. Ding Yi immediately sat beside her. Li Daixi greeted Ding Yi’s diet with concern, and finally shook her head sober. Li Daixi saw Mai Sichong looking at Mei Weiwei affectionately, and realized that there was another problem this time, and left angrily. Mei Weiwei chased after him and ran into Peng Pai. Max urged Ding Yi to change his dishes, only to find that his voice improved. Ding Yi told him not to tell Mei Weiwei first, or others would ignore him even more. Mai Sichong also chased out to find Mei Weiwei, who hid behind Peng Pai and avoided Mei Weiwei. Mei Weiwei didn’t want to communicate with Peng Pai too much, so she turned and left and returned to the dormitory.

Li Daisy was packing her luggage and said that someone didn’t care about his friend anyway. Mei slightly wanted to explain to him, but Li Daixi was angry and said some excessive words, but Li Daixi couldn’t put her down to apologize and left with the suitcase. As soon as Li Daixi left, Mai Sichong called Mei Weiwei and said that he would take good care of her for a day, and why he slipped halfway now. Mei Weiwei took him to the library. The monitor was studying the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic. Mei Weiwei asked the monitor if there was any good way to get credits quickly. The monitor told the founding club. It just so happened that the squad leader now has an idea to start a massage club. If Mei Weiwei joins them, she can go one step further from success. Mei Weiwei was very happy to ask how many people she has now. The squad leader said that they are two. Mei nodded slightly and agreed, but still needed to understand the needs of the students. After hearing this, Mak Si Chong offered to help.

Mei Weiwei heard that Mai Sichong’s voice had returned to normal, and the atmosphere was that Mai Sichong was playing with herself again. However, Mai Sichong still followed Mei Weiwei to do research among his classmates. In the evening, Mai Si was downcast, and Ding Yi arranged a ceremonial confession for her when Ding Yi found out. Mai Sichong hand-painted a map to Mei Weiwei and asked him to find herself at night, but Mei Weiwei had to agree. On the way, because she didn’t know the specific location, Mei Weiwei was studying carefully. Peng Pai and others saw him at a dinner party, and Peng Pai warmly invited him to dinner. The photo was posted to the forum again, and Mai Si rushed to find Mei Weiwei and pulled her away from the dinner table.

Mai Sichong pulled Mei Weiwei to the set-up site. When Bidongmei Weiwei’s heart beat, Mei Weiwei’s heartbeat accelerated and touched the light. As a result, the lights in the entire square turned on, and Maxicong was shocked.

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