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Oh! My Sweet Liar! 偷心画师 Episode 3 Recap

Xiong Xiruo came to the study to wait on Li Hongbin and poured water for him. Li Hongbin stared at Xiong Xiruo who was blowing cold tea for himself. If Xiong Xi didn’t know what to do,he would talk less anddo more in response to Ah Chun ‘s words, but he still made a mistake and made Li Hongbin angry. Xiong Xiruo still didn’t give up his thoughts of trying to escape secretly, and continued to work hard for it. He happened to meet Li Hongbin again on the escape, and was once again cleverly lied by Xiruo Xiong and warned by Li Hongbin.

Li Hongbin went to the art gallery to pick up Li Hongyu home at the request of Li’s father . The two brothers were arguing about inheriting the family business and pushed them back and forth. Li Hongyu confessed that he would die and would not go home. Li Hongbin set fire to the house. This brought Li Hongyu back. Li Mansion. The brothers obeyed the rebuke of their father and uncle. Father Li asked Li Hongbin to be optimistic about Li Hongyu not to run away again.

Xiong Xiruo saw Li Hongyu in the Li Mansion. He didn’t know that Li Hongyu was the second son of Li Mansion. He thought that Li Hongyu was also captured by Li Hongbin. He was going to save him. He blew a drug to the guard at the door and was guarded after dozens of noises. It was discovered that when the guards were about to press her to meet the eldest son Li Hongbin, the guards fainted. Xiong Xiruo dropped the knife in the guard’s hand and entered Guan Li Hongyu’s room. He described Li Hongyu’s terrifying Li Mansion and Li Hongbin’s terrible, dancing and dancing. With the pen, the words are lifelike, Li Hongyu was playful in his heart, and did not say his true identity. The two agreed to escape together.

With the help of Li Hongyu, Xiong Xiruo escaped from the house, but met the killer A Shuang. Shuang blamed Xiong Xiruo for missing the handover time. Xiong Xiruo stated that he was beaten by Li Hongbin for painting and had not gotten out of bed for a month. The paintings A Shuang and Xiong Xiruo said were not the same. The sword forced Xiong Xiruo, threatened Xiruo Xiong to expose her identity as Huanxixian without getting the painting she wanted, and killed her mother and the sisters in the art gallery. Xiong Xiruo had no choice but to respond and return to Li Mansion.

When Xiong Xiruo returned to Li Mansion, she encountered the scene where Li Mansion caught the spies. Witnessing the murder scene made her feel even more afraid of Li Hongbin, the Great Demon King. She suffered from the threat of A Shuang and could not escape. She trembled and followed Li Hongbin back to the study to wait. He secretly made up his mind to finish the painting as soon as possible and ran away. He accidentally wetted Li Hongbin’s important drawings when he poured tea to Li Hongbin, so he agreed to draw a new one. Li Hongbin was skeptical, but didn’t know that Xiong Xiruo was a happy immortal, who had never seen it.

The skill of forgetting, successfully drew the drawings. Xiong Xiruo turned to Li Hongbin to inquire about the residence of the second son of the Li Mansion. He wanted to go and have a look, but was rejected by Li Hongbin, but he had an idea in his heart. The design said that the man sent by the older son to deliver the food deceived the guard at the door and entered the second son’s room. Here, it was discovered that the man in white clothes rescued yesterday was the second son of Li Mansion, Li Hongyu. Out of admiration for the painter Li Hongyu, I couldn’t help but say some words of admiration and wanted to worship Li Hongyu as his master.

Li’s father and Li’s mother look for daughters-in-law for the two sons, and worry about the marriage with the Song family. Xiong Xiruo confided that he was unwell and did not go to Li Hongbin to report and wait. Xiong Xiruo secretly fantasized about Li Hongyu in the room, but was interrupted by Li Hongbin who came to visit. Li Hongbin saw the shadow of Huanxixian in Xiong Xiruo, and Xiong Xiruo was surprised. .

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