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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的,你在哪里 Episode 2 Recap

Yuanyuan was missing for 24 hours, and a female body was found at the police station.

That night, He Xuelin kept calling Yuanyuan’s name near the small park where Yuanyuan was missing, but there was no response. Ding Yu looked for a circle and came back to meet He Xuelin, wanting to accompany her to find it, but He Xuelin shouted: You know Yuanyuan will go to a bright place, hurry up to find it, she won’t lose a person her size. Ding Yu comforted her not to get excited, and went to look for it immediately. Ding’s Jiang Shuqin was helped back by his daughter Swallow. Swallow poured water for her mother. Jiang Shuqin looked at the family in front of her and remembered her sensible granddaughter Yuanyuan.

At the time, her grandmother was very angry, and Yuanyuan came to comfort her and accompany her to turn the flowers. Rope, Jiang Shuqin thought of these beautiful scenes, and couldn’t accept that Yuanyuan was lost by herself. She ran out and continued looking for Yuanyuan without drinking water. Yanzi chased her out to accompany her mother to find her niece. Three people met at an intersection. Jiang Shuqin kept apologizing to He Xuelin. He Xuelin ordered Yanzi to take her mother-in-law back. Jiang Shuqin said she would not go back. He Xuelin was fierce. She said she fell ill and no one would take care of him. Yanzi said he was so fierce. My mother, Jiang Shuqin returned home obediently.

Several people searched for the whole night and there was no news. Ding Zhongyi reported to the police station as a retired police officer. The police at the reception asked him if there were any major incidents in his family recently. Ding Zhongyi felt that he was the most ordinary family and there was no dispute. The police said It is not ruled out that people before them retaliated. Ding Zhongyi drew a sketch of the park and pointed out the places with cameras at several intersections. The police said they would notify them to go down and check the cameras along the road.

The missing person notice about Yuanyuan was flying the next morning, and relatives and friends began to spread to help find Yuanyuan. Yanzi and Jiang Shuqin went to the printing shop to print out the missing person notice. The boss asked the clerk to bring out the missing person notice board after seeing it. A foam board was covered with various missing person notices. Yan asked if these people found it, the boss did not The words were just a silent cover, let the clerk put it in a prominent place at the door, and one more person would see one more hope. Yanzi turned around and found that his mother was missing. The clerk said that he saw the old man go out and turned right, and Yanzi hurriedly chased him out.

Ding Yu and He Xuelin returned home. Ding Yu gave He Xuelin a glass while drinking water. He Xuelin asked him if Yuanyuan had any water to drink all night, Ding Yu said there should be, and there was a kettle in her schoolbag. He Xuelin asked him what the others were doing. Yanzi was posting a tracing revelation. He Xuelin saw the notice without her own phone or home phone, so she asked Ding Yu to print it again. At this time, Ding Yu received a call from the police station. My mother was treated as a trafficker and wanted to hug someone else’s granddaughter. After the police explained it, the other party did not pursue it. Jiang Shuqin looked a little delirious, and after seeing He Xuelin, she apologized again.

At this time, Ding Zhongyi called Ding Yu and said that he had found a surveillance probe at the intersection, but there was no one in the surveillance room, and he was now waiting for someone to come. He Xuelin rushed to the place as soon as he heard it and saw Ding Zhongyi picking the lock. He Xuelin picked up a brick and smashed the glass window, reached in and opened the door. The back of He Xuelin’s hand was scratched by broken glass. He told the security guard that his daughter was missing and needed to be monitored, and she would pay for all the losses.

The three of them went to the monitoring room to check the surveillance. A camera did capture Yuanyuan’s figure, but the screen disappeared in the next second. The security guard explained that it was a problem that often occurred with the old equipment. Ding Yu looked at it every second and found Yuanyuan. A black man wearing a hat walked by Yuan Yuan, and several people immediately took photos and passed them to the police station.

Ding Yu continued to post the tracing revelation. At this time, he received a call from the police station saying that a girl’s body was found by the river in the western suburbs.

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