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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 10 Recap

Yun Shu took Luo Tianran’s hand and called out the name of the little girl who helped him: “Natural.” Luo Tianran was a little inexplicable. At this time, Jin Zeyi came here to remind Lin Che: Luo Tianran is already his wife. . The two left hand in hand, looking at the back of the two, knowing that he had missed the opportunity to reconnect with Luo Tianran, Yun Shu was very emotional, and even shed tears.

Lin Che discovered that the “little red elephant” in Luo Tianran’s song actually had a source, and it was a passage from the book “Me and Lu Xun”.

Yun Shu still kept the tape that Luo Tianran gave him when he was young. Because of Jin Zeyi’s words, Yun Shu had more taboos against Luo Tianran, and the two of them no longer talked like they did before.

Luo Tianran felt it was a pity that the record store closed and transferred.

In order not to think about emotional matters, Yun Shu began to work tirelessly. Dean Jin reminded him to pay attention to his injuries. Because of his special physique, he would not feel pain even if the wound was infected and inflamed. It would be too late to find out again.

Yun Shu came to the record store that was on the verge of bankruptcy, remembering that he and Luo Tianran had talked about music here and proposed an acquisition.

Jin Zeyi told Tiffany that he would arrange freely after the trip tomorrow, and also mentioned helping him prepare a bicycle because he wanted to teach Luo natural riding.

Jin Zeyi teaches Luo Tianran to ride a bicycle, and the two are fighting and quarreling. Although they are only contracted couples, they seem to be intimate. Tiffany on the side suddenly proposes that he and Jin Zeyi have something to say, and then deliberately hugs Jin Zeyi Leaning close to his neck, Luo Tianran thought that they were kissing. Jin Zeyi didn’t notice Tiffany’s means, but turned around to see Luo Tianran ignoring that he was riding alone and wanted to leave. Because he fell unskilled, he knocked his head on the stone and fainted.

Jin Zeyi sent Luo Tianran to the hospital. Yunshu was in charge of Luo Tianran’s treatment. Yunshu anxiously rescued Luo Tianran. Dean Jin also learned that Luo Tianran had fainted and came. After first aid, Luo Tianran was no longer serious, and Jin Ze always thanked Yun Shu.

In order to help Jin Zeyi issue a statement, Tiffany asked netizens to stop condemning him for failing to protect his wife and asked Artest to take pictures of him taking care of Luo Tianran. Jin Zeyi did not want them to do publicity even during this extraordinary period. Yun Shu drove Tiffany and the others out when he saw it, but he misunderstood that Jin Zeyi let them in to take pictures.

Jin Xiaoqin and Lin Che also came to see Luo Tianran, but the nurse said that they could not tell the ward number because of the patient’s privacy. The two finally found the ward. Jin Xiaoqin took the opportunity to take a lot of photos and wanted to show her friend’s identity in the future.

Luo Tianran finally woke up and recovered well and was ready to be discharged. When Luo Tianran thanked Yunshu, he said, “Thank you, doctor.” Then everyone noticed the abnormality. It turned out that Luo Tianran had lost his memory and only remembered being sixteen. So I only recognized Jin Xiaoqin and Lin Che, and even Jin Zeyi forgot about it.

Luo Tianran’s CT showed no head injury, it may be psychogenic memory loss or intermittent memory loss.

Jin Zeyi did not tell Luo Tianran about the relationship between the two. Instead, his grandmother brought her a wedding video. Luo Tianran knew that she was already the wife of a person. Although she didn’t feel it, she still tried her best to adapt to this new identity. Jin Zeyi’s “husband” was drinking water and talking about Jin Zeyi, because her words were shocking, and she choked.

Luo Tianran promised Jin Zeyi that he would cooperate well with the treatment and would love him when he remembered the past of the two. Jin Ze looked weird, recalling the past of the two, thinking she might better not remember.

After Luo Tianran lost his memory, he really believed that he and Jin Zeyi were married, but they were very close to him. They held hands when they walked together.

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