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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 7 Recap

The expensive and gorgeous light bulbs at the top of the stairs also exploded one after another. In the dim corridor, Gu Shengnan complained about Lu Jin. How did the electric wires in the small building drive so many light bulbs with huge power requirements. Before she finished speaking, the peel on the bottom of her feet was stepped on because she couldn’t see it, and she was caught off guard. She slipped and rolled off the steps.

Riemann and Lu Jin flew to Zhuozhou. The newly acquired hotel needed to interview a lot of employees. The work became busy instantly, making Lu Jin no time to remember that there was Gu Shengnan who was left behind by him in Suhai.

In addition to lunch time, during the pitifully small gaps of the day, Lu Jin still thinks of Gu Shengnan. There are a lot of her specialty dishes in the album, and the colors are alluring and attractive. Now I can only look at it, looking through the autumn water. The amber walnuts I brought over were lying in the suitcase, huddled with a pile of instant noodles, I don’t know who ruined whom.

Lu Jin sighed for a long time, he was very tired, from body to mind, the days became the same as before, and today his lunch is gone.

After a heavy fall, Gu Shengnan was restricted a lot. She couldn’t go anywhere in the grandfather’s food stall. Xu Zhaodi came over and wandered around even if she had visited her, and she hurriedly panicked after seeing her. Faced away, Gu Shengnan complained to her. Xu Zhaodi casually found a lot of orders and choked back. Good sister, ruthless.

After leaving for Xu Zhaodi, it was a long time to meet again. When he was a child, Gu Shengnan quarreled with his grandfather, and ran out crying in anger and met Cheng Ziqian. It was Gu Shengnan’s impression that he was a gentle and considerate elder brother. Gu Shengnan, who was full of resentment, told Cheng Ziqian that he was going to run away from home.

Never mind Grandpa again. But the children’s words are the least to say, and after two days they are happy and they are all forgotten. Cheng Ziqian kept her, took her to her home, comforted her, and accompany her to eat and drink. Since then, Gu Shengnan has never seen this kind elder brother again. Now, many years later, this person reappears in front of him. Even Gu Shengnan has grown up. Cheng Ziqian still looks so gentle.

After escaping from Gu Shengnan, Xu Zhaodi turned around and talked to Meng Xinjie about Gu Shengnan’s bad luck in wrestling, guessing that the kiss transferred the bad luck to Gu Shengnan. In the end, there were no two sentences. The two of them started to compare their lip service and did not flirt with each other. Meng Xinjie was taken by Xu Zhaodi with a single sentence and told the love story to the proprietress who was waiting for him to order. The proprietress screamed, and Meng Xinjie was firm. After being fisted by the boss, he sat in front of Lu Jin with a swollen monocular.

To give Lu Jin Daoming the cause, Meng Xinjie’s Qiqiao Linglongxin had an idea. He accidentally mentioned the incident of Gu Shengnan falling from the stairs and directly rolling down the stairs. He deliberately made Lu Jin anxious, but he said slowly. Tragic.

Lu Jin called the secretary in the next second, naturally going back to Su Hai.

It is said that nothing is needed when in a hurry. Due to the typhoon, Zhuozhou’s high-speed planes and high-speed trains were all suspended and sold without tickets. Lu Jin’s heart was like anxious and unaccompanied. The torment burned people’s reason. He had to retreat. Qiu had chartered a taxi for the last time, which meant he would arrive at Suhai in ten hours.

The taxi driver is also much smarter. It does not delay the driver’s business. He carpools and takes orders along the way. The smoke and firework that Lu Jin knows well again floods into the taxi. He talked about their couple and said that they live in harmony. The guy talked to him about his lofty ambitions and looked forward to his career becoming bigger and stronger in the future.

These noisy and turbulent little things in life that have nothing to do with him at first he didn’t want to blend in, but as he listened, he missed the girl of Su Hai more and more. She was also a person with such a leisurely and joyful life, even if it was not going well, The person looking forward.

Today, Cheng Ziqian accompanied Gu Shengnan to the hospital for a review and sent her home afterwards. Cheng Ziqian had just walked forward and Lu Jin appeared at the door.

When we met again, the longing and resentment were mixed together, filled with the hearts of the two people. The patience has been worn out since the road. Lu Jin asked her why Cheng Ziqian appeared here, and Gu Shengnan asked her calmly. What on earth is he going to do? It was him who wanted to say goodbye at the beginning, but it was also him who came back to ask Cheng Ziqian in a sour tone.

Lu Jin couldn’t tell. He was worried that Gu Shengnan would come back and see her at ease. Words are sometimes scarce and useless, but feelings are in his chest, but he can’t tell. Lu Jin held Gu Shengnan’s face and kissed him. After the enthusiasm passed, he returned to his senses. After that, Lu Jin turned around and left.

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