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Oh! My Sweet Liar! 偷心画师 Episode 2 Recap

Xiruo Xiong pretends to be Xiaosi to take a shower, but he ran into Li Hongbin . The two were shocked. Li Hongbin did not recognize Xiruo Xiong, so he only blamed Xiruo Xiong for making a fuss. Xiruo took the opportunity to ask Auntie in charge to replace him. When he was about to leave, Thinking that since it’s all here, it’s better to understand the body structure of the Great Demon King, draw him down, then turn back and observe secretly, Xiong Xiruo recognized that Li Hongbin was the one who wanted to arrest him, and Li Hongbin also saw Xiong Xiruo familiar with him at this time.

I couldn’t remember for a while, grabbed Xiong Xiruo’s hand, so Xiong Xiruo couldn’t run away, but he was accidentally pulled into the pool by Li Hongbin. Xiong Xiruo was worried about being recognized, so he took a chance to release the drug to Li Hongbin. Li Hongbin was stunned. Xiruo took the opportunity to punch and kick Li Hongbin. Li Hongbin didn’t realize it. After the fight, he took off Li Hongbin’s clothes and observed. He took the opportunity to paint his body again. After finishing the painting, Li Hongbin was a little sober, so Xiong Xiruo decided to add some materials, but accidentally inhaled it by himself, so he fell asleep with Li Hongbin.

Father Li was laughing with the picture book of the Li Mansion scandal. Mother Li came and was puzzled. Father Li comforted Mother Li and said that he had sent the eldest son to apprehend and will be punished severely. Mother Li said that he did not need to be severely punished, just reminding him to beat him. Father Li said that he would let Huanxixian draw more pictures of Yunyao people living and working in peace, and print them out to make money. Li’s mother was not happy to say that Li’s father should be the city lord and not the accountant. The two had a dispute over money. Father Li Coax Li’s mother.

Xiong Xiruo woke up before Li Hongbin, and was trying to leave. At this time, Li Hongbin woke up and found that a flying knife blocked Xiong Xiruo. Xiruo took a breath. Li Hongbin recalled that he had met with short sleeves, so Xiong Xiruo was far away from him and was embarrassed. He ordered Xiong Xiruo to play the 20th board, but Xiong Xiruo failed to plead.

After being beaten, Xiong Xiruo was lying in bed for more than a month. She was distressed about why the joint person hadn’t come. He took the painting and decided to stop. He was carrying a ladder and wanted to escape over the wall. He happened to be discovered by Li Hongbin. Xiong Xiruo fell off the wall and was arrested. Go, I was found the paintings on the waist, Li Hongbin was annoyed to shoot Xiong Xiruo with a stick, Xiong Xiruo could only show his daughter out in a hurry, and lied about Li Hongbin’s child. Li Hongbin was shocked, but he did not deny it either. He decided to ask a doctor to check.

Xiong Xiruo thought he was done, but the doctor who came was Ye Zhihan . Xiong Xiruo knew Ye Zhihan. With Ye Zhihan’s help, Xiong Xiruo was relieved of his life worry, but he also faced great difficulties. Li Hongbin insisted on being responsible for letting Xiong Xiruo give birth to the child in Li Mansion. When Li Hongbin was looking for a trainee in the Li Mansion, he ordered his subordinates to find out the identity of Xiong Xiruo and conceal the news to take care of Xiong Xiruo’s diet and daily life.

The mysterious killer organization is still figuring out how to steal the four Arhats of the Li Mansion and how to kill Li Hongbin. Xiong Xiruo was looking for a way to escape in the room, and when someone came to see Ye Zhihan from the illness, he asked Ye Zhihan for help, and got a larger activity area.

In a dream, Xiong Xiruo dreamed of being pregnant by A-niang and the elder sisters in the Yiguan, who was about to be beaten, waking up from a nightmare. After waking up, he was told to be Li Hongbin’s personal boyfriend. After being verbally educated by Li Hongbin’s men, he bit the bullet and went to the study to wait for Li Hongbin.

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