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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 7 Recap

Jin Ze rushed to the restaurant as soon as he finished socializing. At that time, the restaurant was closed. Luo Tianran found him full of alcohol and complained that he had made an appointment with him. Not only did he not go to the appointment, but he also used work as an excuse to drink. Jin Zeyi told her to herself I thought it was work, but later found out that Tiffany had arranged for himself a social gathering. Luo Tianran felt that he was deliberately fooling himself by letting himself wait but not answering the text messages. Jin Ze said in a rage that the two were not really married, and she asked too much.

The next day Jin Zeyi discovered that the breakfast in the refrigerator was made last night, and Luo Tianran told her to use the common area of ​​the villa separately from him to avoid unnecessary encounters.

Luo Tianran went to the record store to select, and met Yun Shu, who had the same hobbies. The two even had the same favorite singers, and they had similar views on songs, and both had a feeling of meeting friends. Luo Tianran put the earphones on Yun Shu’s head and asked him if it sounds good, but Yun Shu was stunned for a while before reacting. Yun Shu ceded the album he had reserved to Luo Tianran. In order to thank him, Luo Tianran invited him to dinner.

They talked very happily, but ran into Jin Zeyi in the restaurant, who turned out to be the owner of this restaurant. He deliberately held Luo Tianran’s hand in front of Yun Shu to declare his sovereignty, and pretended to be very close to Luo Tianran, even ordering desserts for her. When Luo Tianran mentioned that Yunshu was very handsome when he rescued patients that day, Jin Zeyi said that he had also learned this basic first aid knowledge, showing that he was not inferior to Yunshu. Luo Tianran learned that Jin Zeyi also studied medicine before. In the middle of the journey, Jin Zeyi went to the bathroom to observe his appearance today, and felt that he was as handsome as ever, without blind spots. He didn’t understand that Luo Tianran, who had no vision, would think Yun Shu was handsome.

In order to prevent the two from continuing to contact, Jin Zeyi pretended that something urgent happened in the writer. Luo Tianran asked what was the matter. Jin Ze made up a story about her grandma’s health. Luo Tianran quickly put down the tableware in his hand and grabbed the bag and went with him. He set off together.

Jin Zeyi asked how Luo Tianran and Yun Shu met. Luo Tianran said that the two met on the bus. Jin Zeyi blamed her for being a girl who was too unaware of safety. Luo Tianran refuted that she and Jin Zeyi still I met in a taxi. Jin Zeyi asked her if she would have this attitude when talking to Yun Shu, Luo Tianran said: Yun Shu is smart, gentle, high emotional intelligence, thoughtful and considerate, and Jin Zeyi is two extremes. Luo Tianran talked about the grandma’s accident, how could he not hurry, Jin Ze picked up Artai’s phone call and pretended to be grandma to tell him that it was OK. Luo Tianran was not fooled, insisting that since grandma is sick, she should accompany the elderly anyway.

The two went to visit her grandma, but her grandma was unknown, but Luo Tianran felt that her grandma insisted on not admitting that she was sick because she was already very ill and did not want to make her family sad. She even cried with sadness. Grandma was cursed for no reason and was very angry. After finally explaining it clearly, Luo Tianran hurriedly apologized to grandma.

Lin Che fell while cleaning the shop, and Tiffany seemed to appear with a ray of light. After pulling him up, he teased him that this little friend couldn’t even hold the umbrella. Tiffany came to tell Lin Che that he wouldn’t have to deliver breakfast every day, but Lin Che said that skipping breakfast is not good for his health. He also said that even if the money was paid, he still wanted to continue to give Tiffany breakfast.

Jin Zeyi found out that the clerk who came to the company to deliver the meal was Luo Tianran and asked her to quit her job. Luo Tianran said that no one is the same as him. He has no worries about food and clothing and is sought after by thousands of people. Although he also has music dreams, he obviously It is impossible to be as smooth sailing as him, but to bow to reality.

Jin Zeyi quietly came to the restaurant where Luo Tianran worked, took off his sunglasses and mask, not hesitating his image of a big star, and said that he would come to do the same work experience with her, and then get along with a table of children and take care of their party and dinner. In order to make the children happy, they also played games with them. In the game, Jin Ze grabbed Luo Tianran and hugged them together. The children booed and said “shame face”.

Sasha met someone who pursued her, who was also a famous star named Ling Xiquan.

When Tiffany saw the photos of the two being secretly taken in the western restaurant, he called Artest who was in charge of following them and scolded him.

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