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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 16 Recap

Li Fei bumped into Long Teng and Shu Ruochen in the imperial garden, behaving intimately, and mistakenly believed that the two had an affair. She learned that Shu Ruochen was Shu Guifei’s niece, and Li Fei even wanted to make repairs, but she was stopped by Shu Guifei and the rebellious person taught Li Fei. , Let her know the current affairs.

Ju Mu’er didn’t adapt to the rules of the mansion and hoped that Long Yue could get away quickly, but Long Yue pretended to be stupid, threatening Ju Mu’er to find out the whereabouts of the piano left by Master Yin. Ju Muer learned that the master’s piano was collected in the Yinsi Mansion and vowed to take it back.

Just as Ju Muer was considering how to enter the Yinsi Mansion, unexpectedly Long Yue appeared from behind and saw Ju Muer cleaning the courtyard with a broom in hand. Therefore, he thought that the servant was negligent, so he immediately reprimanded the servant, and then told him. As the second youngest grandmother, Ju Mu’er only needs to stay in the house to eat, drink and have fun in the future without worrying about other things.

Long Yue came back from his busy schedule and specially presented a water jade necklace. As the necklace was a special tribute made by foreigners, it was too expensive, and Ju Muer quickly refused to accept it. Unexpectedly, Long Yue was stubborn and directly pulled Ju Mu’er in front of him, and immediately put a necklace on her. Ju Mu’er was silent, but his heart was very sweet.

Hua Yibai voluntarily came to the door and wanted to invite Ju Mu’er to serve for the court in the Yinsi Mansion. Long Yue felt that there was another reason. In order to protect Ju Muer, he cleverly refused Hua Yibai and stood in front of Ju Muer. Keep it secret. Long Fei told Feng Wu about Hua Yibai’s visit, and he was in a dilemma whether to tell Ju Muer or not. Feng Wu explained that she was trying to solve the matter. Long Fei was overjoyed.

Hua Yibai still didn’t give up, so he used the piano music of the teacher’s voice around the Longfu to lead Mu’er to meet in the suburbs. Ju Muer was stroking the guqin in the room, missing the master, when she suddenly heard the sound of the piano outside, she opened the window and saw Hua Yibai playing the master’s piano. After a conversation, Ju Muer learned that Long Yue deliberately concealed her.

After checking the accounts, Long Yue prepared a generous gift for the Queen Mother’s birthday. He wanted to follow up on the acquisition of the first floor, but found that someone took the first step to grab meat from Long’s mouth and took the first floor shop first. Long Yue was puzzled. , Ju Muer came with anger and asked Long Yue why he made a decision for himself to reject Hua Yibai’s invitation, and the two quarreled again.

When Long Yue mentioned the death of Master Yin, Ju Muer felt sad, so she turned and left. Long Yue threatened him with a letter of leave, but Ju Muer refused to listen at all. Long Yue was anxious, so he asked Li Ke to go to the first floor with him. After reaching the first floor, he was stopped by the maid at the door, and the first floor was changed to Liuyifang. He was about to break in, but the door suddenly opened. , It was the master here who let them in. After entering, I looked around and saw a masked woman coming downstairs, trying to drive Long Yue away in a few words. Long Yue wanted to see the face of this Jurchen, but was beaten out directly, attracting hundreds of people to watch.

Hua Yibai was playing the piano in the room. He was disturbed by his subordinates. He was about to get angry. When he heard that Li Fei was coming, he was so scared to hide. It turned out that Li Fei had poor talent and wanted to learn the piano. Hua Yibai was very broken about this and was about to escape through the back door, but Li Fei was caught by her. Li Fei learned of Ju Mu’er from Ji Yan and wanted Ju Mu’er to enter the palace to teach her to play the piano. Hua Yibai was about to explain, but she didn’t expect that Ju Mu’er would come in from the outside and volunteer to teach Li Fei. After Li Fei left, Ju Muer threatened Hua Yibai and asked him to agree to a condition.

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