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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 9 Recap

Grandma dislikes her grandson-in-law Luo Tianran and wants to teach her to become a qualified wife.

Ling Xiquan and Jin Ze are both very popular celebrities, but they don’t want to meet Jin Zeyi, thinking that he is an entertainer who has little strength and depends on hype to maintain his popularity.

Tiffany drank a lot of alcohol for entertainment, and the driver he found was Lin Che.

Tiffany arranged another reality show for Jin Zeyi, but Jin Zeyi was very tired of the company’s practice of not allowing himself to focus on music, but like doing other operations.

Luo Tianran and Jin Zeyi went to visit their grandma at Jin’s house. Grandma showed dissatisfaction with her granddaughter’s off-shoulder dress from the beginning, and because Luo Tianran came empty-handed, she felt that she did not understand the etiquette of treating elders. She offered to teach her how to be a qualified wife, and also took out a long list of timetables. In order not to be tortured by grandma, Luo Tianran said that he actually had a gift, so he performed a nursery rhyme for grandma. Luo Tianran was content to think that he was doing well, but the other two felt very embarrassed. Grandma asked Luo Tianran to change her clothes, and said that she would start to teach her today.

Luo Tianran learned how to call the goose when feeding the geese. Jin Zeyi teased that she played well with her peers. Luo Tianran accused Jin Zeyi of forgetting to prepare gifts for himself and threw him all the errands of feeding the geese.

Because grandma thinks that earthen stoves are good for cooking, Luo Tianran prepares to burn wood, but Luo Tianran thinks that she can’t even control the size of the fire, and the dishes will definitely be mushy by then. Luo Tianran called her grandma and told her that Jin Zeyi was going to make fish soup by herself. Grandma was relieved to hear that her grandson was becoming more and more filial, so she asked Luo Tianran to give Jin Zeyi a chance to perform.

After that, grandma taught Luo Tianran to plant flowers again. Luo Tianran was busy working in the field and finally finished learning. Luo Tianran asked what kind of flower grandma had just planted, but grandma secretly didn’t tell her, saying that the joy of planting flowers lies in waiting Looking forward to blooming.

The flowers in the courtyard are all planted by grandma. When grandma speaks of gypsophila, the flower language is happiness and miss. Grandma mentioned that the baby’s breath is her favorite flower since she was a child, and it is also the love flower that Grandpa Jin Zeyi often gave to herself: At that time, when Grandpa Jin Zeyi chased his grandma, he relied on this pot of empty soil. Grandma was curious about the president. What happened, the two had a lot to talk about, and then slowly grandma began to look forward to their common future. Grandma took the flower she just planted to Luo Tianran and told her to wait for the flower she planted to bloom, then report to herself, and then she would tell her the reason for sending the potted flower.

In order not to let his own mistake raise the pot of flowers sent by grandma, Luo Tianran began to study the knowledge of planting flowers. As soon as Jin Ze talked coldly, Luo Tianran went to see the “fish soup” he made and found that the live fish were still swimming in the pot.

Lin Che was very happy to hear that Tiffany had eaten the breakfast he had given him.

In the end, Yuluo boiled the fish soup. The unsuspecting grandmother praised Jin Zeyi: you can get through with one point, and you will learn as soon as you learn. Luo Tianran told her grandma to stop eating fish and taste the dishes she made, but her grandmother disliked that it was made by someone who was not good at cooking. After two bites, each of them could be picked out. Luo Tianran sighed that grandma was tinged. Looking at people through glasses, Luo Tianran told her grandma the truth, but her face was ugly when she heard that she was accidentally stuck by a fishbone.

The two took the fainted grandma to the hospital. Grandma was actually pretending to be dizzy. She was sitting up secretly from the hospital bed and eating the fish soup she brought. Luo Tianran pushed the door in and saw that the grandma was embarrassed. Luo Tianran simply said that the fish was For takeaways, grandma started eating with peace of mind. Later, grandma was picky about Luo Tianran, his grandson-in-law, and Luo Tianran cried, indicating that he had worked very hard to please her, why grandma still didn’t like herself, grandma couldn’t see the little girl crying, and comforted her to sing a nursery rhyme.

Luo Tianran saw Yun Shu in the hospital, and Yun Shu was scratched on his arm by a patient who was troubled by the medical treatment. When stitching up the wound, Luo Tianran put on headphones and listened to music to divert his attention. Yun Shu remembered that a little girl drove away her bullying child when she was a child, and comforted herself that she was not a freak. Everyone is an independent existence. Put on a pair of headphones for him, and the young two smiled at each other.

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