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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的,你在哪里 Episode 3 Recap

Only two people could go in and check the morgue. Ding Yu led He Xuelin into the room. Looking at the white cloth covered on the bed, the two grasped each other’s hands tightly. When the police opened the white cloth, Ding Yu closed her eyes, and He Xuelin looked at the child on the bed and cried. This is not Yuanyuan, they almost experienced a life and death parting. Swallow also helped Jiang Shuqin here to the police station, Jiang Shuqin hears He Xuelin piercing cry, the man collapsed on the back of a chair, Ding Zhongyi comforted his wife they Yuanyuan not inside. Ding Yu helped He Xuelin out, Xuelin couldn’t help but was still crying, Ding Yu shook her head and said no, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Here a couple rushed into the morgue, and after a while, there was a heart-piercing cry, and everyone looked at each other whether they were happy or worried.

Ding Yu comforted her mother and told them not to worry too much. Maybe Yuanyuan was playing with them. He Xuelin couldn’t listen to accuse Ding Yu for always being sad to her parents. She and her daughter Yuanyuan are outsiders. . Yanzi couldn’t listen to the quarrel with He Xuelin, saying that she could say so, why didn’t she take care of Yuanyuan by herself, just to earn the bad money. He Xuelin said that she was just to make money, otherwise Ding Yu could have such a good life. Yanzi said that it is rare for her parents to take care of Yuanyuan.

Now that people are lost, they are only to blame, and all the benefits are let him use it. Jiang Shuqin began to have hallucinations again. She let the Buddha see Yuanyuan come back and turned the flower rope with her. Ding Zhongyi told them not to argue. Ding Yu saw her mother gesturing in the void and worried that her mother was frightened. Jiang Shuqin was woken up here, and began to apologize to He Xuelin again, but fainted amidst the excitement and argument.

Ding Yu and his party rushed to send Jiang Shuqin to the hospital for treatment. The doctor said that the patient was already weak and the heart attack caused myocardial infarction. Because their hospital is too small, they are asked to transfer as soon as possible. Ding Zhongyi and Ding Yu contacted many hospitals and said that there were no beds. He Xuelin had already arranged a hospital at this time, but he had already said ruthlessly that regardless of their Ding family affairs, Ding Yu came out and wanted to ask He Xuelin for help. Ding Zhongyi called the Yanzi out and reprimanded him. It was clear that he and his mother had lost it. It is normal for He Xuelin to lose her temper to them unhappy.

Yanzi was so angry that he went out to talk to He Xuelin and told Ding Yu to stop smiling at He Xuelin. He Xuelin said that if her mother was lying there, he would go to ask others for help anyway, and call and leave after speaking. Yanzi said that she was looking for someone to ask for a bed, but there was no news. Ding Yu thought of asking the wife of a colleague for help. In fact, he was also He Xuelin’s best friend. He Xuelin got through this matter, but he didn’t want Ding Yu to know. The ambulance came soon. Ding Yu saw that He Xuelin was still on the phone and did not wait for her to leave. He Xuelin looked at the ambulance going away and cried silently.

Yanzi and Fang Jue saw He Xuelin and another doctor at the door. Fang Jue said that this person seemed to be the man they had seen before. Yanzi took the picture and went to see Jiang Shuqin in the ward. At this time, Jiang Shuqin’s attending physician came over, it was the same person just now. Yanzi followed to the office. When receiving information, she accidentally bumped into the photo on the table and saw a yellow skirt back. Yanzi asked Ding Yu for the key, went to their house and turned out the same skirt.

On Erhu’s side, Ding Zhongyi was still painting the wall at the door. Erhu went out to let old man Ding stop. Ding Zhongyi asked him if he had seen these two people. Erhu took a closer look and said he had the impression of wearing a baseball cap. people.

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