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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 6 Recap

The old man’s name was Gao Quan’an, who claimed to be a senior fashion designer. He sat on the sofa with the pride of winning global orders. In the kitchen, Gu Shengnan saw him sitting on Lu Jin’s blanket and rushed out. The old uncle took the book casually, and Gu Shengnan pointed his knife at him and ordered to let it go. The old uncle would touch anything if he didn’t let him touch it. He was accustomed to living a peaceful life and started reading Lu Jin’s book while shaking Lujin’s cup. Licking blood at the tip of Gu Shengnan’s knife, and died. If he didn’t have the ability to make a faceless face, Gu Shengnan probably threw him out of the window early.

Lu Jin returned from buying soy sauce. After these days, he greeted his neighbors with a happy and relaxed mood. As a result, he came back to face the old uncle across the table, wide-eyed, and the uncle stared at the old uncle. The strange confrontation stood still. The magnanimous posture won Gu Shengnan’s favor more than anyone else, which was inexplicable.

After a meal, the old uncle’s light bulbs glowed brightly. Gu Shengnan Lu Jin didn’t see him at all. You feed me and I feed you so close. The angry old uncle went out like Xu Zhaodi complaining. Xu Zhaodi echoed a few sentences and hung up the phone. My uncle is probably even more angry now.

As the sky darkened, Lu Jin fell on the sofa and took a nap, covered with a special blanket Gu Shengnan vowed to defend her in the morning. His facial features stretched out and his breathing was well-proportioned. Gu Shengnan looked at him and approached involuntarily, holding his mobile phone to take pictures of Lu Jin who was so relaxed. . When the shutter sounded, Lu Jin moved, and Gu Shengnan was shocked. His body fell and his lips were close together. After two seconds of stunned silence, the two of them were foolish. One hurriedly left, and the other said that he tripped over the blanket.

In Room 1123 of the hotel, Meng Xinjie opened the door for Riemann. She quietly returned to China without any notice. At the moment, she was looking at Lu Jin’s room. There was a boxed spoon on the head of the bed with the word Gu engraved on the handle and on the ground. Zhang resume with Gu Shengnan’s name and a photo of her smiling.

In the hotel, Lu Jin, who was holding candied haws, was killed off guard. Riemann has always been his excellent partner and has always helped him a lot in his work. A few years ago, Riemann, who was still Lu Jin’s secretary, faced a choice. Lu Jin decisively chose her between his girlfriend at the time and Riemann. The company suffers from a bad job, but his girlfriend can change at any time. Riemann appreciates Such a road Jin is rational and fearless. Now as a good friend, Riemann quietly reminded Lu Jin that this does not belong to him, he belongs to Switzerland, this is only a small business trip, and booked a ticket to Zhuozhou for him.

Gu Shengnan is cute and playful, shy and straightforward, and he has to say goodbye to all of this. On the phone, Gu Shengnan is still worrying about what he will eat later, but it really makes people wonder how to say goodbye.

In the end, Lu Jin asked Gu Shengnan to ask her to eat prawns. Gu Shengnan happily ate and mumbled that this is not a prawn or a tiger prawn, and I can’t distinguish the ingredients. Amber walnut, knowing that he doesn’t like sweetness, and less sugar. The farewell that had been drafted countless times in her heart now became so hard to say, Lu Jin still said with a hard heart that he would never owe each other, he would not come, and she would not have to cook to pay off her debts.

Gu Shengnan personally gave out the amber walnuts made for him, but she was not happy. Lu Jin used to eat the things she made and she was happy to see it, but now she can’t.

In front of his house in the corridor of “Chengdri”, Lu Jintedian’s voice-activated crystal lamp flickered and flickered. The child stared at it for a long time and thought it was a distress signal sent by someone trapped. Knowing that it was Gu Shengnan who was holding walnuts in the door, the walnuts for Lu Jin were just one by one, and Lu Jin was about to leave. She didn’t know what she missed by holding walnuts here, and reminiscences were never useful. In addition to sour grievances that make people uncomfortable, nothing can be exchanged.

The picture will be bright and dark for a while, a woman sitting there dangling the door, which was strange enough, but she was sandwiched between the neighbor’s grandfather and kindly asked her what’s wrong. No one knows what’s wrong with her. When I asked, Gu Shengnan couldn’t help it anymore, and his eyes closed with sorrow and wept loudly.

Faint until dawn, but fortunately, she did not suffer from insomnia that night. Gu Shengnan, who is in a bad mood, likes to enter the vegetable market and bargain with people. After a day’s effort and patience, the female owner of the vegetable market trembles in her heart and dodges her eyes when she sees her dark face.

After bargaining, I found that everything didn’t get better. When I returned to this house, Lu Jin’s shadow was everywhere. The water cup and blanket were still there. The book and the tortoise named Lu Xiaoguimao were still there. Not here. He threw all these things out, not seeing her, but the TV knew that she was in her mind, and it broadcasted a show that was either broken or in love.

Downstairs was barked by a dog, slippers were stained with chewing gum, and unfortunate things seemed to follow Lu Jin’s departure.

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