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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 15 Recap

Haigui confessed to his crimes, claiming that after his corruption was discovered, he accidentally killed Zhu Fu on an impulse, and then blamed Long Yue. Long Yue was suspicious, but Yun Qingxian found the ledger first, and Kundian benefited from this. Shu Bo and Concubine Shu Gui conceal evil intentions, while secretly delighting, they even destroy the Long Family without help.

Ju’s father was happy that his daughter finally got home, but Ju Mu’er didn’t know how to explain the marriage and made her father mistakenly believe that Long Yue had a bad heart. When Long Yue came, he hit with a stick and finally heard a father-in-law , This is an instant change of face, enjoy it very much.

Hearing of Long Yue’s wedding, the saint sent an order to congratulate him. As a result, his false marriage with Ju Muer could only continue. Before that, for his own reputation, Ju Muer vowed not to enter the Dragon Mansion. When Long Yue saw this, he deliberately faced the crime of deceiving the emperor and genocide. He also wanted to clarify the truth and caused Ju Muer to actively compromise.

Ju Muer entered the Long Mansion, and the maids on both sides opened the way to spread flowers to show their welcome. Everywhere in the mansion was the wedding celebration. Although the Long family knew that they were married, they still regarded Ju Muer as Mrs. Long Yue. Ju Mu’er was dressed up and down by the maids. Long Yue was fascinated at a glance, and immediately took her to the spiritual seat of her parents to worship.

Long Yueben was still ignorant of his own mind, and he didn’t realize it until Long Teng reminded him. If you really only need the joy of getting married to help solve the case, Long Fei and Feng Wu can make up for the wedding. Why should Long Yue make such a move, and just want to pretend to be married to Ju Muer. Long Yue couldn’t think through it, but the onlookers knew that he just wanted to take the opportunity to get closer to Ju Muer.

Ding Yanxiang and Yun Qingxian’s wedding is coming soon. She is full of joy and expectation that she will finally marry to her heart. On the other hand, Yun Qingxian has the double happiness of her wedding and promotion, but she has nowhere to express her sadness. Yun Qingxian wanted to come to Ju Mu’er’s place to find Fuqin Yating, but by chance, Long Yue came with Ju Mu’er. The two people in front of him were “close”, and they forcibly endured resentment and left.

Ju Muer played Fuxi again, one closed, and then compared with before. Although the notes are the same, the fingering is very different. This Fuxi song was played by Shiboyin before his death. He has never forgotten the score, and there is no possibility of mistakes.

Long Yue had discovered a long time ago that this fingering could also deal with different times and directions. Perhaps Shi Bo Yin had delivered some kind of message before his death, but Long Yue did not fully understand the details.

Long Yue had been trying to penetrate the piano scores until late at night. He didn’t even take a bite for dinner, but Ju Muer leisurely enjoyed the cucumber by the side, but his mouth was contaminated with fine pieces, which made Long Yue sincerely tease. Seeing Long Yue’s face getting closer and closer, Ju Mu’er seemed to be trying to kiss her, but she was shy and avoiding, but she didn’t see the slightest irritation.

Late at night, seeing Ju Mu’er sleepy and sleepy, Long Yue gently embraced her on the bed, showing gentleness in every word and deed. Although the two have the name of a husband and wife, Long Yue was not half-hearted, and carefully took the pillows to go to the guest room to rest. Goodbye Ju Muer was just pretending to be asleep, with a happy smile on her face unconsciously, but she was afraid that she had already fallen in love but she didn’t know it.

Long Yue hugged the pillow and thought about Ju Mu’er, as if stupidly, when he met Long Teng with a sad face, the two of them had a bad mood. Long Teng often envied the two younger brothers, who can be chic, and he does not know how to feel sad, but now he is worried about the Queen Mother’s birthday.

On the Queen Mother’s birthday, everyone in the palace is racking their brains, how to take the opportunity to win over the Queen Mother, Li Fei is the first to express herself. When Li Fei was scolding her subordinates for being unfavorable, she happened to see Shu Ruochen specially sending cakes for Long Teng. Seeing that they seemed to be ambiguous, she suddenly thought about it.

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