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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 13 Recap

Ju Mu’er came to jail, but to take care of Long Yue conveniently, Shu Bo immediately asked his men to take Ju Mu’er to see Long Yue. Ju Mu’er entered the room and found that Long Yue was still unconscious and distressed. He questioned the jailer, and the jailer arbitrarily told Ju Mu’er that Long Yue was a repeat offender and that it was Shu Bo Kaien to see the doctor. Ju Muer had no other choice but to swallow this breath, quite distressed that Long Yue must hold on.

In Ding Mansion, Ding Yanxiang was tasting tea. Yun Qingxian rushed in and asked why Ding Yanxiang had to meet with Ju Muer alone. Ding Yanxiang had a taste in her heart, and she reminded Yun Qingxian of her career Seriously, Yun Qingxian had to swallow again after seeing this. Long Yue woke up leisurely, and found that Ju Muer was asleep next to her, her heart was mixed, but she was also very touched. Ju Muer felt that Long Yue woke up and embraced Long Yue in surprise, and the two of them relied on their hearts for a while. Very close.

Long Fei and Feng Wu found a secret way to enter Zuixin Lou. They once again found Peony, a brothel woman who claimed to be with Haigui that night, and forced her to tell the truth. It turned out that Haigui had no alibi, so he bought it. Peony gave false certification for it. As a result, the two followed for days, only to find that Haigui had no unusual behavior other than eating and drinking. They found nothing. Looking at the empty Long Family, Long Fei couldn’t help but sigh, hoping that Long Yue will be fine and the whole family will reunite soon.

Shu Ruochen learned embroidery with her maid, but she really couldn’t get the least interest. The maid inadvertently talked about Zhu Fu’s death and was implicated in Long’s family. Shu Ruochen was worried about Long Teng, so she came to Zhenfusi in disguise to find Long Teng, but she was seen by her men. To. Then Long Teng took Shu Ruochen to his office. Shu Ruochen pretended to be concerned about Long Teng when investigating the case. When Xiao Liu saw a hole in Long Teng’s clothes, Shu Ruochen volunteered to repair him.

Haigui had no choice but to seek help from Ding Sheng. Ding Sheng was angry and indisputable, reminding him that someone had to commit the crime to settle the matter, Haigui wanted to make a living. The next day, a woman who claimed to be Zhu Fu’s wife came to the town office to beat the drum and beg Longteng to give her justice. Long Teng was deeply suspicious, and while letting Long San continue to track Haigui’s line, he entrusted Shu Ruochen to secretly send the medicinal materials needed by Long Yue into prison. The jailer put the decoction given by Shu Ruochen in front of Ju Mu’er and Long Yue. Long Yue mistakenly thought it was poisonous and refused to drink it, but Ju Mu’er disagreed.

Ju Muer and Long Yue are in prison together, no one can tell where the sesame oil shop tastes the same as when the crime was committed, so Long Yue and Ju Muer staged a drama of “murder of the husband” and fooled Shu. Bo Yi allowed Ju Mu’er to get out of jail smoothly, but unexpectedly attracted Shu Bo and Yun Qingxian, and could only blame each other in front of the two.

In the end, Ju Muer pointed out that Long Yue’s injury had improved and expressed his desire to leave. Yun Qingxian knew that he had misunderstood Ju Muer and hoped to be forgiven by her, but Ju Muer still had a gap in her heart and flatly refused him to send him away in person. . Feng Wu found Ju Mu’er, and she went back to the inn with Feng Wu. Long Teng informed Ju Mu’er that he had found clues to the sesame oil shop. Ju Mu’er hurriedly went to the oil shop to check and resolve the matter.

In the sesame oil shop, a big man was making love to the woman who complained. The two of them conspired to get Zhu Fu’s property. Then the big man left, but was caught by Ju Muer and Long Yue on the road. Because the big man pleaded guilty, Long Yue Clear the grievances and return to Longfu.

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