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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 9 Recap

Anxious over the dispute, Gu Shengnan went back to the kitchen after he finished speaking, clanging the ingredients with two knives in his hand with a blank expression. Just now Lu Jin interrupted Riemann’s aggressiveness, and came to the back kitchen one step later, caught between the two women and left and right were not people.

Lu Jin comforted Gu Shengnan, but his words sounded like an excuse for Riemann. He said that Riemann was innocent, and that Riemann was only here to discuss the production of a dish. Gu Shengnan’s voice became even more congested after hearing this. At this time, Lu Jin still hoped that she would treat this Riemann kindly. She couldn’t do it, and the two began to quarrel. Lu Jin couldn’t understand Gu Shengnan’s anger at all, and felt that she was unreasonable and illogical.

And Gu Shengnan’s logic is that Lu Jin can’t eat her food anymore. In her opinion, this is no different from stepping on two boats.

The disparity in social status between the two people began to appear. A president who spends a lot of money on a high-quality life, and a little chef who lives in “Chengdeli”, such a big gap depends on something to maintain. Lu Jin couldn’t think of a suitable relationship between the two of them for a while, but he didn’t have any vocabulary to make it clear.

He needs time, Gu Shengnan doesn’t want to give him time, weighing and hesitation are worthless in his feelings, and all decisions rely on impulsive enthusiasm. Gu Shengnan said that Lu Jin’s location is not in this back kitchen, at least in the villa at Songqiao No.1. Riemann returned to Switzerland, but Riemann’s words coincided with the current situation, and this did not belong to him.

Early in the morning in “Chengdeli”, Gu Shengnan went out to throw trash. He heard that a new neighbor moved in next door, but there was no strange movement. Then the door next door opened and Lu Jin stood inside with a neat suit. As a new neighbor, Lu Jin sent his wife cake as a meeting ceremony. The next step was to bring vegetables into Gu Shengnan’s house and take a meal.

The plan was successful. Cheng Ziqian happened to visit Gu Shengnan. President Lu Jin and hotel general manager Cheng Ziqian were in their childhood. The little “Chengdeli” met him and didn’t know how to explain it for a while. He said he was going home. He turned around and arrived immediately. Cheng Ziqian looked at the house of Gu Shengnan and Lu Jin’s house, his expression was full of confusion.

During the meal, Cheng Ziqian suggested that there is a chef class in Sakura Bay to listen to. If you have the opportunity to study without having to spend your own money, of course Gu Shengnan will go, and bring her little attendant loudspeaker, and Cheng Ziqian bought three for them. trunk. The news immediately reached Lu Jin’s ears. He was complacent and sentimental. Look, Gu Shengnan bought a third suitcase for him without telling him. As a result, Meng Xinjie told the truth, like a pot of cold water, he jumped for joy. Not left.

Sakura Bay is very antique and comfortable. The moment Gu Shengnan posted photos of Moments, the photos were very close to him. Meng Xinjie hurriedly showed them to Lu Jin. But what was the jealous Lu Jin’s Moments of friends? There is no news. You don’t need to ask to know that Gu Shengnan blocked him. The call to Gu Shengnan was also hung up directly. Looking at the photos in the circle of friends, Lu Jin was visually shocked a lot.

Gu Shengnan memorized a lot of the difference between the ingredients that the teacher talked about. After studying for a day, Cheng Ziqian took her to the high-end private kitchen restaurant. Speaking of Gu Shengnan’s dream in the future, the ultimate ideal of a chef is to own his own restaurant, and Gu Shengnan is no exception.

At night, as soon as Gu Shengnan left, Lu Jin was hungry for another day. His patience was about to reach his limit, and he took Meng Xinjie to Sakura Bay.

Today is a day off. Gu Shengnan and Cheng Ziqian are playing around, landscapes, flowers, buildings, pavilions and temples, wherever they go to play, they go to archery, Lu Jin lurking behind, watching Cheng Ziqian’s hand touch Gu Shengnan’s hand, angry The root of the tooth itching to shoot a few arrows at Cheng Ziqiankong. They went to eat marshmallows, Lu Jin followed behind and disliked Gu Shengnan’s inferior taste, and saccharin could be so happy to eat.

They went to the temple to pray. Meng Xinjie quietly stared at him. Lu Jin asked about the real-time situation. Gu Shengnan’s wooden sign said he lost weight overnight. Lu Jin changed to Cheng Ziqian’s wooden sign and wrote only one word “OK” on himself. The wooden sign hung beside her. They went to the flower garden, Cheng Ziqian took more beautiful photos for her, and Lu Jin was full of popularity.

After playing for a day, Gu Shengnan was confused, and Cheng Ziqian helped her into the hotel to rest. Lu Jin and Meng Xinjie were still following behind. The situation inside the room was unknown. Lu Jin was so anxious that he burned the ants. Meng Xinjie was forced to find a solution. He became hungry. What else could he think of and arranged for the hotel to work. The staff sent slippers, took advantage of Cheng Ziqian to open the door and glanced in, then returned to report to Lu Jin.

Once I couldn’t see clearly, I was sent to see and added a lot of money. As a result, the staff sent to inquire about the news came back and knocked on the door, saying that the man was gone, and the woman gave her 400 yuan, so the staff rushed here. Four hundred yuan would expose Lu Jin? He brought someone to the door, then stepped back, and the woman Gu Shengnan stood behind him, aggressively like a prisoner.

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