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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 10 Recap

Lu Jin was arrested and stood up awkwardly. It was another scene where he wanted to explain and I don’t know how to explain it. Did he say that I was afraid that you and Cheng Ziqian would be too sweet on a date, so I specially spent a whole day with you two? How can it be, the president needs to be elegant, he has elegantly followed all the elegant dislikes, and now he has to answer elegantly. After dismissing Meng Xinjie, he said that he had come out for a private visit.

No one would believe this fake big empty excuse, and there are more and more mutual questions. This one says you can’t control, the other says I have the right to control. In the end, it’s still a matter of position. What position should be used to care about each other. Every time Lu Jin was asked here, he squatted. Gu Shengnan waited anxiously for this sentence. Seeing that Lu Jin had no intention to continue, he simply gave up and walked out of the room.

Lu Jin hurried to catch up, wanting to say something to keep Gu Shengnan, but he scorned some unnutritious things, but Gu Shengnan was very happy to hear it, because both the words and the outside were all because of her, and they were all decided for her. Things to do.

Gu Shengnan smiled back and asked Lu Jin if he liked her. Lu Jin was emotional, with wet eyes and said yes. At this time, there was a large crowd of people, all employees in the hotel industry, and everyone seemed extremely attentive to this famous person who had been a blessing from previous life. Across such a crowd, Gu Shengnan and him watched from a distance, the smile hung on his cheeks for a long time, and his fingers were far away. Lu Jin responded and said to the crowd that they were all very good.

On the doorknob of “Chengdri” Gu Shengnan’s house, there is an extra breakfast bag every day, along with Lu Jin’s daily morning alarm, calling for Gu Shengnan to wake up from his sleep. Suddenly the days were brighter.

At nine o’clock, Gu Shengnan arrived on duty, and Chef Yu stopped her and found her to be trained. Saying he was late, he turned over some things about Chen Zhizhi’s rotten grains by the way, such as accusing her of picking up the shrimp line last time, Gu Shengnan got angry, and Chef Yu was not troubled by her once or twice.

She is about to have an attack. Cheng Ziqian came to the back kitchen to announce a new job. In a few days, the chairman of Zhenghong Group, who bought the hotel, that is, Lu Jin’s mother, will come to inspect the back kitchen of the hotel and select a new chef based on the dishes. . After hearing that these old-fashioned chefs said that the election was meaningless, in the end, Cheng Ziqian was straightforward. Everyone introduced a new menu, and finally chose which menu to entertain the chairman who was the new chef.

Gu Shengnan started to get busy, too busy to forget Lu Jin who was still at home waiting for dinner. When I finally remembered, the moon squeezed the sun down, and he asked Lu Jin to come to the kitchen to help test the dishes.

She made Wellington steak and abalone soup, adding new ideas to make the dishes perfect. Lu Jin is naturally satisfied with his meal, but it is not surprising that Chairman Zheng, who really wants to enjoy this dish, is perfect.

Lu Jin pointed out that she does not have to pursue perfection. When a person has seen too many perfect things and is almost numb to perfection, then perfection becomes ordinary. What really touches people’s hearts is the shortcomings caused by imperfections. Unfortunately, there will be a taste, sour, sweet, bitter and astringent are all flavors.

Lu Jin talked about his mother taking him to start a business by himself, step by step to the current position of chairman, all kinds of bitterness are the experience along the way. Finally, I wish Gu Shengnan success.

Master Yu, who had taken off his chef’s clothes, left quietly after listening to all this in the corner. Meng Xinjie sent Lu Jin to the alley of “Chengdeli” and left. Before leaving, he reminded him that there are not many days of such ease and that his mother is coming back. Lu Jin wanted to enjoy the present and the future.

Lu Jin met Cheng Ziqian as soon as he arrived downstairs. He was holding a bouquet of roses and the visitors were unkind. Lu Jin lied that Gu Shengnan had gone far, so he hurried Cheng Ziqian away when he grabbed the flowers. Gu Shengnan came down from the stairs during the shoving. , The lie is only fleeting when it is dismantled. Cheng Ziqian still came in.

A piece of cake spoiled a rose, and the cake was sprinkled with a thick layer of rose petals, which looked good. When Gu Shengnan said to eat, Cheng Ziqian and Lu Jin grabbed the same piece of cake. Gu Shengnan’s mouth was covered with cake crumbs, and the two began rushing to wipe her. Even eating cakes is better. Lu Jin is good at eating but not good at Cheng Ziqian who uses a fork. Cheng Ziqian stammers and looks down on Lu Jin, who chews slowly. As for who choked Gu Shengnan, there is no way to know.

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