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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 5 Recap

When I came to eat again, the male model of Gu Sheng came out, Lu Jin drank a sip of water with his hands so that it would not spill on his clothes. Gu Shengnan wears a blue dress, long hair, and a suit and tie that does not have a normal waiter. In a lovely Taiwanese accent, Lu Jin reported the bills, what dishes she had consumed today, what services she provided, and how many yuan in total.

Lu Jin signed the bill, and the price of four thousand suddenly changed to five thousand. Gu Shengnan confidently included the cost of makeup and hair in the service. In other words, you can charge for the new clothes as long as they were worn for him. In the end, Lu Jin had no choice but to eat desserts. As a result, Gu Shengnan even took the desserts after signing the bill.

This is really a high one, and the situation has made Lu Jin very passive. He came back and talked to Meng Xinjie about it. Meng Xinjie shouted that these were all routines, and came up with an ear to give him a low voice. Lu Jin’s sullen look and the tone of success annoyed Lu Jin, and he began to fight boringly. The two naive you said it and I counted it, and finally screamed hoarse.

For dinner the next day, Meng Xinjie’s temptation trick was one, sending flowers to understand romance, but the start was not smooth, and a handful of fresh roses that Lu Jin had just bought was used by Gu Shengnan to make flower sauce. The second trick is that the man who reads in the sun is the most handsome. So the next day when Gu Shengnan was cooking, Lu Jin took a book and sat down behind her calmly, deliberately tilting his chin into a nice angle. Gu Shengnan’s divine chattering made Gu Shengnan watch it and wanted to blast out, but his words couldn’t blast out, so he fryed peppers and almost choked himself out.

Here, Meng Xinjie was eating alone with his voice dumb and speechless, but Xu Zhaodi unexpectedly sat in front of him, grumbled a lot of apologies for the cruel words he had made before, and asked for help in a good manner. There is a foreigner open to Finland. She hoped that Meng Xinjie could act as a temporary translator to help her win the order. Sometimes, people are sick and catch a cold, and occasionally they have the problem of a dumb voice. He wanted to help temporarily, but Xu Zhaodi couldn’t believe it, thinking that Meng Xinjie was stingy and unwilling to help her, so he left with a bag.

Lu Jin’s lunch is ready. Today I ate silver cod and rose flower pulp. Gu Shengnan praised Lu Jin’s roses as fresh as he served it, and he could not see Lu Jin’s deep brows.

At the checkout, Gu Shengnan gnawed on a candied haws and read the bills. Seeing Lu Jin staring at him, let him have a taste. As a result, the sugar dregs stuck on the corners of his lips without noticing it. Gu Shengnan picked up his chin and wiped him carefully, breathing closely. Available. Breathing the other person’s breath, Lu Jin’s mind was full of what Meng Xinjie had told him to change from passive to active. No excuses were considered. Gu Shengnan also had sugar residue on his hair. He also wiped her pictures of cats and tigers, and wiped them closer. , So Gu Shengnan ran away.

The next day’s after-dinner talent Gu Shengnan played the guzheng for him. When signing the order, he couldn’t find a pen. He found the tall one and couldn’t reach it. Lu Jin wrapped him in a coat behind him and helped to take it. Run and hide. Lu Jin smiled, took the resume that Gu Shengnan had nailed there from the wall, and left.

Signing orders has become more and more difficult. If one is miscalculated, the order will be waived, and the oil stain will be compensated for. The progress of cooking and paying debts is about to be 100%. Gu Shengnan pushed him back again and again. The debt will be unresolved for a while, but Gu Shengnan is in a good mood every day, and in the end he directly resets the debt repayment progress to zero, completely falling into the whirlpool of love.

Lu Jin stayed longer and longer in Gu Shengnan’s house, and the two became intimate and happy getting along.

The acquisition of the hotel was also negotiated, and everything went smoothly. That day Gu Shengnan was drowning in the vegetable market to select ingredients. Someone called her. It turned out that there was a response from the resume and a hotel intended to hire. This was a good thing, but Gu Shengnan refused, on the grounds that she was cooking.

“Chengdeli”‘s home has successively received many large and small couriers, and the rooms have gradually become more exquisite, and many supplies for two people have been added, which is warm and comfortable. But Lu Jin rarely answers Riemann’s phone.

The Finnish businessman was opposite, and Xu Zhaodi was typing frantically on the translation software, nervous and anxious. The Finns felt angry that they were not respected and left after scolding the translation software. Xu Zhaodi was very anxious but couldn’t understand the language. He didn’t even have the opportunity to explain how to stay, so he couldn’t help but let the big customers slip away. Meng Xinjie suddenly appeared, and his fluent Finnish kept him.

Riemann couldn’t make a phone call to Jin, and found Meng Xinjie. The first sentence was heavy and he asked Lu Jin who was Gu Shengnan next to him.

At this time, Gu Shengnan, who was working hard to cook for Lu Jin, was busy and happy, and the designer’s old uncle suddenly came to visit and saw that the room was full of Lu Jin’s things. He was very angry and indisputable. With a questioning tone.

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