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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 8 Recap

Yun Shu took Luo Tian to the Horse Museum. There were all kinds of novelties: rare horses, carriages, and cultural relics of unearthed horses from all over the world. While strolling around, Yun Shu also introduced him. Luo Tianran felt that he was very knowledgeable and talented.

After that, Yun Shu took Luo Tianran to the lavender field so that she could listen to the sounds of nature quietly. Yun Shu said that when he saw Luo Tianran, he thought of a person: she loves music as much as Luo Tianran, and is simple, cute and warm-hearted. When she was a child, she helped herself cheer up when she was most helpless.

Sa Sa was still catching Jin Zeyi’s attention and asked him to go to the concert. Jin Zeyi told her directly that she was married.

Jin Zeyi reminded Luo Tianran that a contractual marriage was also a marriage, and said that if it was revealed that the marriage relationship between the two was false, Luo Tianran would not want a house.

In order to prevent Luo Tianran from going out, Jin Zeyi assigned her a task, saying that before he came back, he would see that a table of food had been set up. Jin Zeyi came to the Jin Xiaoqin milk tea shop where Luo Tianran was going to help with suspicion, and learned that Jin Xiaoqin was using this excuse to celebrate Luo Tianran’s birthday, but he was almost disturbed by himself. So Jin Ze called Luo Tianran and lied to her that Jin Xiaoqin would have to work on the shop when she was ill, and asked her to go there and help. Later, it was said that the illness had escaped the fitness class, and he was ready to give Luo Tianran a surprise.

Jin Zeyi bought the most expensive retro Polaroid camera as a birthday gift.

Luo Tianran received a call from Yun Shu, saying that there was a producer who wanted to see her. Luo Tianran, who was planning to go to Jin Xiaoqin’s for an appointment, turned around to see the producer.

After Jin Zeyi prepared the gift carefully, he practiced in the mirror several times.

The producer Yun Shu introduced is the handsome brother who runs a bridal shop. He has always been one of Luo Tianran’s favorite idols. Brother Xiaosha was the first producer to appreciate Luo Tianran. He felt that there was a special place in Luo Tianran’s songs, which was a kind of clean and clear feeling that a child hummed.

Luo Tianran never came to the milk tea shop. Lin Che said she told herself that she had an important date.

Jin Xiaoqin is a little inexplicable. Since Jin Zeyi is here, who is she dating, and even came up with the word affair, Jin Xiaoqin told Jin Zeyi that Luo Tianran would go to the amusement park at this time of the year, but she used to go with herself. This year was different, so Luo Tianran went to the amusement park to find her. Jin Ze drove to the amusement park as soon as he heard it. Although he dressed up in disguise, he was recognized by fans.

Tiffany was very anxious to find that Jin Zeyi was missing again. He came to the milk tea shop to find him. Lin Che was very surprised when he saw her. He took out the new ice cream and wanted Tiffany to taste it, but Tiffany who hurriedly didn’t notice it and knocked off the ice cream. on the ground.

With lessons learned, after escaping from the fans, Jin Ze took off his hat and pulled out a dirty braided wig, lamenting that he shouldn’t be found again this time. In the end, he did not escape the glaring eyes of the fans, and was recognized again and again, and the crowd slowly gathered around him. In the end, Jin Zeyi was panting after being chased by a terrible fan base. After Jin Ze was exhausted, he still could not find Luo Tianran.

Luo Tianran was a little flattered when he learned that Jin Zeyi had spent a day trying to disguise himself to go to the amusement park. After that, Jin Zeyi took Luo Tianran to the skating rink, but Luo Tianran could not skate. Although Jin Zeyi made fun of him, he bent down and reached out. She pulled up and told her to teach her well, Jin Ze led her to skate together, and finally said the long-prepared “Happy Birthday”.

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