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First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Episode 7 Recap

Yan Ke thought of Xiong Yifan pulling himself on the bus, and remembered that if he thought he was rejected, he woke up in distress in the middle of the night. Qi Xiaosong was having a meeting with everyone. After it was over, Xiao Zhang was called. Xiao Zhang told Xiao Zhang that he was the most serious, but remember that guests would not come by themselves, and they should take the initiative to find them. Yan Kelai Qi Xiaosong wanted to apply for a card, so Qi Xiaosong gave Yan Ke a card, and Qi Xiaosong became Yan Ke’s coach.

During training, Yan Ke kept staring at Qi Xiaosong. Then Yan Ke asked Qi Xiaosong if Xiong Yifan had any better male friends before. Then Qi Xiaosong said that she used to be the boss and many people listened to her, but She had the best relationship with herself. Yan Ke knew about it and left after a while. Qi Xiaosong was talking to himself. Qi Xiaosong thought that Yan Ke liked Xiong Yifan, but Yan Ke said he didn’t like Xiong Yifan, but Qi Xiaosong didn’t understand why he didn’t. I like to ask so much. After the exam was over, the classmate asked Xiong Yifan to sing. Xiong Yifan asked if Yan Ke would go.

The classmate said Yan Ke would also go. Then everyone went to the karaoke room. Xiong Yifan found that strictness did not lie in it, so he asked other people and they said Strictly he wanted to move out, and he wanted to move out in the dormitory. Xiong Yifan was surprised, so he sent a message to Yan Ke. After a while, someone came up to talk to Xiong Yifan, and after a while, Bai Yuze came and blocked him for Xiong Yifan. The two entered the song room together. Xiong Yifan saw that Yan Ke was also there. Then Yan Ke remembered what Xiong Yifan said, so he understood. He smiled and looked at Bai Yuze and Xiong Yifan, and took a glass of wine to drink, Bai Yu Ze ordered Xiong Yifan a song.

Xiong Yifan is going to take part in the school’s promotional photos today. He is very happy. He has been singing in the dormitory, and can’t sing at all. After a while, a classmate asked Yan Ke if he could come, and could he take pictures with Yan Ke? But it was Bai Yuze who was here. Everyone was very surprised. His classmates said that Bai Yuze is not only handsome, but also very talented. He has won international awards and is a master photographer. Bai Yuze was taking pictures of Xiong Yifan.

The two had a close contact. Then Xiong Yifan saw Yan Ke and wanted to find Yan Ke, but Bai Yuze still insisted on taking a few photos of Xiong Yifan. Later, Yan Ke saw Xiong Yifan. Came with Bai Yuze and urged to take a few pictures quickly, but Yan Ke was not happy. After a while, Bai Yuze took a few photos of Yan Ke alone. Bai Yuze made Yan Ke smile more. Yan Ke said that he couldn’t laugh and didn’t want to laugh. Then Bai Yuze was helpless and took freely.

Everyone put on the high school uniforms, and then Bai Yuze took photos with everyone. Yan Ke kept looking at Xiong Yifan, and Bai Yuze asked everyone to change their movements at will. Yan Ke was still very happy looking at Xiong Yifan. Bai Yuze publicly praised Xiong Ivan’s cuteness, Yan Ke was speechless, and then it rained, and everyone ran back indoors. Some classmates wanted to organize telling horror stories, but Yan Ke wanted to leave. Bai Yuze asked Yan Ke whether the little brother was too scared to listen. Then Yan Ke sat next to Xiong Yifan. Yan Ke listened to them telling stories. , Kept shrinking up and felt very scared.

Later, a classmate said that after seeing the dark shadow in the story, Xiong Yifan stood up and ran into the camera frame. Yan Ke wanted to protect Xiong Yifan to prevent her from being injured, but he did not expect that Yan Ke’s hand was injured, so Xiong Yifan pulled her face. Ke went to the infirmary to give him medicine. While taking the medicine, Xiong Yifan asked Yan Ke why he wanted to move out, did he not want to see himself? Then Yan Ke said no, but it was more convenient to practice piano outside. After a while, Yan Ke touched Xiong Yifan’s head. At this time, Bai Yuze came to the infirmary and saw this scene. Bai Yuze wanted to call Xiong Yifan. Go, but Yan Ke said that he was injured now and he was not suitable for doing too many things. He also grabbed Xiong Yifan’s hand and remembered the past.

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