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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 11 Recap

Lin Che looked at Tiffany’s very depressed mood, and suspected that she actually had a good impression of Jin Zeyi, but she had never shown it. In order to cheer her up, Lin Che took out the milk tea straws and asked Tiffany to draw lots, telling her to go home to watch. After returning home, Tiffany opened the lottery paper in the milk tea straws and found that the sign said: Don’t be unhappy today, love yourself. .

Lin Che imitated Jin Zeyi’s dress on the poster to buy clothes, but the clerk said it was not suitable for him.

Luo Tianran and Jin Ze were watching ghost movies in the bed in the ward. Dean Jin came to check the ward, and Jin Ze hid in the bed. Seeing that Jin Ze was not there, Dean Jin called him, but there was a sound from the bed. When the ringing sounded, Dean Jin suddenly realized that he hurriedly took the nurse to another ward.

Grandma and mother came to see Luo Tianran and found that Jin Ze came out of the ward in the morning and misunderstood what happened to them last night.

During the hospitalization, Luo Tianran and Jin Zeyi’s sweet interaction made Yun Shu more reluctant.

The two returned to the beach house. Jin Zeyi worried that Luo Tianran found the contract marriage contract in the room. Jin Ze settled Luo Tianran to the first floor and said to help her tidy up the room, and then find out the contract marriage contract, but He was very entangled where he wanted to hide. At this time, Luo Tianran couldn’t wait to go upstairs. In this way, the contract was exposed under Luo Tianran’s eyes. Although Jin Zeyi tried to hide it, it still attracted Luo Tianran’s attention.

Luo Tianran found that the room was messy and had not cleaned up at all, and the fact that the two of them were sleeping in separate rooms was beyond her expectation. Jin Zeyi explained that they would sleep in separate rooms during quarrels, but this sentence was full of loopholes. Naturally, he asked why he kept saying that they were very affectionate, but they slept in separate rooms. In order to conceal the truth, Jin Zeyi went out and said that this was actually his room. He just had a hobby of pink and cute things, and was even forced to admit that he was a big lady in women’s clothing. Naturally Luo Tianran was not fooled by him, and was about to continue to ask. Jin Zeyi slipped away on the grounds of work.

Tiffany asked Jin Zeyi’s plan, but Jin Zeyi thought that Luo Tianran had no relatives, and told Luo Tianran that her husband was a fake and was too cruel to her.

Luo Tianran came to Jin Ze’s room holding the doll and suggested that the couple should sleep together. Jin Ze trembled, for fear that she would do anything else.

The two grabbed the quilt at night, and Luo Tianran accidentally touched Jin Zeyi’s injured leg and helped him rub the medicine.

Before going to bed, Luo Tianran suddenly asked Jin Ze when the two kissed last time. Jin Ze remembered the kiss when he disclosed to the media that they were unmarried couples and told Luo Tianran that it was at a very special time. Jin Ze went downstairs to sleep alone under the pretext that he was afraid that the smell of medicine would get to Luo Tianran.

Luo Tianran made cakes for Jin Zeyi, and Jin Ze proudly showed it off.

Tiffany took away the marriage contract that Jin Zeyi had hidden in the company and placed it in front of Luo Tianran. Luo Tianran finally learned that the two were contracted couples. She called Jin Zeyi and asked him whether he would come back for dinner at night. Jin Zeyi replied that he should not be able to come back.

Jin Xiaoqin is often absent from work, intending to use Luo Tianran’s identity to make a lot of money in cooperation with herself, instead of focusing on the moment, and she is still very dissatisfied after getting her salary.

Tiffany came to buy coffee, and Lin Che asked her to draw another lottery. The signs all said: You are so beautiful. Tiffany laughed and scolded: It’s good not to learn, learn routines sister. When Jin Ze returned home, Luo Tianran held the contract and sat down on the sofa.

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