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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 12 Recap

Jin Ze always apologized to Luo Tianran, but Luo Tianran felt more guilty to him, saying: He deliberately approached and seduce him for the house and forced him to sign the contract. Confused, Jin Ze asked Luo Tianran who told her. Luo Tianran said that this is the only situation that he thinks about. After all, Jin Ze is so good to him, and he is still a big star. What does he want to do? Luo Tianran took out the ring and asked if it was also given by Jin Zeyi. Jin Zeyi could only nod her head to admit it, and she was even more sure.

Jin Xiaoqin is considering how to get Luo Tianran and Jin Zeyi to cooperate with the investors. After that, Jin Xiaoqin came to Luo Tianran’s home and lied that her boyfriend was going to take him to see his parents, and let Luo Tianran help him hold the place. Later, he coaxed Luo Tianran not to tell Jin Zeyi the truth, but said that Luo Tianran was in a hurry and asked Jin Ze to come and help.

At this time Jin Zeyi was preparing for the concert rehearsal, and all the staff were ready, just waiting for the official start, but when he received a call from Luo Tianran, Jin Zeyi ignored Artest’s obstruction and returned home.

When Jin Ze got home, he was very angry when he learned that Luo Tianran had lied for Jin Xiaoqin to call him back. Although Jin Zeyi said that he would not help Jin Xiaoqin with anything, he and Luo Tianran went to the place Jin Xiaoqin said. At this time, Tiffany called Luo Tianran and told her that Jin Zeyi needed a rehearsal, but Jin Zeyi had no plans. go back.

The two finally arrived at the agreed place, only to find that it was full of WeChat agent partners. As Jin Zeyi said, Jin Xiaoqin did not speak the truth. Those micro-businessmen took out their mobile phones and took photos randomly, and Luo Tianran pulled Jin Ze out of the siege.

Jin Zeyi told Luo Tianran that if this matter were put on the Internet, he would become a superstar who would not hesitate to act as a WeChat agent to collect money, which would have a very negative influence on public opinion. Luo Tianran thought it was his responsibility, so he went back there and asked the WeChat business to delete the photos. Those people were unwilling, and Luo Tianran took out the water pipe to wet their phone directly.

When Jin Ze returned to the concert venue, the staff was already vacant. Only Tiffany was waiting for him. Tiffany taught: Obviously you asked for a freely controlled concert. It was hard to wait for the opportunity, but now it is This attitude.

Although the WeChat business incident was still exploded on the Internet, it did not add fuel and vinegar. Instead, Luo Tianran’s domineering husband received unanimous praise from netizens, and this was the credit of the public relations team that Tiffany sought.

When Jin Ze and Luo Tianran came to the place where the two met for the first time, Luo Tianran thought of many details. She threw away Jin Zeyi’s hand and left alone.

After returning home, Luo Tianran and Jin Ze were arguing with each other on the roof. At this moment, Artest brought the wedding photo, but neither of them wanted to see the worrying photo, so they asked to put it in each other’s room. The two decided by guessing that although Luo Tianran lost, the wedding photo was put into the living room.

Luo Tianran met Yunshu again at the record store, and Luo Tianran apologized to Yunshu, saying that he had remembered that they were best friends.

Jin Xiaoqin discovered the contracted marriage contract at Luo Tianran’s home and threatened Jin Zeyi with it. Luo Tianran hurried home after receiving a call from Jin Ze, but she forgot to leave the bag at the record store. Jin Xiaoqin asked the two to help her propaganda, and even wanted to write off the money she owed Luo Tianran. While the three were still negotiating, Yun Shu, who came back to the package, heard about the contract marriage.

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