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Monochrome rumors

Monochrome rumors
Other names: 모노크롬 루머
Author(s): Chivalry
Genres: Bl, romance
Release: 2020
Status: Ongoing
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The main story and the photobook are for all ages, and the booklet is for people over 19 years old. Please refer to use.

Commonly known as yes (pretty trash). I was possessed by the body of an idol who knows nothing but money and has no answer to rumors that he abandoned the sponsors who had a few legs in a messy relationship , and members who had been with them for two years and transferred to a large agency . I thought I was completely under a fraudulent contract, but in reality , rather than trash , it is a story of revenge by being mad at the reality of the owner’s dog, who was filming a tearful human theater .

This is good, but people around you who are being trained unintentionally.
Pessimism and Koolna in an optimistic mask come to
this point, but depending on the situation, they are friendly and
sometimes naive on such subjects.

Only you don’t know the surroundings that are becoming more and more harems.

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