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Psychic Princess S2 通灵妃 第二季 Episode 39

Ye Youming carefully put on a bracelet for Qian Yunxi. This bracelet and Qian Yunxi complement each other surprisingly. Fai Wei kept praising the benefits of this bracelet and explained in detail the materials and craftsmanship used in the necklace. A small bracelet, but it took more than a dozen skilled craftsmen to make it over a few months. When I heard this, Qian Yunxi had to take it off. I just saw that it was valuable, but I didn’t expect it to be so expensive.

Seeing Qian Yunxi about to take off the bracelet, Ye Youming became anxious, and ordered Qian Yunxi to wear it, but it didn’t explain why she should wear it. Qian Yunxi think about it and forget it, find a reason to stop asking, Qian Yunxi blurted out because wearing this bracelet affected her to fight. Upon hearing this, Ye Youming couldn’t help sighing. She didn’t know who this girl wanted to fight with, she didn’t look like a pretty lady every day.

Qian Yunxi implied that Ye Youming was fighting against Ye Youming. Fai Wei saw the hint and couldn’t help but smile. Ye Youming gave a dry cough. Righteously said that Tang Tang Ye Wang concubine did not even have a decent jewelry. Lost the face of the palace. Qian Yunxi thought that a prince who let the princess live in Qingyou Pavilion was not qualified to say such things.

Fei Wei couldn’t stand it anymore, and persuaded Qian Yunxi to wear a bracelet. Don’t waste the prince’s heart, because the cloud pattern above was designed by the prince himself. As soon as Qian Yunxi heard that Ye Youming personally designed the sweetness in her heart, she accepted the bracelet on the spot.

After going out, Qian Yunxi was still immersed in happiness, and offered to give Ye Youming a gift. Although Ye Youming did not expect to receive any decent gifts, he was still full of Qian Yunxi’s gifts. look forward to.

Just as Qian Yunxi and Ye Youming were about to go back, they suddenly shot a cold arrow from the dark, approaching Qian Yunxi, and Ye Youming pushed Qian Yunxi away, and a cold arrow passed through between the two.

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