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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 14 Recap

Long Fei trumpeted his achievements, but Xiao Bao immediately exposed him, everyone laughed, and Feng Wu thought that Long Yue should go to the backyard to find Ju Mu’er. Although Long Yue was worried in his heart, he appeared to be nonchalant on the surface. Everyone saw the relationship between the two and urged Long Yue to rush over.

The facts of the case are over, and Ju Muer bids farewell to Long Yue, but Long Yue said that the case is still suspicious and needs to be investigated carefully. Long Teng asked Zhu Chen according to Long Yue’s will, and found that there was a real murderer behind him. The Long family brothers deliberated and deliberately released the news of the murderer’s arrest, making Haigui take it lightly, and then lure the real murderer into the net step by step, and the real trick to the murderer has to rely on psychological warfare. When everyone was puzzled, Long Yue had a clever plan. It was the big wedding ceremony held with Ju Muer that led to the real murderer, and everyone was dumbfounded.

When Ju Muer heard the words, she hurriedly left, and then Long Yue chased after Ju Muer’s words, but the last two of them confided in their mouths, so that Ju Muer turned and left and walked alone on the street. Long Yue followed Ju Mu’er closely, mainly because she was afraid of another accident. Ju Mu’er instantly calmed down a lot, and was so moved in his heart that he married him and led to the murderer.

Because of the wedding, Long Yue waived the rent of all shops in March. After hearing the news, the neighbours went to their homes to give gifts and congratulations. Long Fei was puzzled. It was obviously acting why his second brother wanted to put on such a big show. Long Yue’s face was a profiteer and he wanted to make a lot of money from the marriage. Long Fei suspected that his second brother was obviously a fake public for his own sake, and wanted to make the marriage real. , Long Yue reluctant to think of Shu.

After Shu Bo received the invitation, he wanted to see what the purpose of the Long Family was, so he was going to find out. When Ding Yanshan learned of this, she was very angry and held the injustice for herself. Then Ding Yanxiang came to enlighten her and asked Ding Yanshan to participate, so that Ding Yanshan could not lose her tolerance. Yun Qingxian looked gloomy when she saw the invitation, and was about to be busy with business. Ding Yanxiang suddenly came to deliver chicken soup, hoping that Yun Qingxian would accompany Ding Yanshan to the wedding banquet. Yun Qingxian originally refused, but Ding Yanxiang stimulated the general and had to agree.

On the day of Ju Mu’er Long Yue’s wedding, guests gathered and there was a lively scene. Everyone congratulated Ju Sheng for marrying her daughter into the Long’s family. Then Feng Wu saw Yun Qingxian and Ding Yanshan come together. She was extremely unhappy, but also Had to let them in. Haigui came to congratulate him personally. Long Teng was responsible for the reception. The two chatted for a while, and immediately after Long Teng informed that the first floor was about to reopen, Haigui’s expression changed drastically.

Long Yue was impatient with excitement, Long Fei joked about Long Yue, and saw that he was reluctant to admit that his heart was being said. Ju Muer was dressing up, feeling uneasy, trying to escape the marriage, but was stopped by Su Qing. Ju Muer wanted to tell Su Qing the truth, Xiao Bao stood by and hurriedly stopped.

Ju Muer and Long Yue entered the lobby hand in hand, the flowers were floating, and a pair of gifted men and beautiful ladies was so romantic and beautiful. Ding Yanshan watched Long Yuecheng’s heart sorrow, crying and hiding her face. Long Yue opened the door of the bridal chamber, but Ju Muer was eating and drinking. The two of them were talking and suddenly saw a figure flashing outside the window. Haigui hid outside the window and watched secretly, watching everything. Seeing the candlelight in the bridal chamber went out, he was about to implement the stealing plan, but he was caught by the ambushing people in advance. Long Teng interrogated Haigui’s crime. Haigui refused to admit the fact of the murder, but he noticed the strangeness afterwards, worried that it would harm Taishi Ding, and immediately admitted the crime.

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