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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 4 Recap

Many resumes have been submitted, but Gu Shengnan did not receive a reply. However, misfortune did not come singly, but waited for Meng Xinjie’s call for money. So are the days when life is bleak and no bright future come? She is still young, she is still so good, and there are opportunities, Gu Shengnan said to the photo of grandpa. With family members, there is eternal dependence and the courage to continue.

Xu Zhaodi was sending voices to comfort Gu Shengnan from the side of the road, hoping that she wanted to drive, and it would be better to drive until she didn’t come to blame her. While talking, Meng Xinjie drove and stopped in front of him. After hearing nothing, I realized that everyone was old acquaintances. Xu Zhaodi and Gu Shengnan were best friends. Both offended his boss. The world is really small and pitiful.

Lu Jin ran a few restaurants and came up with a result, not eating and hungry. Who made Gu Shengnan’s craftsmanship so exquisite that Lu Jin couldn’t find anything else to eat to fill his stomach for a while, and was hungry for a day. At this moment, he came out late at night to find edible food. After going around and around, I came to the food stall of Gu Shengnan’s grandfather, and stopped a piece of the flower powder that Gu Shengnan had just made.

I just said that I would never eat what Gu Shengnan made. Now Lu Jin is caught off guard by slaps in the face, comparable to the speed of light. Gu Shengnan looks down on his behavior and teases a few words. Unexpectedly, there was a dispute between Aunt Wang and the drunk man, so she hurried to dissuade her. Seeing that the opportunity was wrong, she turned around and swiped out the bottle. The bottle escaped Aunt Wang, the drunk man, and then again Meng Xinjie just didn’t escape Lu Jin’s head.

His flower beetle powder hung on the chopsticks, but it didn’t come into his mouth. It was another night of hunger. Lu Jin was dizzy.

Meng Xinjie stood at the door of Gu Shengnan’s house, stopped the people and led them all the way to the hospital. Gu Shengnan walked in along the wall with only promise, and again he wanted to apologize to President Lu Jin for losing money. At this time, it doesn’t matter who is unlucky and who is not. Lu Jin asked Meng Xinjie to make a good calculation for Gu Shengnan. From the car to the bottle, the total amount of mental loss was 130,000.

Gu Shengnan asked him to find other wealthy people, such as her grandfather and Wang Auntie who had savings, but Lu Jin contacted the lawyer to push him back, and had to pay it back by himself and slowly.

Meng Xinjie handed her a cooking repayment agreement, stating that it was prepared in advance, and the lawyer was just a pretence to defraud her. Are all the bosses so sophisticated? So he handed in his home address and phone number, and Gu Shengnan began to prepare for a long way to repay.

For the first meal, Lu Jin wanted to have a seafood meal. Gu Shengnan loaded a box of lobster and abalone from his grandfather’s shop and ran away, and went back to his own nest in “Chengdeli” to do the big business. There are many ways of frying, cooking and roasting.

Lu Jin stood at a noisy intersection in a neat suit and woolen coat, looking at the alley full of life, electric cars flexibly circumventing pedestrians, aunty picked up clothes rails to dry, and grandma squatted at the door to take this noisy bibimbap. Little life goes by slowly, without rush.

Lu Jin opened his eyes wide and was savoring this place. The person who rushed down the corner of the stairs slammed him into the cabbage box in the corner. A presidential coat and cabbage were stuck together, looking embarrassed and funny.

At the table of the Finnish restaurant, Xu Zhaodi sat down, and Meng Xinjie, who was opposite, began to talk to him. Gu Shengnan’s address was sold by Xu Zhaodi. In order to avoid Lu Jin’s questioning, Gu Shengnan promised that she would take the initiative to ask Xu Zhaodi to invite Meng Xinjie for dinner. The temptation.

The door of “Chengdeli” knocked, and it was not easy to come and have a meal. Even more difficult is still behind, Gu Sheng male standard waiter waistcoat and tie, standing dignified and professional gestures. With a clear business attitude, the utensils were carefully closed, and a plate of crabmeal and sea urchin caviar was brought up. The mist sank, the steam rose, and the smell was refreshing. Lu Jin sighed deeply with satisfaction. , Start dining.

Xu Zhaodi, Meng Xinjie of the Finnish restaurant, called the waiter to check out. Xu Zhaodi directly requested the AA system. Since then, Qiaogui Qiaolu will not meet again.

At night, Chengdeli, with the dim yellow light shining on the table quietly and peacefully, Gu Shengnan broke the atmosphere and handed over a two thousand sixteen bill. The details are clear and well-founded. Lu Jin thinks it would not be so expensive at all. Five or six hundred. Gu Shengnan was playing a side ball. Hu Hu said that the red wine brought by Lu Jin was expensive, and the service fee accounted for the share. The price rose and the boat was naturally expensive.

Lu Jin was only unavoidable when he overturned the boat in the gutter and suffered a loss. He took his coat and left, and was enthusiastically sent off by Gu Shengnan when he left.

In a blink of an eye, the owner of the hotel came to negotiate the purchase again. The price offered by Lu Jin was too low. He wanted to make another call. Lu Jin didn’t take it seriously.

When I came to “Chengdeli” for dinner, Lu Jin still brought his own red wine. Gu Shengnan was happy and able to make mistakes. Meng Xinjie explained that this wine is not circulated in the market, that is, there is no price, and she does not need to sober up. Today, he didn’t make a cent. Gu Shengnan was stunned and went to the old uncle of the fashion designer to ask if he had any wicked ideas.

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