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First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Episode 8 Recap

After a while, Xiong Yifan asked Yan Ke if he had anything to do, then Yan Ke said that he remembered to take the trash away, so Xiong Yifan picked up the garbage bag on the ground, and said that he would come to Yan Ke after it was over, and left with Bai Yuze, Bai Yu Ze said to Yan Ke, take a good rest. Bai Yuze asked Xiong Yifan whether he felt nervous with him, Xiong Yifan said, no. Later, Bai Yuze said that he would have time alone with him in the future. Tang Guiding asked them to wash photos together on weekends, Xiong Yifan said I don’t know how to take pictures, and I don’t know how to choose photos.

Why do I want to go? So Bai Yuze said, Tang Jiao was in front, you can ask him, so Xiong Yufan. We greeted Tang Jiao and left. At this time, Yan Ke heard from her roommate in the dormitory saying that she didn’t need to choose photos. Bai Yuze and Xiong Yifan went to choose photos. At this time, Yan Ke was very nervous. Picked up the phone, but didn’t send a message to Xiong Yifan, but thought about it in his seat.

Xiong Yifan asked Ding Mingming and wanted her to help her choose the photos, so Ding Mingming agreed. After a while, Yan Ke called and asked Xiong Yifan that he was free on the weekend, so Xiong Yifan said that he was free, and then Xiong Yifan convinced Ding Ming Let her choose the photos for herself. She described Bai Yuze’s image to Ding Ming. So she went to Yan Ke after a while. At this time Yan and Xiong Yifan were choosing a house. Xiong Yifan showed Yan Ke a house, Yan Ke Feel very suitable.

Bai Yuze drove the motuo to pick up Ding Ming. Bai Yuze asked him who he was waiting for, and then Ding Ming showed him the phone screen. It turned out that the words Big Handsome Bai Yuze were written, Bai Yuze took it off. Hat, he said to Ding Ming that he was Bai Yuze, and he said that he was sorry for the three words, handsome guy? So he gave Ding Ming a helmet and let Ding Ming get in the car. The two of them went to choose photos together. After the two of them came to the venue, Ding Ming was very interested in the photos he took.

Then Bai Yuze asked Ding Ming to drink and drink. Ding Ming said in the daytime, what wine to drink ? Bai Yuze said to Ding Ming that his eyes were recovering well. Don’t run around again next time. Then Ding Ming said, it was him. It was him who wiped his eyes that day. At this time, Yan Ke and Xiong Yifan came to find a house. Yan Ke felt that the first house was inappropriate because it might be a bit scary, and Xiong Yifan felt inappropriate for the second house because there were too many girls. Then they came to the third house.

The landlord’s aunt thought Xiong Yifan and Yan Ke were young couples. The landlord’s aunt said that this house is suitable for their young couple to live together. Then Xiong Yifan said that it’s not a young couple but that Yan Ke lives alone. The aunt said it’s okay to live alone or two. , Also suitable for them to change at any time. So Xiong Yifan asked about the price. The landlord’s aunt said 6000 for a month, and then Xiong Yifan wanted to leave. Yan Ke said, did he like it? Xiong Yifan said that he liked it, but it was too expensive, so Yan Ke said that he liked it, and planned to rent it here. At this time, Ding Ming and Bai Yuze were still in the venue. Ding Ming found that their studio was hiring people. Bai Yuze said that if he wanted to come, he would take out his own portfolio. Ding Ming said he would consider it.

At this time Yan Ke was packing things up. In the evening Ding Ming and Xiong Yifan were eating. Ding Ming wondered how he could be Bai Yuze. Xiong Yifan was thinking, now that Yan Ke moved into that house. I don’t know if he will have the opportunity to live in the next day. While moving things, Xiong Yifan came to help carry a big box. After a while, Yan Ke asked Xiong Yifan to sit down, wanting to look at her legs, because she fell in the house last time, and after a while, Xiong Yifan wanted to leave.

Before leaving, he gave Yan Ke a toy pig. Xiong Yifan told Ding Ming about this the next day. Bai Yuze helped Xiong Yifan to take a set of photos. Yan Ke’s roommates felt that Bai Yuze took Xiong Yifan as a supermodel. They all thought Xiong Yifan was very beautiful. After a while, Xiong Yifan came to Yan Ke and asked Yan Ke about the photos. Yan Ke said that it was not good-looking at all and did not suit Xiong Yifan’s style, so Xiong Yifan was unhappy.

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