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Oh! My Sweet Liar! 偷心画师 Episode 1 Recap

When Xiong Xiruo was painting in a restaurant, he happened to see a beautiful man painting all over the paper. He stamped the seal of Huanxixian after sending the nympho, and sold it out, causing many people to wonder whether it was the original Huanxixian. After Xiong Xiruo’s introduction, he said that he had sold the painting for ten taels. Everyone sighed. A kid who sold the painting revealed that Xiong Xiruo’s painting had just been painted. Everyone said it was not worth ten taels.

At this time, the beautiful man in the painting came and it was the son of the Li family. , Li Hongyu , said it was worth two thousand two hundred, said Xiong Xi if the value eighty-two painting techniques, Seoul painting their faces blessing this value is two thousand two hundred silver, and promised to buy, when invited to return home with the bear if Hee money, The chase came, and Li Hongyu ran away. Xiong Xiruo learned that it was Li Mansion and didn’t know Li Hongyu’s true identity, and escaped for fear of being implicated. This was the first time that the two met.

Father Li set up music to welcome the eldest son home in the mansion and asked him what reward he would get when he returned from the palace. When he said that he received the sword given by the holy to the sword worn by the general, his expression changed. Said that there are other rewards. The eldest son Li Hongbin wanted to kill the enemy on the battlefield, while Li’s father wanted to keep Li Hongbin to inherit the title. The eldest son rejected the second son Li Hongyu. Li’s father thought that Li Hongyu was not suitable and the negotiation was not harmonious. At this time, Li Hongbin asked Li Hongbin to catch the painter Huanxixian who fabricated the Li Mansion scandal. Li Hongbin thought it would be fine, but Li’s father insisted on cleaning up the scandal and ordered Li Hongbin to get Huanxixian before the turmoil was settled before he could return to the army. Li Hongbin Had to agree.

Xiong Xiruo returned to the art hall and was scolded by his mother for not going home. He jokingly told his mother that he was going to make money, but he didn’t make money. Just when he was about to be scolded, the art hall’s top card came and took him away from the table. Xiong Xiruo couldn’t get away with the soup, but she didn’t expect her mother to scold her but also kept the soup. She drank it. Her mother was also the old bustard of the art museum and asked Xiong Xiruo to draw the sisters in the art museum more beautifully to attract guests. From being chased by his mother with a feather duster.

After comparing the anamorphic work obtained today with the painting book of Li’s father scandal, Li Hongyu found that if Xiong Xi was a happy fairy, he found it very interesting. Li Hongbin was also worrying about the painting book for the purpose of capturing Huanxixian. He even knew the contents of the painting book when he received it. Li Hongbin was surprised and decided to pay a lot of money to reward the original Huanxixian and found clues since then. At this time, the assassin was found in the mansion, and Li Hongbin caught the fight, and told him that there was an assassin, so as not to speak out, so as not to cause confusion.

The mysterious assassination agency decided to assassinate Li Hongbin. The mysterious man wanted to find the four Arhats, but it was not that easy.

Xiong Xiruo disguised herself as a man, and found that he was offering a huge reward for the painting of Huanxixian, so she went to a large academy to be invited. Unexpectedly, many people pretended to be Huanxixian, so Li Hongbin asked everyone to paint to prove that there was a riot while painting, and the invitees were mixed with enemies. Fang Ren, after another fight, was subdued by Li Hongbin’s people, and killed himself by taking poison. Xiong Xiruo took advantage of the chaos and ran out. Li Hongbin picked up the seal and seized him. Xiong Xiruo was taken away. Xiruo used his cleverness to escape in a thrilling manner. Li Hongbin ordered a search.

When Xiong Xiruo was worrying about how she became the arrested prisoner, she ran into A Shuang from the former art museum, but she didn’t know that she was a killer now, and she agreed to cooperate with her.

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